Friday, October 31, 2008

Election 2008

Well the election is almost over and I don't want to vote for either presidential candidate!! On one hand you have someone with very questionable "friendships" that make me scared and on the other hand we have a guy that just sounds angry all the time! I saw McCain on Larry king the other night and he did not give me any reason to vote for him and Obama just has a lot of crazy "friendships" that scare me to my toes! I mean we all have someone we know that is "goofy" but to have as many of his "goofy" people in my life would make anyone question my sanity! So what does one do?? Well, I have no clue but I know one thing.... I don't want either of them!! Is there a better candidate out there?? Not this year! I guess I will just go vote for "Norm Coleman as putting in a "former" comedian with wacko ideas does not sound good. So, I know I will not vote for "Al Franken". I am sooooooo flippin sick of all the commercials!! Enough already! Is that good enough?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2 houses a funeral and a birthday!

I did one house this morning, fought with their shower and the shower won. Then I changed like superman in a phone booth and went to Marys funeral. (very sad to say goodbye, but rejoiced in the fact that she was in heaven with the King) then went and did another house. Why do clients that are never there only there when I am in a hurry?? Then came home and made a birthday dinner for Megan's 15th celebration with all my kids, in laws and grandchildren. (except of course for my Pooky who is away at school) That was fun! (not the cooking but the kids) The cake was good and now I will need to exercise a great deal more tonight to supplement the cake! I cant believe all that remembered Megan on her birthday? It was really sweet and very thoughtful as Meg is the type that needs reassurances like that! I am now exhausted and need a nap or to veg out in front of the TV. (if Kelsey will ever finish her show?) Wow, is she slow!! Hoping for a quieter day tomorrow but, not likely as the Grand boys are coming for the evening!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Honesty still lives....

Yes, simple honesty still lives in this world! I went to the dollar store by my house to get a powerball ticket as I could not find the one I had purchased for last weekend. I went in and the nice young college boy who owns the store with his dad told me I had won. I said great how did I do that?? He said I had left my ticket there and that his Dad had told him to save it for me. He said he was bored and checked it and that I had won 100.00 dollars!! I said yeah right, very funny!! He said no, no you did I will show you and he ran the ticket and gave me my winnings!! My happiness was not from the 100.00 dollars but from the fact that he and his fathers honesty was so amazing in this troubled world! I asked him why he did not keep it for himself and he said that God was very good to him and that he did not need to take something from someone else!! HONESTY, does still live in this world and there is proof at the little dollar store where I live! (yes, I gave him 20.00) its not the money that makes me happy, it is the faith that this incident gives me, in the hope of this world!

Here am I......

That's a title of a song I could not stop listening to on my ipod today while working. I just couldn't stop, I just kept hitting the back button. Of course the song is from Mercyme (did you even have to wonder) lol its from their itunes original CD and the chorus is so beautiful it asks "whom shall I send, who will go for me, who will rise up for the King?" Then goes on to sing "Here am I, send me". So I cant get it out of my head. Here am I, send me!! But send me where? Where should I be at this moment in my life?I mean life is darn sweet in my little world. But,if I am supposed to be doing more, what is it? What do I want to be doing when He does return?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snowing in Minnesota!

I cant believe it is only October 26th and it is snowing outside!!! What the heck?? I mean really it is not even the drama queens birthday and it is snowing? Now I have to go outside this week and put away all my lawn furniture and throw away all the no longer useful plants and face the fact that summer (which never really got off the ground anyway) is over and there was no fall to enjoy! Poor me, my beautiful flower gardens are gone and now being replaced by all my neighbors leaves (how do they blow over a 6 ft fence??) and yucky snow that has come waaaaaaay to quickly this year!! Although, I would not live anywhere else in the world then good old Bloomington Minnesota, I cant help but get a twinge of envy at the thought of Judes leaving for the winter in 3 weeks! (and that is a whole other story)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mary Died..

I was called today by Mary's son and told that she had died, yesterday. I was than expected to continue working? How was it even possible? My beloved Mary had died! I really like all of my clients but, Mary? I LOVED her! She was 78 and just a spit fire!(she acted like she was 20) Such a joy to be with and oh how she could tell stories of her life! I loved listening to how she grew up, her families big house with the servants. So fun to listen to as she never sounded snobbish or anything it was just the way it was. I loved hearing of the trips she would take to the far away places when she was a young lady. Her stories of her beloved husband who had died a few years back were so wonderful to hear. I would go there and spend the first 15 minutes just talking then she would follow me around the house and we would talk the whole time. A home that should have taken an hour to clean always took two and a half! I loved the times when we would go for coffee or breakfast and just sit for hours hearing about her life. I was so fascinated by her and her life. She grew up "privileged" and it continued throughout her life. But, you would never know it the way she acted. She was such a dear sweet lady! I will always remember the way she said goodbye.. It was always "toodles". I called her house after I was informed of her death just so I could hear her answering machine tell me "toodles" one more time. I did get to see her last Friday and she was not doing well then. I made her soup and sat on her bed talking with her. When I left I hugged her and we told each other I love you, as we always did. Little did I know it was the last time I would see my "Mary" again. At least I did get a goodbye and I am trying to be happy for her as she is now in heaven with our Lord and Savior and her beloved husband. But, I cant help the tears or the sadness I feel at never being able to see her face again here on earth.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drama queen part # 99

Poor Meg is sick! Actually I think it should be poor Pooky (who had to bring her to the Doctor and had to deal with them trying to get blood from her, lots of drama as she started hyper ventilating) or poor Mom? (who has had to clean up her messes and walk around disinfecting the house and anything she touches so no one else gets it! Even when sick she does not miss her chance to be a drama queen. Got to give her credit! lol
So, she was finally feeling better yesterday and wanted me to make her Mac and cheese. I tried to explain that she should only have toast or rice but she insisted and well I was tired of listening to her whine about starving. Yep, you guessed it, it all came back for a second showing. But, once again dear Meg is taught a lesson on listening to Mom. Poor kid, when will she ever learn?? I mean really she only got her ipod and phone stolen a month ago. Did she not learn from that? Must go now as the smell of the disinfectant on the mouse and keyboard is making me sick!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Minnesota Vikings football

Could they have been any worse today? I mean, really?? Come on?? We finally have a great owner but everything else sucks!! What happened to our team or the hopes we had for our team? Do any of them really want to win? (including A.P.) The state of Minnesota deserves to have a solid team, why cant we ever get it together? Heck, I deserve to have them win! I have been faithful to them all these years. Even when Judes said today that I should "pick a new team" (parish the thought) I was appalled because you never desert your team. Period!! Otherwise I would not have the right to rant and rave about them if I was not loyal. (makes sense to me) My point???? PLEASE Vikings give me something good to write about? I deserve it and it is your time to go the distance, you owe it to your faithful fans and your owner!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scary night for the drama queen

Anyone that knows my 15 year old knows she is a drama queen and I mean severely a drama queen. So, tonight she calls to tell me that her Aunt is taking her to a haunted house for fun. Well, being the good Mother that I am I ask Meg if she really wants to go and she says yep! OK, Meg have fun I tell her. (this is a girl that BEGS to watch scary movies and gets very mad at me for not letting her do so) So, I get a call that she is waiting in line and again I ask if she is sure? Again, YEP! So, 15 minutes later I get a call from her screaming at the top of her lungs and crying "MOM, I WANT TO COME HOME!!! At first I was not sure what was going on and I asked her where she was? She screams "I AM IN THE HOUSE" "GET ME OUT" !!! Knowing what a drama queen she is I am just laughing hysterically inside as I try to calm her as she is still screaming for me to get her out! Even typing I am still laughing as I think about it! So, I get her cousin on the phone and ask her how long before they are done and poor Kelsey informs me that they just walked in and the "window greeters" are what scared Megan and it was all down hill from there. Poor Meg has text me numerous times still scared. I am hoping the whole experience will get her off the wanting to watch scary movies, kick? Funny night for Mom (how bad am I?) Bad night for Meg! lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Second chance at love?

Is there such a thing as second chance at love? If you marry not within your faith and you get a divorce is there such a thing as a second chance? Because you did not wait for the one God had chosen for you for what ever reason do you get a second chance? As a strong Christian I believe NO! I blew it the first time and now my job is to raise all of my children in faith and send them on their way. But, what happens after they are all gone? Do I then start dating? Yuck! Don't get me wrong I have had opportunities but have always said no thank you. Believing it is my duty to raise my children the way God wants me to and not complicate their lives anymore than what a divorce already does. Buttttttttt, what then? I think typing it out I have answered my own question. No, I should not! I blew it not waiting for the one God had in store for me (but, I got three great kids out of it) and now I will be content with what He has given me in my life. (boy does He give me a lot) So the answer?? I am grateful for what He has given me and am content with my life the way it is and I should stop watching "lifetime" movies!! Kids are back gtg!

Bringing them to Christ?

Wow, can life get any crazier? I feel like I am running around like a chicken.... Oh, you get the point! Last night had to fill in and cook for 80 at church. I had forgotten how much I used to like doing it although, I do not want the job back, it was nice being there with so many friends again. Now I just picked up most of the higher ground group to go to the corn maze tomorrow after work! These kids are pretty neat and it just makes me smile when they all get in the car and start singing to the Mercyme cd I had in. I think this is finally the weekend to really bring them to Christ? I pray God gives me the words to say. Its weird but the Mercyme music has helped them get to this point. Now prayer will bring them on in and they can be "one of us" hee hee that sounded like a cult! hee hee
Prayer for the 2 that have not yet turned their life to Christ.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How is it possible?

How is it possible that my beloved daughter has turned 27 today? Where oh where did life go? How could life have gone so fast and that I am now a Grandmother of 3 ? What is happening to my life? Will/can Christ just come now so that we can all leave with Him in peace? Am I finished doing what He had planned for me to do? That's a tough question to answer with out His help. Is the fact that I lived through a childhood that no child should have to go through good enough to say, done!? Or maybe that I have brought 3 children into this world and they just may all turn out alright, walking with the Lord? Now that I am writing, none of it seems enough to hear Him say.. "Well done my child" The words all of us Christians long to hear? So, now that I am way off track, what is the answer? I guess to continue to try and make a difference in this crazy mixed up world by, honoring Christ and wait for His return! Happy birthday my Jen and thank you for 27 wonderful years that you have given me thus far. I look forward to many more! Unless of course Christ comes to get us and then I will look forward to eternity in our heavenly bodies together forever! That would be even better as I would then not have to exercise anymore! Until then I will bid farewell and go force myself to work out now before we have Jens very fattening birthday dinner tonight!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mice and mayhem

Anyone that knows me knows that I am terrified of mice!! Those little rodents and me just don't mix well and I am deathly afraid of them! (still cant figure out why God made them but will wait to ask Him) So, yesterday I smelled something in Megs room, it was like a wet moldy towel which I knew to be the smell of a dead mouse! I had everyone search her room. Meg, Pooky, Corey and Adam and they found nothing. (I knew it was there but I could not bring myself to look just in case I actually found it, didn't matter that I knew in my head it was already dead I just couldn't do it) Well, they didn't find anything in that mess of a room of hers! (my whole house is cleaned because of my illness towards messy houses, but that is another story) Megs room is a disaster no matter how many times I clean it with the pretense of "redecorating". So, I have Sissy come after Church stuff to look, because if anyone will look really the way I would it would be Sissy. She didn't find anything either, unfortunately and the smell is still there! But, in the whole scene Meg starts freaking out on her and me because Sissy is making her move things to look behind and now Meg is throwing stuff out of the way just so she can say "see I told you nothing was there" I thought for a second Sissy was going to deck her but she held her patience and even offered to help Meg clean her room. Nope I don't need any help and basically get out! What a fun morning!! But at least I did my exercising to Mercyme sessions on GMC that I had taped so I was in a good mood when Meg had her fit as only a 15 year old could. (although, she acted more like she was 10) The smell is still there but I have bought enough decon to kill all the mice in the United States and I foamed every crack on the outside of my house so the little buggers cant get in! (how will I ever get all that overflow of yellow foam off so the house does not look so silly?) I have done my part and all without acting on the urge to smack Meg! I will leave the rest up to God to keep the little rodents out and put a smile on Megs face!

Back to exercising

Today I will begin to exercise again! I had start to do it last December and was really losing inches then Pooky came home in May from school and I just quit. Not sure why? Maybe he was a good excuse? Its really silly though as I had so much more energy when I worked out. By "worked out" I mean I would do 15 to 30 sometimes even 45 minutes of "walk away the waistline" 4 or 5 times a week! Not really what you would call working out as most of the time it was only 15 minutes but heck, it worked, until I stopped! I would get really bored with the DVD. Even adding Mercyme music with it only kept me doing it for while longer!For whatever reason I stopped and now I want to lose 20 pounds and or 4 inches whichever comes first? Does anyone know why exercising is sooo boring? Why it is so hard to train yourself to do something that is so good for you? Whatever the answers I shall begin today to make a serious attempt at eating more healthy and exercising on a regular basis! Final question: Considering what I do for a living (slave) why oh why am I still in need of getting rid of these extra 25 pounds? Lots of prayer is requested at this time as I would really like to get rid of the inches in 5 weeks as that is when I will "meet and greet" with Mercyme again and the last time I did that I made an idiot out of myself and would like to redeem that! So, it begins, I shall lose inches or pounds by exercising and eating right, beginning today!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two seasons in Minnesota

There are really only two seasons in Minnesota and I will tell you they are not spring, summer,fall or winter! No, not at all! In Minnesota we only have two count them, 1 and 2... Winter and Construction seasons! That's it! I am sitting here waiting for Nonny to get her butt here and where is she?? She is at the tunnel waiting to get on 35, why you ask?? Cause once again they have shut down one of our two major highways (94) for whatever reason. I personally believe they just like to put up orange cones and pretend they are working with our hard earned money! They really don't seem to ever get anything done and here I sit waiting to go to the Apple orchard and Nonny is late!!Of course it could be that she got up late and its not the traffic at all, but her and the fact that she made plans for 10am on a Saturday morning? Hmmmmm, I wonder?? Either way, there are still only 2 seasons in Minnesota and I am glad winter is coming and the cones will be gone. (I wonder what they do in Texas and places like that, is there construction all year long??) If so I am glad to be in the extreme frigid north, still waiting for Nonny to show up!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Grumpy people @ 15

Really I should title it "grumpy Meg". Wow was she a pill this morning! Actually I think I need a dawny pill after dealing with her! So, its 8:45 last night and Meg comes to me and says that she wants her hair cut like this boy band from Japan. (in all fairness they look like a bunch of girls) I asked her 5 or six times.. "are you sure"? Yes, mom, oh pleeease, can I get it?? Being the wonderful Mother I am I took her right out to the get it done. She brought the picture in with her(that she wasted my ink on) and told the lady what she wanted! Done! She looked adorable and just plain cute. Then came the next morning. Wow, a 180 like only Meg can do! She hates it, its not at all like the picture... blah, blah blah What it up with 15 year old girls?? Why was sissy NEVER like this? By "never" I mean.. Never ever ever in a million years would she be disrespectful and rude at 6:45 in the morning and on my day off too!! Where oh where did I go wrong? After the way meg was this morning I am secretly glad she hates her hair! It looks great but what does she know she is 15!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

He who angers you, controls you

My favorite saying is "He who angers you, controls you" so, what controlled me today?? My vacuum!! I was at my last client of the day and it was an elderly woman who I am very fond of but has all these little rugs and by little I mean very little. I am trying to move them and vacuum putting them back carefully and they would get sucked into the vacuum and I was getting sooo flippin frustrated even my ipod was not giving me relief! When after the third rug got caught I cursed in my head (yes it is still a sin) then I remembered my favorite saying and realized I was letting this machine control me!! That in itself is funny and I started laughing. Imagine letting a vacuum control you?? How silly!! But my question must be why do the elderly need six small rugs to go over their already carpeted floors? In a 6 by 10 room? She is not the only client that has this, all the elderly do! Oh well, the ministry we have when done cleaning makes it worth it but it is still very frustrating or silly depending on who is reading this? Oh well, I have tomorrow off and all is right in my world as I dont have rugs all over my house!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting old!

I cleaned three houses then went and got meg a shot and had my brows waxed then off to the eye doctor to find out that I will in fact in the future need bifocals!!! Nice huh?? So, what does that mean?? Well, I thought about it and Dr. Scott confirmed I am in fact getting old! Nice day, huh? Cleaned 5 toilets and was then told I am getting old! When will this madness end?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Last monday off!

Poor me, it is my last Monday off! I am trying to decide if I should feel sorry for myself or rejoice in what God continues to bestow upon me? Back story: I have always been off on Mondays and Fridays and just work Tuesdays, Wednesday's and Thursday's. I know its a great schedule as I am usually home by one in the afternoon. However, it is a schedule I am used to. Now for whatever reason God keeps sending me more clients that I cant say no to. So I bid farewell today to my Mondays off and thank God for blessing me in this yucky economy and allows me to bid on front row Mercyme tickets!! Oh yeah by the way: If you are reading this could you go to the left of my blog and click on Mercyme's blog so I can be S.L.O.B. of the month, next month?? NO ONE deserves it more than me as I am truly their biggest fan!!! While you are there check out their "cover tune grab bag" posts, they are really funny! So, I bid farewell to my Mondays off! Goodbye my Mondays, until we meet again.........

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to be secretly smiling when my Grandson cries when seeing is other Grandma? Well, that's what happened and I am trying to find some guilt in those feelings but it is really hard! Story: Mini Coop, my 6 month old grandson was at the celebration yesterday while we kicked off the birthday season and I was holding him and he was being his usual self. Smiling and cooing so cutely, when in walked his other grandparents. Who by the way live only 20 minutes away but for whatever reason only see the boys at birthdays and Christmas. (that in itself is a tragedy as I can only go a few days without seeing "my boys" and when I don't see them I am talking to them on the phone. (something I detested doing, seeing or hearing about until they came along) Anyway, off track again.....
So, they come in and poor mini coop took one look at them and started bawling. I walked into the kitchen with him and he stopped. Then trying to let them see this little cutie I went into the dining room where they were all sitting and he took one look at them and started crying again. Poor kid it was actually kind of funny as he would look away and turn to me and smile like realizing oh its OK I am still in Grandmas arms. Then he just could not help himself and he would turn again and they would try to talk to him. (not the baby way like I do , but the way you would talk to an adult, and I am sure that didn't help) I mean really he is six months old! It was really funny cause he acted like he was watching a horror movie, where you are scared and just keep looking away, quickly! How bad of a grandma am I that I found it funny? Even when sissy was holding him and his back was to them the "other grandma" took him out of sissy's arms and he must have thought I took him cause he was fine until he turned around and saw it was her and started bawling again! So, again I ask how bad am I?? My oldest grandson who's 5, I call him "boy". (I love saying "hello boy" to him when he pries the phone from his mother begging and pleading with her to let him talk to grandma, he always knows its me) Anyway, the boy loves his fathers dad. Always so excited to see grandpa that I could not help but ask them how they could go a day without wanting to call him all the time? I was not in any way trying to be mean or anything it was just an observation as I cant go a day without talking to him! He is so much fun on the phone, the love he shows is truly a love like no other! Morale of the story... I am so grateful to God for these boys, its so sad that they cant have all their grandparents all the time! Oh well, they seem pretty happy with me! Am I bad for secretly smiling? Maybe so?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birthday season begins today..

Birthday season officially begins today with Brian's celebration. Then we wait two weeks and its Sissy's turn then we wait another two weeks and there is Megs and yep you guessed it another two weeks and its Pooky's! Somewhere in between meg and Pookys is Jackers! Oh be quiet Sissy and Pooky I know when my Grandsons birthday is... Its the 3rd! (I just looked in my book) lololol I crack myself up!! For those who do not know the whole story Sissy and Pooky (mostly Pooky) give me a lot of crap because once I forgot when Jacks birthday was, please, I am getting old and if Sissy didn't have soooo many children I would not have to challenge my memory so much! So really its all on Sissy! Anyway, off track again!!
So, birthday season is upon us and I will sit and try to figure out what to do for each that shows them all what they mean to me?? Maybe I should just give them all nice cards and save my money for my Florida trip? Of course my son in law is sooo easy to buy for, as he is so easy to please, that I am done with him already! The rest of them I think I will donate their gifts back to myself and use it for Florida! So now that I have come up with such a brilliant plan, I must say thank you to all my wonderful children, in advance of their birthdays and giving me my winter vacation in Florida! What great kids!!! (it may be my plan but their still great kids)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My embarrassing day

So, I am at my second house of the day and she happened to be home but said she would be leaving soon. So, I went downstairs and started work with my Ipod in going about my work. Then I went upstairs and she was gone so I really started getting into my music when "God with us" by of course Mercyme came on. Anyone that knows me knows this is my favorite song and I cranked it up and was singing very loudly and when it was over I was so into it I started it again and started dancing while dusting and all the while still singing. When I say singing I don't mean sounding like Bart! I mean really loud and awful and of course up the stairs she comes scared me to death with a big smile on her face!! How embarrassing can you get?? The song is on my play list, listen to it then imagine me sounding like a dying animal and that is what she heard!! Worst of all she is a new client and must think I am insane!