Sunday, December 27, 2009

A week of Birthdays and Edward Cullen

Who needs a man to give her diamonds??? Not me, I have Judy! Yep that's right, Judy sent me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings for my birthday. They truly are gorgeous and I have already worn them 4 times in a week! We had the usual birthday celebration with all my kids and Nonny and the boys. (and her new friend,soon to be old friend) lol I always enjoy Christmas eve because for the last 10 years or so Jen makes sure that it is saved for only me! Good food, great family and fun games made the evening lots of fun. Sissy gave me a life size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen along with a poster of him. The life size of Edward as been a great source of fun in this house for the past 4 days. Starting with my goofy "adult" kids posing with him and then moving on to scaring me. Danny has taken great pleasure in putting "Edward" in random spots all over the house and laughing each time it never fails to scare me! He always seems to be aware of when I try to do it to him. But that is OK as I know a couple of times his heart must have jumped a little? He really scared Megan as he put it in the bathroom to scare me and Megan found it first. So Meg wakes up and asks who put Edward in the bathroom? I told her she was crazy as I never saw it and the poor girl actually paused thinking she may be a bit loony till Danny told her he had put it there but changed his mind for fear I would have a heart attack in the middle of the night. Such a sweet boy!
I changed Christmas so that it was at Jens house this year so we could have more freedom with the boys. It worked out nicely. I got a beautiful lladro from my dear son in law! He really shocked me with buying it! I also got 2 movies I really wanted and a beautiful scarf. The food this year was famous daves and it was fabulous! I love that we never have a "traditional" meal for Christmas! Pooky came back after a bit and we played dice and really ended the holiday and a wonderful note of laughter and smiles! I truly have a beautiful family!!
My clients this year were unbelievably generous with me. It truly shocked me! All in all a great birthday and a beautiful Christmas! Bring on Florida!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time is flying, why not me?

Does everyone think time is flying to fast these days? It sure seems that way? Christmas '09 is almost here and will be gone I am sure by the time I get done writing this? Not a whole lot going on lately. Had my sweet boy over for a sleepover with Grandma again. What joy that boy brings me. There truly are no words in the English language that can accurately describe the pure bliss he brings into my my life! I had forgotten to post what he said to me during our sleepover 2 weeks ago, so here goes. We went to McDonald's and got him a happy meal( nothing for me, go me) The toy that came with it had directions and looked a bit complicated to put together so Nikolas says to me"Grandma I will read you the directions and you put it together" What a sweet 6 year old! So I get all the pieces out and say OK go. He opens the directions and says... "OK grandma, direction number 1... Put.... it....... TOGETHER!" Got it grandma? K, do it! Thanks Nikolas, what a good job reading... Again, he just makes me melt! My business is doing wonderfully, God truly blesses me greatly. My clients have once again been very generous this season. However, time is still flying by so why not me?? Actually, I will be in 38 more days when I leave for Florida to see Judes again! This time though all the grand-kids are coming with along with Sissy and Bri. The plane ride should be fun as the boys have never been on one b/4. They are all staying at a hotel which bodes very well that I am staying at Judy's with Megan. I like quite time when I awake at 5 and they dont know what quite time is! Either way it should be an awesome time and based on how fast time is flying right now the 38 days will be gone very soon!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The things children say...

I had a wonderful Wednesday night with my sweet boy Nikolas having a sleepover with Grandma. Oh what complete joy that boy brings to my life! (they are all wonderful however with him being six its more fun) So the evening starts out with him very seriously telling me that "Mommy and Daddy touched him in the dark and he was scared" knowing them I burst out laughing as I knew there had to be more to the story. Just think about what he said a minute..... Funny stuff! When I was done giggling I asked him why they did that and he told me that they turned off the lights to play and they jumped out and grabbed him and he did not like it cause he got scared. (I am sure that was Jen and Bri's whole point) When I called Jen and accused her of "touching my grandson" (still laughing) she asked if I had set him straight on how to tell the story correctly? Nope, sure didn't. That is not a story to take to school the way he tells it! After a good laugh and a promise to Nikolas that I would talk to Mommy and Daddy about scaring him in the dark our night continued. He really is a joy to be with, except for the fact that he like to go to Grandmas room at 6 to watch a movie all the while insisting.. "come on grandma lets go" It does not help that uncle Danny starts encouraging it a 4:30 as he thinks it is so funny! As we were laying in my bed we started talking about our upcoming trip to Florida and he leans in to whisper in my ear (does not matter that no one else is in the room he still feels the need to whisper it because it is a secret between me and him) He says.. Grandma, I have an idea.. How about me and you stay at Judys house in Florida and Mommy daddy, jack and cooper can stay at the hotel?? Isn't that a great idea, he asks?? lololololol Way to funny that boy is! I hug him and tell him I could keep him with me forever and he tells me he cant stay at my house because I don't have a Daddy and he needs his Daddy! Even a boy of 6 knows the importance of a Daddy! At 5:30 am he wakes up to go to the bathroom and would like to watch transformers again. I ask him to just let grandma sleep a bit longer than he can. At 6:30 he whispers in my ear.. "Grandma lets snuggle" well I am definitely awake now! Snuggle with my favorite 6 year old? I would give up all the sleep I have. Grandchildren are truly the greatest gift one could have! It so beats being a Mom. (sorry kids)

Monday, November 23, 2009

New trainer, New Moon and my Minnesota Vikings

Yep I got me a new trainer. (praise be to Kels for telling me about him) He is young and surely knows what he is doing! I do like him a lot as he has the perpetual smirk on his face that my sweet Pooky bear gets when he is being funny. I worked out with him Friday and Saturday and could barely move on Sunday. Although very funny to see, I was truly sore. When I asked him on Saturday what does it say about him that he loves to torture people for a living? He asked what does it say about me that I pay for it?? I liked him immediately! I have never had a work out where my heart rate stayed up the whole time and I was taught the whys and hows of stretching. (something Kels had shared but I chose not to listen to b/4) I walked on the treadmill after (as Brad did not want me to do it b/4 the session as I had previously because then I would not be as inclined to do our workout) as I was walking (actually dragging my feet) I noticed my shoe was untied and decided I could last the last 5 minutes and tie it when I was done. I get off the treadmill and immediately collapse on the floor! Horrified I look up and see Brad with that smirk on his face telling me safety first as he looks at me tying my shoe. Praise God that it looked as though I tripped over my shoelace and not the real reason which was that my legs had given out and I was not prepared!! Dang funny even now that I am typing it! Anyway, I really like the new trainer. Just wish I could get the money I wasted on the first one back because after what I was taught in just the first two sessions, I know the first was overpaid!
Now on to Twilight :New Moon.... All I can say is... Ahhhhhhhh, Edward! Yes I know I am a complete loser on this subject but I just cant help it! The books are just so flippin good and new moon was wonderful! Anyone that is rooting for Jacob over Edward has not read the books and is dumb! (see I told u "loser") Heck Sissy has not read one book and yet she understands that Bella and Edward are the whole story! I am now counting down to June 30th when the 3rd movie is released... (again, "loser") What a great week! New trainer, New Moon and life just could not get any better. Pooky came home for the weekend and I always enjoy visiting with him. The Vikings won again on Sunday and it was truly an awesome game and although I missed watching it with Brian (as I could not get off the couch) it was nice to watch it with Pooky again! I really see Miami in the Vikings future! End the weekend with an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure (dexter) and what more could one want? Absolutely nothing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

No place for mice to hide

That is right they no longer have a haven for creating large families in my garage! After spending a week with dead mice popping up all over the place in my garage. There is no place for them to hide! I will no longer look like a complete idiot as I run scared screaming for the Drama queens boyfriend to please go pick it up and tie the plastic bag shut tightly? Yes, Richard I must believe that if not tied tightly the mouse may somehow come back to life and get me! Anyway, Sissy and Brian came on Saturday and we cleaned the whole thing!! (it was all I wanted for Christmas as God has already given me all I need and want) We not only cleaned but sissy also put all the crap that I always thought were permanent fixtures in the garage on the free sight and all were gone by Sunday night! Goodbye to that ugly wood burning stove, the old metal desk and that metal cart that was the catch all for junk!! So, 6 construction bags filled with garbage and a load to savers and my garage is awesome!! I cant wait for spring when I can seal the floor and paint the walls! Thank you to Sissy and Brian for my wonderful gift and thank you to the drama queen for watching the boys so it could all be done!! BTW: the drama queen is thrilled as she now does not need to think of anything to get me, nor spend her money.. Not sure how I should take that??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turning 21

No, not me! (like anyone actually thought that) My Pooky bear turned 21 today. It is so hard for me to imagine that my little boy is old enough to do anything, let alone be engaged and away at college? But to turn 21? How could he do that to me?? Where did life go and how do I get those years back? Such a sweet little boy he always was. I remember when he came home from kindergarten that first day and said that some big boys would not let him on the bus. When his Dad and I asked him what he did? Those big brown eyes looked up at us and declared "I just ran through their legs" Such satisfaction on that little face! Where did that little boy go? How could time have gone by so fast? I believe that our spirits choose who we belong to in heaven and I am so glad he chose me. (although what was he thinking??) I absolutely adore the boy. Even when he ticks me off all he has to do is smile or say something meaningless to me and I melt. I think he must know that on some level as he is really good at wrapping me around his finger. I love his humor, his weirdness, his quirkiness, his big brown eyes, talking sports with him, how he trusts and loves his Mommy. I truly am blessed to have him as my son. God really gave me a gift I did not deserve! Happy Birthday my Pooky bear!

Friday, November 6, 2009

24 hours with Nikolas

Spent a glorious 24 hours with my sweet boy Nikolas. What an absolute treasure he is! I picked him up right after school last Friday for a night with Grandma. We started out shopping at Target (like the poor kid doesn't do that on a daily bases already with his Mom) But going with grandma is so different as he clearly thought as I am sure he does not make the requests to Sissy the way he does with me. By the time we were done I had a minimum of 30$ in just items Nikolas had requested. Walking through the aisles was a hoot as his continued grabbing of products stating "grandma these are my favorites, can we get them?" Really what is a Grandma to do but to ask if they were really his favorites and let him throw them in the cart. I tried hard to steer him to the chocolate wafer oreo thingys but he insisted the vanilla were his favorite. (like he had ever tried them b/4??) It was a bit sad to think that if my 5 year old Grandson knew me at all he would have chosen the chocolate ones! Oh well, on to Sams to pick up pizza as pooky was coming home for the weekend. There he stated he was really, really thirsty and needed a pop even though he had just drank all my bottled water in the car. Fine give the kid the one size for everyone 40 oz that they sell, I did draw the line at filling it with mountain dew! (good grandma) On to home where we unpacked everything and then all the kids came home. At this point it is about 5:30 and I am sitting on the couch talking to Kels and Nikolas says he will be right back. He comes back in 5 minutes with his pajamas on and proceeds to tell me that we need to watch a movie in my room now. Really?? Its not even 6 yet?? Come on Nikolas lets play some more?? Nope so off to my room where we snuggle for 4 of the best hours of my life! At one point he decides that he needs to sleep on my side of the bed and I am thinking oh great now what do I do?? So I tell my precious boy that if he does not move and let me sleep on my side that I wont be able to get to the bathroom and I might pee on him! Yep, I sure did!!! (bad grandma) Hey it worked!! Anyway back to my side and more of the best snuggling I have ever had! He truly is a sweet boy and he loves his grandma! Night came and went and we went to meet the rest of his family at Perkins for breakfast. Nikolas of course sits by Grandma and whispers half way through that when we are finished eating we (him and I only) need to go back to my house! I so badly wanted to say yes but to do so without offending anyone I told him he could not as he had lots of fun things to do with Mommy and Daddy that day. Poor kid did not seem impressed with that thought and that alone made me feel like the best Grandma in the world!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Snap Fitness ~ training without a trainer

My trainer quit 2 weeks ago. I feel that I must write down my feelings and thoughts so I can just get past it all, as I am so hurt. The man that was so encouraging, seemed to love his job and was very good at it now states " there are a few clients that I actually enjoy training. I wish I would have just kept like 4 clients, and got a real job think things would be a lot different. Anyway I have always had a hard time charging people money for training. Over the past year I built up a decent client base, and last week it just got to be to much. What I am saying is I feel bad that people need a trainer I know sometimes they are needed, but charging people for something I would never buy got to me"
so all that he said to me and all he did was a big fat lie? I guess if I stopped charging people for my service because I wouldn't hire someone to do it, then I would be out of business?? I should be grateful that I don't think like him? His plan is now "is to keep doing bootcamp classes and spinning classes (both something I would pay for)" he states. Like anyone in their right mind would go to his boot camps after his deserting so many people? Nice guy! I feel used and I think snap fitness should have checked his references thoroughly before hiring him. Although I have lost many inches I certainly would not have wasted over 500.00 paying a trainer that did not want to train people. I really believe that I wasted my money only for the fact that he was hired to help me get to a certain point and he quit half way into it. So I feel cheated by him. I am trying to go it on my own and had I known he was going to fail at his end I would have paid more attention instead of just doing what I was told. The saddest part of all of this is that I trust no one. I have misgivings about everyone when I meet them but he really fooled me and I feel like I used to feel when I used to let my bio family members get the best of me. Yes, I do believe the trainer has some serious issues going on and for that I feel bad but what he did to me was truly sad and I am so angry at myself for falling into a trap that makes me feel this way. Something I swore to myself I would never allow to happen again in my life. It all may sound a bit melodramatic but if you had been raised in the family that I was raised in everyone would understand where I am coming from. Its been a very long time since someone has fooled me and I can guarantee that it will be a very long time before someone will fool me again.I have begun working out on my own and I will have success for my 44 birthday so I can be a hot grandma. Just not sure if I will continue with snap or do it at home? I really do wish I had someone to work out at snap with me, I think (actually I know) I need someone to be held accountable to. Working out is still boring but is something I want to stick with as I do feel very good when done!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Minnesota Vikings

Anyone that really knows me, knows that I love my Minnesota Vikings and have for over 30 years. Ever since my brother got me hooked in middle school, he taught me everything about it and to this day I have a great passion for them. Not all football mind you only the Vikings! So for 30 + years I have screamed and cried at the tv during each game and laughed and threw my hands up in disgust at the off field antics of some of the players. But still remained faithful to the team. The last actual cry was the last game of the 1999 season and I wont even go into it but lets just say I was so disappointed that I had to leave the room so as not to embarrass myself with the big tears running down my face at yet another disappointment by my beloved team. FAST FORWARD to 2009, the year that stupid state of Wisconsin gave up the best quarterback to have ever played! Side note: because the ex hails from Wisc. although I always detested them now I also find them dumb!! Anyway, we get this awesome new owner in Zigi (dont get me started on the guys name)He is awesome! He loves Minnesota and the Vikings and has NEVER once threatened to "move" the team. He dishes out money where needed (jared allen)! He has allowed us to build an awesome team. That really seems to respect each other and themselves therefor no more drama off the field!!! And now here we are at 6 and 0, we have Brett "the silver fox" Favre to lead what looks to be a team that we in Minnesota have never seen before. One of talent, charm, drive and the passion for football a team needs to go all the way. Thank you my Minnesota Vikings, it was worth the wait for what I am seeing now!!! Now if I could just get "Dad" to get as excited for football as I am??????

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize.. Where is mine??

That is the question I have. Where is my "Nobel Peace Prize"? Let me be clear right off and say that this post has nothing to do with politics! All I want to know is where is mine? I, like the President want world peace, no nuclear weapons and to end hunger. They gave it to him for ""for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" hello??? He had no where to go but up when it came to foreign policy. If they are now giving out awards for what a person wants to do then please oh please let me nominate myself? Since when is that the criteria for an award? How many people have come and gone and not been able to do what they had intended? I think that the good people of Norway have finally gone off the deep end! (yes, I am Norwegian with full rights to say that) To give an award to someone who has not made a world of difference yet is beyond me and really what were they thinking?? Stunts like that give us Norwegians a bad name. I will sit and wait for my award to be announced.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be careful what u ask for???

Sure my last post I just asked to be left alone with my pity party and what happens?? Yep, I got sick so then of course I was left alone!! Yeppers, all by myself, sicker than a dog! BTW: who came up with that phrase?? "sicker than a dog" how lame is that?? In 11 years I have never seen my dog sick? Has anyone seen a dog sick?? I would really like to know the answer to that?? Actually, I wouldnt as then people will write horror stories and I am in my happy place! Off track again.... So, I spent 3 days being sick and now I am over myself and my (very small) pity party and life is back to my kind of normal! Then again what is "normal"?? I suppose in my world it means ... Christ is first then the kids (because with the kids I get those 3 beautiful grand-babies) then of course my home and my wonderful business! All given to me by an awesome God! Those are the things I need to remember next time I want a pity party and although the pity party was warranted I should have been over it the minute I wrote the check? Now begins another umpteen years to rebuild it! I better get off the subject or the pity party will start all over again..... Too late! No! I wont give in to it! Yes I will! No, I wont thats it I am over it as I cant afford to be sick again as it is Tuesday and I have to work the next 2 days!! Ok, I really am over it and almost done being sick. Which brings me to the fact that I have to go now and blow my nose!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stop the world, I want to get off....

Can one just wish for that and make it happen? Can I just be selfish and ask that the world stop now and Christ return and we can all live in peace? Ok, so I know the answer is a big fat no!!
Someone asked me today if "God was testing me" I really detest when people think that way of God. Like He has nothing better to do than test old "Tammy" to see if she will waiver?? Oh PLEEEEASE!! I think true to the bible, He has given us free will and left it at that. I think we can learn from the crap we go through and He will help get us through it. But really nothing that can happen to me will ever "waiver" my faith in God! What a silly thought that is? Like saying that all I know and all I have learned about me and my faith could be dissolved by a trial or tribulation going on in my life?? That said, again I want to say... Stop the world I want to get off!!!?? I went through enough crap growing up and being married. Was that not enough for one lifetime?? I THINK SO!! Apparently there is no "quota" for crap or if there is I somehow have not reached it yet? The things that are happening now make me just want to pull the covers over my head till it is past! But I cant and tomorrow I will wipe out my savings paying a debt that is not mine but if not paid will destroy me and I still have the lovely "drama queen" who is bent on making my life really suck right now!!! I know boo hoo! Cry me a river! Everyone has problems I realize, but these things that are threatening to destroy me, were not made, by me! (ok actually the drama queen technically was) but still it is not as if I did it to myself? Its really sad cause in the last 2 weeks I have become something I detest! A self pitying whiner. I cant even talk on the phone because I am sick of my own words! I guess I will just pay the ex's bill tomorrow and pray the drama queen will become the child I thought she was again? Then maybe I will stop feeling sorry for myself?? Ok, so I am not ready to let go of the pity party yet!! Maybe next week???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

France Avenue Family Physicians

What can I say about France avenue family physicians?? As I have been a patient there for 20+ years I think I have the right to say plenty! First of all shame on you Doctor Ledder for making me believe for all these years that your clinic is the "norm" for all other medical facility's. I have found out the hard way recently that this is in fact not true! OK, so he never specifically stated it was and I just assumed it but still don't you think a good Doctor would let a long time patient know that his clinic is in fact second to no one?I found out the hard way recently when my Pooky bear (20year old son) was taken to the ER in severe ab pain. They did a little blood work, pumped him full of narcotics and sent him on his way. Nice job "Fairview"! (I will be sure to let any drug addicts I know where to get the goods) The next day was Friday and our dear Dr. Ledder's standard day off. That used to bother me a great deal until over the last few years he has surrounded himself with an unbelievable staff of back ups. The PA's there at france ave (Suzi and Ellie) are truly second to none and I dread the day some big time medical facility snatches one or both up! (maybe I am actually doing myself a disservice and someone sees this and does just that?? Nah, who really reads my little old blog??) Anyway, I am off track again.... Took Pooky to see Suzi the next morning and she ordered a scan (what the hospital should have done) and found my sweet boy was suffering from colitis. Later that night dear Dr. Nelson then ordered us back to the hospital. Can u believe the hospital was not even going to admit him still? He had to actually call them! At this point I had no faith in the "other" medical people and could not wait till Monday when I could talk to a "real" Doctor! (meaning of course my dear Dr. Ledder) I did not know until then that our clinic no longer did rounds at the hospital and I would have to suffer with those yahoo's that really did not know what was going on or how to treat it. The only thing that kept me sane was the continuous calls to me by Dear Dr. Ledder. The acute case of colitus had finally run its course and after 5 days in Pooky was sent home. Where even he did not trust anything from the hospital and did not feel everything would be ok until we heard it face to face from Doctor Ledder! The relief we both felt just knowing Doctor Ledder had all the paperwork from the hospital and he actually had taken it home for night time reading knowing we would be in the next day! Who does that anymore?? Certainly not the 2 minute doctors that run through Fairview Hospital. Over the years poor Doctor Ledder has put up with and helped me through a lot in my life. (I still cant believe he kept me as a patient through my neurotic years that I was married) That clinic that he and Dr. Canfield have built is truly second to none. They actually care about their patients! They do not just write a prescription for this or that. Long ago when I was going through my divorce any other clinic would just give out anti depressents or whatever and send you on your way. Not my Doctor! He makes sure to talk it through and let me decide and 9 times out of 10 I would walk out knowing I was strong enough without any pills. That is the kind of Medical treatment we need and must have in America! You cant continue to accept a prescription and be sent on you way. You must find a Doctor who knows that too, as I have found from FAFP. No one should settle for less than the best. I am so blessed to have found my Doctor years ago and feel very sad for all of you out there that believe the example of Fairview (mentioned above) is how it all is. There is good, honest and caring Doctors out there but unfortunately for all of you I have them in my clinic! They are a staff filled with faith and compassion and are always there to smile and joke! And to top it all off they have added Nicole who now removes my "beard" and waxes my brow every three weeks! Where else do you get that these days?? One stop shop, my kind of place! So in closing thank you Doctor Ledder for just being you and then surrounding yourself with an amazing staff that takes care of my children, grandchildren, son in law and soon after Pooky gets married his wife too! (as even he wont give you up) Thank you France avenue family physicians for being such a wonderful clinic. But also shame on you for making me believe you were the "norm" because you clearly are not!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Snap fitness ~ another 7 total inches gone!

I know its a bit late but I was measured again a couple weeks ago and yo and behold another 7 total inches gone!! Although it is not as much as the first month I am thrilled!! I have a wonderful, albeit sadistic trainer that is wonderful! I truly do not know where you can get a personal trainer for as little as I pay? (Bloomington, Mn) Scott has truly transformed how i think about working out and taking care of myself! He truly is a gem! But of course his very lame humor does not hurt nor do his sadistic ways! I know I would not be where I am with out him! Thank you, Scott!! Before Snap fitness I always thought I was overweight but I got plenty of exercise with my line of work? Wrong!! I now know that "manual" type labor does nothing to get me in shape! So, thank you Scott and Snap Fitness for giving me an inexpensive way to get in shape!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting remarried?

Yep, the kids are all leaving this weekend to go to the ex's wedding. How do I feel about that? Not sure, a bit sad I think? I think it would be alot easier if Dan had not called yesterday and stated that he thought that he would just get married and in a couple years when the drama queen was out of the house he could maybe get an annulment and we could then get back together?? Hello??? What planet is he on?? First of all an annulment is a catholic thing, second of all I could never be with him again! Which got me thinking?? If he all of a sudden became a Christian would I then be obligated to take him back? Would that really change things? Would God expect me to do it? Would God want me to? I feel actually sad for Dan as I know he is doing it because he does not want to be alone and he is the type that needs someone to be with and as he pointed out its the final step with being with Lisa. Actually, I feel mostly bad for her as he made it clear he would rather be with me. That thought gives me the quakes! I pray for him to come to Christ and yet I am kind of glad he has not as then it leaves me out of the equation. Then the guilt for that selfish thought comes on and it starts all over again........ Oh well, I really do wish him the best! Have funs my little children and I am glad I dont have to go!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to school

Words cannot describe how happy I am that the last child is going back to school today! I am so glad this summer is over. (only because its back to school)I don't think it is necessary to drag out summer vacation like they do for 3 months. Why not just give the kids a month off and send them back? As the drama queen is now entering 10th grade, I then only have 3 years left?? I actually would like time to speed up even faster than it already goes and just be done with the raising of my children? I realize that you only have them for a short time and I am sure one day to regret that thought? But as of now I am glad school is starting again and I am counting down the years till all kids are gone? Does that sound like a really bad Mom? Yeah, probably? But it is still how I feel! Then again there is my precious Grandson Nikolas... He starts kindergarten today. How is that even possible? When it comes to him I would like the world to just stop! He is growing up so fast. Such a sweet little boy he is and he gives the best hugs! Happy school day my beautiful, precious boy!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Raising a teenage girl... Complete failure

I found yesterday that I have completely failed at trying to raise a teenage girl! What did she do to make me see my inequities? Well, its to horrific for print. I will not even discuss it on the phone with anyone other than my other 3 kids or Mom. I will say this..... You can raise your children in Christ, you can give them all the advise in the world, you can threaten, plead and ground. However in the end they will do what they want and they will do it so that you dont even know it till they tell you months later! At this point I really truly wish that my child raising was done as I am obviously bad at it! (no question mark need there) I dont want to be a parent anymore! I have finally been beaten by a last teenager! Hey but I should get kudos for the other two though?? I really hope this does not continue to effect my sleep as it did last night, I still do need to work even though my life as a parent seems over? I also learned that trust is the most important issue in any relationship and with out it life really does suck with that person!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fairview Southdale Hospital

What can I say truthfully about Fairview Southdale Hospital?? Well, in plain truth... They SUCK!
If you are a drug addict looking for a fix just go to Southdale as the ER will pump you full of narcotics and send you on your way. That is what happened to my Pooky bear. He was finally admitted to the hospital but only because it was so ordered by our Doctor. The horrible treatment by the Doctors at Southdale is appalling and if it not for a wonderful Nurse named "joe" and the communication with our own Doctor we would have pulled him out after the 3rd day. I did learn however that the ex is great in an emergency. Go figure!! Had to write about this awful hospital so that it reminds me NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances do I return there and now that I know that my Doctor no longer does rounds there, it will not be a problem going anywhere else!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Snap Fitness and 16 total inches gone

After 4 weeks with my wonderful and at times masochistic trainer Scott I was measured yesterday and found that in total I have lost 16 inches!!! Go, me!! (actually I guess I am going??lol) 5 just from the hips! Only one from the waist (and that area needs the most gone) though. But who cares really as there has been much progress made! I know we are not supposed to be "prideful" but I cant help it I really am proud of myself! Actually, I know that if I did not have Scott I would not be where I am now. Where am I exactly? Well, from 4 weeks ago I am feeling so much better, more energy and Judes told me that I "looked really healthy" which is a very big compliment as she is not one to dole out compliments unless she really means it! So again.... Go me! I want to now thank all the "little people" that helped me to get on the road to being a "hot Grandma" for my 44th birthday... Number one: is Snap fitness! For if it was not for them I would not have found Scott my awesome trainer! Number two: Sweet Scott Herman! His encouragement and guidance makes me want to succeed! Number three: Me! Go me for really doing it! And last but certainly not least is number four....... Jesus, for through Him all things are possible!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bare Escentuals .... The high cost of looking good

So, I went to Nordstroms on Friday to pick up my Bare Escentuals make up I had ordered. The cost was about 160.00 and by Sunday my new make-up had cost me a total of 350.00! Here is the "stupid me" part..
I get the make up home and pile it on the bathroom cabinet (although cabinet implies something big, this one is not) Kelsey tells me after she made them all come tumbling down that maybe I need something bigger for my make up?? Yep, she was right so I decided a over the toilet thing would be great and I go to Menards to find one. They have a metal one that was OK so I bought it. Then Sissy calls to tell me that Target has a huge selection and I head there. Find a great one and take it home to begin putting together! (no I don't put ANYTHING together, I leave it all for Sissy who has the patience for it) Sissy not available as she was meeting with Scott I begin the horrible process. Long story short.. It sucked then Sissy showed up and finished it only to find I didn't like it in the bathroom! Take it all apart and head back to Target. Get the other nice one and baskets for all my make up and get home to put together. Drama Queen and I open the package and the instructions refer to all pieces as A,B,C, etc. NOTHING is labeled with any letters! Finally we get it together (lots of frustration on my part and that is putting it mildly) The bathroom is set but the baskets don't fit. Off to Ikea and back to Target! Finally get home and everything done. Then GREAT, the wall where one cabinet was taken off was painted around it and now I need some pictures to make it look nice. Either that or repaint the bathroom?? (was going to a couple weeks ago I was to lazy) So, off to Kohls to find pictures. At this point it is 8 pm and Nonny is here for our evening together. Yes, I dragged her butt to Kohls with me. We found 2 great pictures and I know the poor girl did not want to go back to my house as she knew I would want to put them up right away and we were supposed to be at Applebees! She did it anyway and the bathroom is now done!! So the make up that only cost 160.00, in the end cost me about 350.00! I spent 2 hours returning all the items that did not work. (thanks to the Drama queen for running into all the stores for me. lol) Oh well, the bathroom looks pretty good and I learned a few lessons .....
1) I still don't have patience 2) don't buy anything unless Sissy is available right away to put it together 3) I have enough make-up

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kelly Rippa arms

Do I really need "Kelly Rippa" arms?? I am beginning to wonder?? When I first met my sweet trainer Scott, I told him I wanted "Kelly Rippa" arms. Her arms are fabulous and I figured why not shoot for the moon?? I am now having second thoughts! Who really needs them other than her?? After last nights workout I do think I may be dying? Or at the very least my arms !(not sure what these particular muscles are called so I will just refer to the whole darn arm) I was sooooo pathetic at last nights workout, I could not even do 2 or maybe 3 of the stupid exercises I was to do. Of course Scott being so sweet that he didn't even let my stupidity show on his face and gave me kudos for the half ass way I did them and then encouraged me with a "dont worry another couple weeks and you will be doing them" so sweet of him! What was my reply??? I told him to "shut up"! And I was not nice with my tone. I believe I even called him "stupid" at one point. Also referring to him with my usual your "masochistic" The poor guy, not sure how much of my abuse he will be able to take? Today though I am suffering for it all, OK well not really suffering and the arms don't hurt to bad now that I am writing this. That being said I cant remember my complaint now?? But, do I really need "Kelly Rippa" arms??? If I want to be a "hot Grandma" at 44, I really do!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The uncoordinated and her trainer

I am really starting to feel a bit sorry for my sweet trainer Scott. How he can keep a straight face while watching me attempt to do lunges is beyond me?? The uncoordinated SHOULD NOT be doing lunges. I never really thought I was that bad and always assumed it was my age until I started training with Scott. Today's workout confirmed that it has nothing at all to do with age and that I am sooooooo flippin out of shape that I should be in a hospital??? Seriously, how does one become so out of shape with out realizing it?? We certainly don't start out that way and in our younger years we are basically in shape?? At what point in ones life does our bodies become second to our daily living, so that eventually we are so far out of shape we really don't even realize it till we are past the "being able to do it on our own" point?? Who knows the whys or how's? All I know is that today I found, I am uncoordinated and badly in need of his help!! Talk about job security???!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where did the weekend go??

My usual 4 day off weekend started with me trying to be a good grandma and taking the 2 eldest for a sleepover on Thursday. Boy was that fun, actually no it was not! I have found I am the worlds worst grandma? Doesn't every grandma love to have their grandchildren for a sleep over?? Not me! My night consisted of me saying the following.... Jack don't hit Nikolas, Nikolas stop the car and let Jack in, no Jack I don't have jello, yes Nikolas you can have a freezy, Nikolas don't hit Jack, Jack give that back to Nikolas and so on and so on and so on! Really it never stopped, by the time the 3 of us hit my very tiny queen size bed I was exhausted! Nikolas of course snuggled next to me while jack took up 3/4 ths of the bed claiming his "animals" needed bed room too! As we were going to sleep Nikolas snuggled even closer and whispered in my ear " Grandma, how about next Saturday just me and you have a sleep over?" Sounds good to me Nikolas as I apparently can only handle 1 at a time.
My Friday consisted of taking a nap after the boys left (totaly exhausted) then it was time for (only) Sissy to come and get ready for the boat trip. The boat trip consisted of me, Sissy, Bri, Danny, Kelsey and Kelseys mom Sue. Not sure I would like to have someone out of our group with but said yes anyway. Boy did she fit right in! My family does not do well with outsiders and with Sue you would have never known that she had been one. Anyway, the trip started with Sissy getting full of mud up to her knees! Poor thing, but, she handled herself with such grace. She truly does amaze me with all her abilities as I was sure Brian and I would have been cursing and yelling and basically just stormed off and went home! Not Sissy though, she eventually got herself on the boat and off we went. It was a beautiful day and a nice ride to Harriet Island for the taste of Minnesota. Good music lots of very weird people to watch. I think the best part of the trip was being docked and having the wonderful snack tray and champagne. The fireworks display from the boat was simply beautiful although I had wished it were longer? Having dinner on the paddle boat was pretty fun too. I am continually amazed at how nice the boating community is. The ride home in the dark sucked on the boat but awesome time all around! Brian looked good as Captain of his "overtime" boat. To bad he did not have a hat with his boat name on it??
Saturday was spent relaxing with Sissy and company coming to let off fireworks in the evening. Having them over (as done 4/5 times aweek) was the usual relaxing on the deck with music and a drink fun.
Sunday was spent relaxing and now its Monday!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me and my masochistic trainer

OK so, Masochistic may be a bit strong? I suppose I don't really think he enjoys my misery?? Then again, he might?? We started the session with the measuring of my whole body! YUCK! To see it on paper was well?? Just plain hideous! Oh well, in the end those measurements wont mean a darn thing. Then on to more fun... Tonight's workout was a bit tough at the starting gate but got better in the middle then back to his masochistic self in the end. Like I really should be holding my fat *** up in a pose from the ground? It truly is the longest 30 seconds of my life, I am really heavy! He had me do one workout thingy that he called the "skull crusher" just the name scared the crap out of me. I could see why he calls it that as I was sure that my uncoordinated self was surely going to drop the bar bell across my skull and give him a demonstration as to why it is called that? Anyway, I made it through it all, I think it helps because Scott has a really dry sense of humor and other than his slight masochistic ways he is fun to train with and I am really glad I found him although I am looking forward to just the treadmill tomorrow. (never thought I would be looking forward to the treadmill......

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Working out for weight loss with Scott

Well, my first actual work out with my new trainer started today. Wow, was that fun! By fun I mean boy am I out of shape and boy am I going to be sore tomorrow! It started easy enough as Scott is such a great trainer but then I began to suspect that he picks the training to best make me look like an idiot? OK, I am sure he does not but it sure looked like that. I tried to keep count of my reps but I kept getting side tracked. Am I glad he actually does keep track. I began to realize that when I tried to keep track that I was way ahead of his numbers and it finally dawned on me that I was counting going up and down so of course I was way ahead of the counts! (he really does not have to make me look like an idiot as I am perfectly capable of doing it all on my own) By the time the hour was up I did not have a single hair on my head not wet! (overweight people do not look good with wet hair) Why they put mirrors everywhere in the gym is beyond me. I mean really, who in there right mind would want to watch themselves work out?? NOT ME! Oh well, its all for a good cause and I will suffer to get to my goal! (praise God he forgot his tape measure today as the mirror's showed me plenty of disgust! Onward and upward....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me and my trainer

Yesterday I met with my new trainer. (go, me) I was so flippin nervous all day and as it was getting closer to the first meeting I was already starting to sweat and I had not even done one exercise yet! I was sure I was going to embarrass myself most of the meeting as I would not be able to do the stuff he wanted me to. With a heavy, but, determined heart I went to my appointment. It started with talking about what I wanted to see happen. HELLO??? look at me? I think it is easy to see I need to lose some serious weight! So, after calculating today's weight (horrified to admit it to him or anyone, I shared it with my BFFN yesterday) with my goal weight he determined that I could in fact be at my goal weight and in great shape for my 44th birthday. Exactly 6 months from now. That was exciting although I had hoped for the fall. (unrealistic I know) So, we begin with the testing and all that crap. It was not so bad then after running on the treadmill we head to the next thing and he leans on the elliptical machine, horrified, I started panicking thinking of the last time I tried the machine. I choked out in a hoarse whisper a "not that machine" when he laughed and said he was only turning on the TV for someone! PRAISE GOD and thank Him for always watching my back! The rest of the "tests" went by with great effort (that's putting it mildly) and I completed it all. I really like Scott, I do believe he is my new best friend?! I am now booked twice a week with him for the next 2 months. He swears soon I will be able to do 30 push ups with ease......HA!! We will see............

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lost remote ........

So, my Pooky bear came home from his 2nd year at college. (don't even get me started on that) He brings home his beautiful 22 inch samsung flat screen and the matching DVD player and proceeds to volunteer to put it in my room so I can use it during the summer instead of it sitting in his room. (what a sweet boy, although I suspect that he is doing it so that in the fall I wont want to take his off my wall and therefor buy him a even bigger one for his dorm room??) Anyway, so he sets it all up and what a wonderful thing to have in my room. I have really been enjoying it and I got 50.00 for my old TV. What could be better?? Well, the remote for the DVD player? He could have sworn that it was in his car... blah, blah blah!
So, for the last 8 weeks that he has been home I have made lots of remarks regarding the fact that he lost the remote and that he would be taking the defected samsung with him back to school in the fall. Every chance I got I would make a funny comment or an irritating one depending on why I needed the remote. We searched everywhere for the darn thing. I was very frustrated with him and let him know it. How could he lose the remote for such an expensive piece of electronics??? Really, his age shows when it comes to things like this!
Then I decide to rearrange my bedroom and as I am moving my bed what should show up?? Yep, you guessed it, the darn remote! Here it was in my room the whole time! lolololol Darn funny I must say! I am laughing hysterically as I call him to tell him I had found his remote under my bed! (even now it is still funny) Hey at least I was big enough to admit it was under my bed? Actually, it would not even be funny had I found it anywhere else! My poor Pooky he now just shakes his head at me and yes the comments are now coming from him and they are pretty funny too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day off, really??

Unequivocally no!! True, I was home all day however, it started early and just ended now. I started by re-caulking the bathtub this morning and that turned into scrubbing the whole darn thing. Then I went at the rest of the house. I know most people think my house is really scary clean but it is not and it showed in the fact that it took me all day to clean it all. I then broke to make dinner and then tried to clean the office but decided I should leave some fun for the rest of my time off. So instead I went and mowed the lawn. Pooky came out after I had started and for a brief second I actually thought he had come out to offer his assistance?? HA double ha! No such luck. He was just coming to tell me he was leaving. Anyway writing this and then going to the gym! Not a day off!! Tomorrow does not sound much better as a client called for emergency help and another called for a bid. Oh well at least I get to go out to breakfast with Judes and Dianne and then spend the evening at Jens, happy Friday to me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last weekend

Last Saturday was spent at the KTIS family fest with an awesome line up of music! I went for MERCYME but got sooo much more. Lincoln Brewster was fabulous as was Johnny Diaz and Tenth Ave North. There was some really awesome music being played. Was very disappointed that MERCYME came all the way from Texas and could only play for an hour as Blaine has some stupid ordinance that does not allow music after 10?? Dumb people! Really, why would they bring them here for an hour? Need better planning for next year! Oh yeah, I some how got a girl dropped on my head! Seriously? A mosh pit at a Christian concert?? Kelsey tells me that is common but I don't think with this particular style of Christian music it is?? But what do I know as I am old?! Anyway the grand boys were wonderful the whole day and I got to spend the whole day with my sweet niece. Something I always enjoy! I can never seem to get enough time with her! Anyway, good time had by all, it was really great to have my favorite people and my favorite music all in one day! Although on the way home I may have caused a small stroke for Virg with my driving? I blame Judes for putting him in the front!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Mommy??

I think I was a good Mommy last weekend?? I got through the "Dad's getting remarried" thing and managed to be very nice to his Fiance. I actually felt really bad for her and not just because she is marrying my cast-off. She looked very uncomfortable the poor thing. After Judes reminded me that God takes care of the little birds in the forest so why wouldn't he take care of me in my time of need? I was all set. I got through it but poor drama queen was devastated! She still believed that we would somehow get back together even though it has been 10 years since the divorce. It really breaks my heart to see her in such pain and although it is what really is best it doesn't make it any easier. So, I played the good Mommy and welcomed them into my home and fed them lunch. He then left me with the mess of his daughters broken heart. Do you think the the "good Dad" (term used loosely)could have called her at all this week to see how she was doing?? Even when I called him to tell him she was having a hard time and to please call her he chose not to as he said I baby her to much! Baby her?? Pleease? I would like nothing more than for her to get past this whole mess, that, WE created in her life! Anyway, I handled it the way I thought God would have wanted me to and that's it. What more can a Mom do?? Oh yeah, when it was all over and they left I stated that she was nice to the rest of my children and my dear Brian said she was nice enough but "not as nice as you, Mother in law"! (his affectionate term for me) I love that boy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Divorced parents....

We all know I have been divorced for 10 years. Now, Dan is getting remarried in the fall. Sweeeeet, maybe he will finally stop groping at me? Anyway, so being the good Mommy that I am, I call to congratulate him and let him know how happy I am for him.. (go me, no more groping) He is shocked as he had informed our eldest that she should not tell Mom as I will "freak out". REEEAAALLLLY??? That was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I found it funny as I figured anyone crazy enough to marry him must be a nut job? (like me) I am really very happy for him and though I thought it may effect me some it has not as again I figure he just may stop grabbing at me.(s though we are still married)Anyway, so I tell him that I think it would be best if we tell the Drama queen together so that we may show a united front with this very delicate news. Again he is shocked? Hello??? Christ is the center of my life so why would it effect me?? So, he says he will be in town on Saturday and we can do it then. Then he says "by the way" "Lisa will be with me" Wonderful! How did I possibly get myself into that position when all I was trying to do was be a good Mom?? He says it will be awkward with her there but that she is going to be him for a graduation he needs to go to. Wonderful, bring her with I tell him. The more the merrier! (I really hope she has enough decency to go to another room as we tell the kids) He also wanted to know if I wanted to do it at Sissy house as that may be more comfortable for me?? Pleeeease! No, definitely my turf. I just hope she does not think that he left this beautiful home as the house was a pit when he left and I have put much time and even more money into making it the beauty it is and he in no way deserves the credit! OK all set for Saturday! Yippee! So I was thinking how to make it better and I thought that I would have Sissy, Bri and the boys come after Dan and Lisa get here just so the boys can run in and yell Grandma all excited as they do every time! Judes nixed that I idea, telling me it was wrong! Good to have a Mom to put you back in place when needed! I will just rely on my faith to get me through Saturday and really what more does one need other than the beautiful peace that our faith in God gives us.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Micro fiber and a terrible nights sleep

What an awful nights sleep I had! I was so looking forward to going to bed last night as someone picked me up a brand new , what were supposed to be 1000 thread count sheet set. I am addicted to super high thread counts of cotton. (Here comes the part where I trust the one that picked me up the sheets will not take offense as she did not know and I love her dearly, but I go for humor and this is a very funny story to tell) Back to the story. So I get home with the sheets and open them up. They are a beautiful green that matches my duvet cover perfectly. I am a bit puzzled by the package as all it says is 1000 Egyptian on the front. Not 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton as I expected. (second clue) I take them out to wash them and I cant find any tag that indicates what kind of fabric it is. I wash and dry them and as I take them out of the dryer I read on the back of the "made in china" tag that they are 100% micro fiber! Are you kidding me???? Reeeeaalllllly??? Micro fiber?? So, dumb me puts them on her bed anyway as I had just spent 30.00 on them. (first clue) I jump in and they are very soft but my feet are not and all I hear is that horrible crunching sound as my feet slide around.( sandal feet are already here) YUCK! I quickly get up and put some goats milk lotion on them and a pair of socks hoping to soften my feet quickly. Its 80 degrees out and I am in socks. I jump in bed at 10 to watch the news and my feet are better and only a little crunching sound. I figure just get through the night and I can change the sheets back to my 600 real cotton thread count in the morning? I look at the clock and its 11 and by now I am realizing I cant just go to sleep so I go get my 600 count top sheet and wrap my feet in it hoping to just get through the night? Wrong, I then woke up at 2 and now even my hands are conflicting with the sheets! At this point I turned to God but then I realized the request was very petty and He had more important things to do! I wrapped my body like a Mummy in my good sheet and fell back to sleep, only to reawaken every hour after that with the same problem. WHY oh WHY did I not just change the whole sheet set at 11?? Can we say..... Dumb??? My big question is... Why would any company sell sheets that are made of "micro fiber"? Only baby Cooper can really use these sheets as his skin is so soft! Needless to say when I got up at 6 this morning the sheets were the first thing to go! Aaahhhh, cotton.......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4 day weekend not long enough

So the holiday weekend has come and gone and it flew by so fast that I am not even sure it was here? Friday started with getting up and running around to do all the errands that there just wasn't time to do during the week. Then it was off to dinner to celebrate my BFFN's (her words) 50th birthday! Let me tell you, dear Dianne does not look 50! How sad was that to look across the table at her and all her beauty? Her Dad treated all of us to a wonderful dinner at Woolly's. Wonderful time had by all. Then came home and Nonny and the boys came over for a night in my beautiful back yard with us and Sissy and family. I cant believe how old my sweet nephews have gotten? They are so big and old it just scares the crap out of me! They look like they should be playing football in the big leagues and buying their Nonny (me) a big house! OK, so I don't want a big house as I like mine. But you get the point! Not sure what happened on Saturday as I am sure the weekend went from Friday to Sunday? Sunday was spent with my Sissy and family on the boys new big boat going down the Mississippi. What a great day that was! Brian looks so cute on the boat as the captain!
Then it was back home for ribs and corn on the BBQ. Another nice day! Monday I was going to stay home for my day of rest but Sissy made me come to her house to help her redo the boys room with the new furniture she bought. That done we had dinner and I was home by 8! Where did the weekend go?? I have NO CLUE! Another busy weekend is fast approaching and I will never get any time to my self! Oh well I know I wont complain when I give up the Saturday of June 13 to see my beloved MERCYME in concert! I will sacrifice at the all day event knowing that the payoff will be them!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Telemarketers and my Pooky bear

My Pooky bear is finished with his second year of college and came home yesterday to begin his summer. His humor is something I always enjoy as he makes me laugh so many times a day that I really couldn't say just how much!Even Judes has threatened to smack him already and he has not been home 24 hours yet! So, we are sitting in the living room as the phone rings and of course the first call we get with him home is that automatic call from those awful telemarketers calling to offer to "lower your credit card interest rates". (Where do they get their information from??) Now in the past Pooky has answered the phone as the "man of the house" and as he is politely answering their questions he will ask them to hold on a sec and begins to start yelling at me like he is an abusive husband! It is so funny and I immediately begin uncontrollable laughter as he yells "woman get in that kitchen and make me something to eat" then he will go on verbally abusing me until the person on the phone hangs up! It is so funny people! (my children do entertain me so well) Last nights was the best yet! So the machine calls with an "offer" and I hold for a live person while handing it to Pooky. Pooky says I hope its a woman? While wondering why, a man (of course) comes on and Pooky begins to ask him ( in his bad attempt at a gay voice) where he lives? Then proceeds to ask him how old is he, what is he wearing, telling him he sounded "nice"! All the while with this soft attempt, at a gay voice. I was rolling with laughter as I couldn't believe even my Pooky would go to such lengths to get a laugh! The man eventually hung up. Goodbye, for now, you telemarketer, Pooky's home! Welcome back, my Pooky! It should be a great summer!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom # 8

Yes, its time for another round of Tuesday trivia with Mom. What was this weeks question?? Well, I forgot about the game until my alarm went off and my poor brain scrambled to find a question for my 3 kids that play. I like to think the toilet bowl cleaner was getting to me and so I just asked "what is Mom's favorite color"? Lame, I know, but I really could not think that fast. Again, must be the bowl cleaner?? Anyway, Pooky bear won with the first correct answer of blue! Sissy was late with her correct answer (she is so entertaining when she loses) and Kelsey demanded to know why there was only browns in my house and no blues to indicate that I even liked the color? (she really is cute) Way to go my Pooky bear!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A day off?

Its Friday and another day off? Not really as Sissy had to get her oil changed and Mom had to pick her and the boys, who I adore (all 3 of them) up so they did not have to wait in the station for an hour. Say it with me people.... NEVER go to Target to get groceries (to kill time) with your 3 (five and under) grandsons no matter what!!! Oh my goodness! Seriously, my vocabulary consisted of the following ... Jack come here, Jack don't do that,Jack get by the cart, Jack and Nikolas don't climb in the bottom of the shelves, even if they do look like tunnels! Jack don't put food you want in Grandmas cart, put it in Mommy's cart. Jack and Nikolas get back in our aisle, don't get run over, watch out for that lady, yes,Cooper you can have some of my pop. Wait Cooper I can only give you so many drinks in a minute, Cooper stop yelling at Grandma to give you another drink. On and on and on! I was completely exhausted in the hour and a half that we were there. Seriously people, when it was all over I just looked at Sissy with shock and horror asking her how on earth she could continue having sex in her marriage? If I did date, today would have put a stop to that immediately! How my Sissy does it day after day is truly mind boggling to me! She does amaze me! I NEVER had the patience that she has and I cant help but wonder who's child is she? The hospital really must have mixed up the child I gave birth to with the one I now call Sissy?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom # 7

Another Tuesday trivia with Mom. This one was the most entertaining yet!! The question?? Name 4 items on my night stand?? Kelsey came in first and had 2 of 4 right, then jen who had 2 out of 4, they were texting other answers so fast that I could not keep up! After a lot of guessing Kelsey finally got the last item. (a back scratcher) I really thought this one would have been a matter of who could text the fastest. (again kelsey does though not sure how as she is in class at college?) But they could not get the last item. Funny stuff as the texts were coming in so fast that I had to stop work and respond so much. In all fairness Pooky would have won with his first 4 guesses had he been quicker! Anyway, welcome back to the game Pooky! That's 2 wins in a row for Kelsey! Go, Kelsey!! Good job by all as the point of this game is to entertain your Mommy and you all do it very well!! Such fun in my old age!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

God is good

God is sooooooo good!! Just days after I left my blog on my thoughts of the economy, I was at the dinner table with Sissy and my boys and the phone rings. Its a client I had just done this afternoon and I didn't answer it because I figured if she was calling on the day I cleaned it must be a complaint and I was not in the mood to hear it! So after dinner I go to check voicemail and the first message was from a previous client wanting/needing to desperately put back on the schedule. The next message was from the other client telling me that they are closing on their new house and that things would be crazy till they move in June and they wanted to go off the schedule until then! REAAAALLLLY??? So, I lose and gain a client in a matter of seconds and they were both charged the same so I lose nothing! Seriously?? How does God have time for little old me? The special attention He bestows upon me is mind boggling? How does He have time for anyone else when He is ALWAYS looking after me? No matter how many times He swoops in and saves me, it still shocks me to my core! How anyone can live without Him in their lives is beyond me? Truly mind blowing!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom #6

Another Tuesday trivia with Mom..... Drum roll please...................
The question? Name my Mom and Dad.. I was appalled at Kelsey and Jens first answers. Then they got control of themselves and Sissy came with the first right answer. Judy and Bill! Kudos to Kelsey as she guessed half right, with Judy and Virg. But it is in fact Judes and Bill! No, I don't have my bio people in my life and the good Lord was kind enough to send me Judes and Bill. Of course I also got Pat and Virg out of the deal. So yea me!! I have determined that Pooky (although still the all time winner) is no longer gonna get to play with us as he does not guess unless he is sure of the answer and what fun is there in that?? So, from now on it is just us girls! Go, us!! Good job Sissy and good solid effort by Kelsey!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Whats up with the economy? I know they tell us it is so bad, blah, blah blah..
Why don't they focus on the fact that 92 % of the population is working? Take my business for instance? I have a residential cleaning service, first thing to go in this economic downfall they keep talking about, Right? Have I suffered? No, not really. Why? I am not sure? I have only actually lost a few do to the present situation. But each one I have lost I have replaced with a more lucrative one. Should the cleaning service be the first to go? I would think so but apparently the majority of my clients have it all going on. PRAISE GOD!! Is the difference the fact that all my clients are Christians and therefor have a better handle on their finances because they are directed by God and they must then be listening to Him? Again, I don't know. I still only work 3 days a week and this week I changed my schedule so that I will have the next 5 days off beginning Thursday! Again, PRAISE GOD! Having said all that did I now just jinx myself and my business will fall apart?? Maybe?? Then again, I do have God on my side, so I don't believe in the "luck" or "jinx" theory. How about you?? Have you made decisions in the past that make it easier for you to get through the country's current economic mess?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom #5

Today's question??? Name 2 of my clients? They all had the same advantage on this one so it was really just a matter of who can text the fastest. Jen would easily know two as we talk to and from my clients daily and she always asks "who I am doing today". Then there is Pooky who should know really well as he works with me so much. Then there is Kelsey who did my bookkeeping for last year and typed the names in repeatedly and Meg has been dragged to all of the places the most over the years! So who won????? KELSEY!!! Way to go Kels!!! She named off two and while I was trying to get off a "who won" text she starts texting another 2 names!! Funny little girl so impatient and in class too!! lol To be fair Sissy's texts came in immediately after Kelseys first text but still to late! Sissy says she was at MOA with a zillion other kids plus hers and it was hard to text. Then again if Kelsey had lost she would have blamed it on being in class and well Pooky he says he was tired!! (poor sport) Anyway, good job Kels!! You have a ten waiting for you!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Music of Heaven??

I believe yesterday I heard for the first time, what I think must be the music of Heaven and it was played at my very own Church! We have a wonderful music director (not sure if that is his title or not) anyway, Mike put on what was clearly a glimpse of what can only be described as the music of Heaven. He conducted what appeared and sounded like an orchestra (though I have never seen anything like it in the 9 years I have gone there) and I recognized all the people playing. He also had the choir in the background and it was truly amazing!!! When he started the first song "and can it be though should gain" Sissy and I turned to each other with our mouths open in true amazement! Now I thought I had heard everything there was to hear in music throughout my life, music is something I truly enjoy and now have settled with the great fulfillment that MERCYME gives me. But when Mike started conducting the orchestra it truly made my eyes mist. They sang and played 3 more songs, just as beautiful as the first. What a glorious way to start my favorite holiday!!
We then went to my house for a bbq and were playing outside when my dear sweet Nikolas (only 5) decides that he wanted to fly a kite. He got uncle Danny to help him, Pooky told him there was not enough wind out so he asked me to get the big thing from uncle dannys room. Not knowing what he wanted I told him to just go get it..... What did he come back with???? The FAN from his uncles room!!! We are not talking a small fan either as it was bigger than my sweet little boy! He drags it out onto the deck and states that we can use this for wind!! Is he not the smartest little 5 year old on the planet??????? What a sweet and intelligent boy he is!!! So darn cute!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom #4

A little late but still did it on Tuesday and all I can say is... POOR SISSY!!
The question: What is Moms favorite TV show currently on?? I stated "currently on" meaning, new showings. The drama queen guessed desperate housewives. (good guess) but wrong..( but at least she finally understood the game) Pooky said "General Hospital", if soaps had been included then that would have been it. DIL guessed "Regis and kelly" thinking I meant on "right now" funny girl she then texts that that was not a fair question as she was in class and did not know what was on right then. Again, funny stuff! (I reeeeealllly love this game) Then of course after getting clarification that no soaps were included guessed "The Office" ..... Ding, ding, ding!! You win again Pooky and your money just keeps piling up. I think Nonny was right when she said it was like a part time job for him! lol The funniest thing about this weeks question was the fact that Dawny (my sister) was at home with Sissy and told her it was "The Office" but Sissy doubted it until it was to late and her brother swooped in again with the win!! Way to funny for words!!!! Poor Sissy, she spells all curse words when she feels they are needed to be used and I heard there was a lot of spelling going on at the house! Next weeks question will be a matter of who can text the fastest! Cant wait to see?? So far : Pooky is ahead at 3 wins.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nordstroms and bored all in a weekend

I am sooooooo bored!! The drama Queen left to be with her Dad for a week and I am all alone! Sure I have clients and crap to deal with and I had a funeral on Friday. But it seems so weird to have the house to myself? I keep counting down the days till all the kids are gone and now I am wondering if I really want that?? Of course the Drama Queen will come home and remind me why I cant wait for her to be an adult but until then I am wondering? I read all the twilight books this past week and that was pretty good reading. The first and forth books were great but the second and third were a bit dull. Over all good books though. Then yesterday Dianne and I went to MOA and I purchased this awesome purse at Nordstroms. Its a "Micheal Kors" and everyone (sissy and kels showed up) found it amusing that I did not know who that was. Heck, I just really love the purse and it was half off. (what a steal) So, I bought the purse and went over to the bare essentials counter where my make-up lady was to pick up my order. As we are getting to it "John" the store Manager came up to us and introduced himself. I found that very odd then he ask if we wanted anything to drink and we said no but he proceeded to go get us each a strawberry smoothie. It was all very surreal. I think I finally remembered that my mouth was hanging open by the time he got back with them and we thanked him. Very bizarre people. Is there any other store that would do that?? I have never come across one. Anyway, we had fun and now I am bored waiting to go out to an early dinner. I mean really how many times can one clean their house??

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday trivia w/Mom # 3

Yes its that time again, Tuesday trivia with Mom: The question?? Who is Mom's favorite all time Viking player?? Kels texts first with Chris Carter. Wrong but very good answer. Good job Kelsey! Jen was next with the answer of Scott Studwell! Go Sissy!! Good job you finally won! Pooky did not even guess as he most likely knew he did not have the answer! Poor sport that he is! (even after winning 2 weeks in a row) I immediately text Jen a "no" for fun and that poor girl had a fit b/4 I tested her back to say j/k. So much fun this game is!! Good job, Sissy! Its about time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday off...

After the wild weekend I was really looking forward to a day off from everything and everyone. What did I do with the whole day??? I read a 500 page book! Boy was it good! It was the book "twilight" and I blame the future daughter in law for my waste of the whole day as she informed me after I watched the movie that the book was even better. My curiosity got the best of me and I proceeded to spend my whole day reading it! I did not answer the phones or the door and I pretended to not be available. I did of course talk to Sissy numerous times and I would have answered if Judes had called from Florida but she didn't and I had the day to do nothing! Go me!! BTW: after reading the first book I then spent the rest of the evening reading the second 500 plus page book! Good reading! Now waiting for Sissy to bring me book 3!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy weekend!

What a crazy weekend! Friday was spent with the loves of my life spending the night! What a joy they are! Who says you cant take kids to target at 8:30 at night?? Not grandma! Who says that Jack cant eat his candy from the night before for breakfast?? Not Grandma! It was all fun though and they were in bed at 11! Saturday was spent at baby Coopers 1st birthday party and boy was my gift a hit! All the other people time was really a drag though as I am content in my own world with my boys, my children and the people I have made my family. Why do we have to socialize with people that suck?? Who knows?? I suppose I will wait till May for Judes to tell me that answer! Saturday night was spent with Sissy, Meg, Kels and Jazzy at chilis (btw: applebees is much cheaper) that was fun! Sunday was get up and go to Church day where I do believe Pastor Tom is the greatest Pastor I have ever heard. I know I am bias however, his sermons really can get to me and that I believe makes for a good Pastor?? After church back here to have lunch that Sissy brought with all my family minus pooky who is at school. Uncle Tom and Kelsey came and brought some stuff over and Sissy put a crayon band aid on uncle Toms skin cancer he had removed. Boy did sissy think she was funny as uncle Tom could not see that she had put such a silly band aid on his face. Then said goodbye to all of them. Jazzy went to work, Kelsey back to school , Jen back to her house and me and Megan went to shoot hoops out back! (I am actually pretty good) reeeeaaallly! Well, maybe not really??

Friday, March 27, 2009

Its Friday!

If Friday is my day off and I spend all day going to Sam's club (for sissy), Kohl's (for me), cable company (new converter box) Doctors office (get my beard, mustache and brows waxed), oil change with my mechanic, then home to reprogram the new sucky remote so that I can turn all things on at once. Then take a call from the wonderful man at qwest so that we can hook up the new modem he overnighted to me. Help Dawny unload her truck. (well kind of helped) and it is now 1:30. Is that actually a day off??? I have to wonder?? I do think I work less on the days that I actually do work? Who knows but I am now exhausted and will wait till 2:30 to go to Sissy's and help her with her house and pick up the "loves of my life" for a sleepover with Grandma! All in one day!! I am exhausted just thinking about the evening but my Jazzy is coming to spend the night tonight so it should be great fun?!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How well do you know your Mom? #2

Tuesday trivia with Mom today and well lets just say poor Sissy....
The question?? What is the year of my car?? Sissy's answer? 2003? Really Sissy?? Reeeally?? Poor Sissy, Pooky then answered immediately with the correct one of 2001! Again, poor Sissy! The poor girl states that if I asked anything important Pooky would never be able to answer correctly. Hmmm? I wonder?? I better not risk asking next week who is my firstborn or she may not even get that one right? Anyway, its a good thing that text messages are not monitored or Sissy would be in trouble! Poor Kels texts to find out if I would be asking about the same time every week? I suppose to be ready? Then there is Meg.. She gave her standard answer of ... huh??? lolol Funny stuff people, I am well entertained! (which is the whole point of this game!)

Memories of a child..

I have decided that some memories should just stay buried!! I mean if a memory is so bad that all you want to do is hop on a plane and go back to Florida and be with Judes, then maybe it should just stay hidden?! Why does one repress a memory in the first place? Hello??? Because it or they are so awful that your mind cant handle! Keep it buried and leave me alone, I say!! But now that they are out what do I do with them? Its not like there is a file cabinet in my brain where I can just shove them all and forget about them, like I do with all the crap papers/receipts you need to keep "just in case" they are needed again? Actually, I wish I could just put them in the shredder like everything else I don't need! Wouldn't that be cool? Put any bad memories or thoughts into the shredder never to be heard from again?? That would be so cool! I wonder if I could conjure up that whole scenario in my head and throw these memories in the shredder once and for all??? The sad thing is a just paused to envision that! Poor me, my little tiny brain couldn't do it!! hahaha

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How well do you know your Mom?

That is the question I was wondering today while I was bored at work today. So, I text those that know me the best to see who actually did when it came to useless trivia. I decided to make it worth something so the little brats would text me back,I offered 10.00 to the first right answer. When planning this in my state of boredom I figured it would take a few answers from Sissy but she would eventually get the 10! Wrong!! lolololol
My question was... Tell me 1 of 2 of my favorite Mercyme song's? Now I realize that they have so many hits that it can be nearly impossible to guess but I figured we could have fun and I would get to keep my 10. Sissy started off her guess with the most obvious one.... Wrong, then she guessed a couple more and then she says "10" duh that is their new album coming out in April. hahaha At least she made me chuckle. (it was worth it for that alone) A few minutes go by and Pooky texts me his one and only answer of "You Reign"! Seriously, the right answer on the first try by the boy that I believe never listens to me?? That is a song most have not heard and I honestly don't remember ever telling him it was my favorite. ( I play all their music all the time) Anyway, my game and he won the first round and his 10.00 is here waiting for him. (its actually a very smelly ten that I got from a tax client) haha Poor Sissy, I thought for sure she would get it eventually and yet her brother out did her. I would have felt more bad for her had it not been so darn funny as she really does know me the best. Then again her brother did have the right answer!! I am going to call this new game Tuesday trivia with Mom. I'm trying to come up with a good question for next Tuesday ??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Grandma??

I went to watch baby Cooper and Jackers last night so that the kids could take "the boy" to his kindergarten registration. (Don't even get me started on that one) Anyway, I walk in and the 2 older boys right away asked if they could watch "Transformers" Sissy immediately said no because neither had taken a nap or rested at all. I said sorry boys but Mommy said no. The kids and the boy eventually left and I settled in the boys room/toy heaven to play with Jackers and the baby. We played for what seems like days but was more like minutes. We read books until Jackers could not keep his finger out of his nose, no matter how much I scolded him. He seems very fascinated with pulling a booger out of his nose and making it go back and forth between his lips. His fascination with doing this, at first always makes me giggle. Anyway, way off track now...
After the books and playing, I gave them a bath and we went into the living room to watch TV. He asked if we could watch Transformers and being a good Grandma reminded him that "Mommy" said no. We started to look on the TV for something on, as it was past bed time. Jackers was jumping and of course fell, hitting his face on the end table. He was bawling so hard and I felt so bad as I imagined Sissy coming home any minute asking "what did u do to Jackers"? My thoughts immediately went to the Transformers movie he wanted to watch and in panic told him we could watch it. He asked between gulps of sobs about Mommy and I said "Grandma says its OK" So, we are a 1/2 hour into the movie and Sissy texts to let me know that she can see her house. In a great panic I tell Jackers Mommy is coming home and we need to take the movie out and put it back. He jumps up and hands me another movie saying "here grandma put this one in" he of course knew we were doing something wrong and his Grandma just showed him how to scam his parents! BAD GRANDMA!
The kids come in the door and I have to give Jackers kudos as he never said a word about the movie we had watched! I thought for sure he would bust me out as he loves to get reactions from people! Nope, he must have sensed that was not something to do and he kept our secret! So, basically I taught my sweet dear Jackers at 3 how to scam his parents and cover it up. Again, bad grandma!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Being what God wants...

I seem to have a lot of "morale" dilemmas this week but here goes another one anyway.... I found out today that my "mean sister" by mean I mean really, really mean. So mean that I have chosen to totally 86 her out of my life. Anyway, I found out that she lost her home to foreclosure and has to be out by the end of this month. My first reaction?? Was, HA! Serves her right for always being so mean! Then of course, I felt really guilty as I know this is not how God wants me to be. But, how do you get away from all the meanness a person shows you and be what Christ wants you to be. The guilt just started to eat away at me and I wanted to stop and pray for her. When I decided that that was what I "should" do, I then thought that it would be no use as God knows my heart and He knows I do not mean it? So essentially I would be lying and God would know it! I was then in such a guilt state I couldn't stand it. It took me most of the day but after given some words of wisdom, I prayed for God to soften her heart and prayed for God's presence in her life. I still don't really feel that that was enough but, what more could I have prayed for that would not be a lie??? It really is tough trying to be what God wants! It really is easy with the family I have built for myself but it is really hard with the family I have chosen to leave behind!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holy on earth?

Can anyone really be holy on earth?? I was wondering that on my way home today and was stuck trying to find the answer? Can we as mere humans actually be holy or is it just a goal we must strive for without ever actually reaching it? Is there anyone that does not sin (on earth), there by making them holy? Still I come up with no. I try daily not to sin but it seems to be a unattainable task. First of all the eating thing.. Yes I need to lose 25 pounds and if our bodies are to be our temples on loan from God we should then not be overweight? Right? So, I sin repeatedly daily just on that score. Second, the thoughts one has while driving towards the crazy people in the other cars. Again, sinning and those are just the basics! I would not want to keep track of all the sinning I must do on a daily basis without even thinking it may be sin. I believe even our thoughts are sin so again, big sinner. I mean I am basically a decent person but how does one obtain Holy status when we live on earth? Is it even possible? I think not!? Just a question I was pondering on my way home from Sissy's.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did I really need to know?

Its Sunday morning and I as usual got up, made my oatmeal and called my Sissy. (as I do every morning of every day) As soon as she answered I knew something was wrong with her. I asked her and she told me her hip was hurting very bad. I gave her the "oh that's a bummer" line and proceeded to see if her furnace was working yet as her and her very wonderful husband neglected to change the filter once again and they now had no heat. (it was not and they were awaiting the gas company to come and fix their error) We then got back to her hip and I asked her what she did to injure herself? There was this long pause and she stated she thought she new what she did to it, but then more silence. It does not take a rocket scientist to grasp what the silence meant and I not being one realized what she was saying by not saying anything. EEEEWWWWWW, just as I was taking a bite of my oatmeal! I realize that she is married and the mother of 3 and God has enriched her greatly with her family however, there are some things a Mother just does not need a mental picture of. This being one of them! Motherly advise... Try another position Sissy, as that one did not work for you!And the next time you "injure" yourself please do not complain to me as that is a picture I just don't want to conjure up again!
Did I really need to know??? NO!!!! Did I want to know? A thousand times, NO! I guess even with us being "bf's" there are some things better left unsaid!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow, snow and more snow

Yuck, more snow?? REALLY? I am a bit tired of this white stuff and although it is very pretty (as long as you can enjoy it from your house window) it is definitely time for it to go! Someone reminded me today that March is typically the second snowiest month of the year. REEEEALLLY? Like I wanted to know that? It really makes no difference to me that it is and besides we are not in March yet!
Bad Mommy number ....... Oh who knows what number I am on , I think its 10005? Anyway, yes with 5 inches on the driveway and the snow blower clogging, I sent the drama queen out to shovel it all. I just looked outside and she was doing her famous look of exhausted and poor me for all the neighbors to see. (I did shovel part of the deck) Is that not what we have children for? To do stuff like that? Heck we brought them through to their teenage years and now is their time to reciprocate? If Pooky was home he would be doing it. I bet he is glad that he is away at school? The drama queen then came in and said she just could not take anymore shoveling and I said fine, I will finish it later. I just got back from "finishing" the driveway and she had shoveled on both sides piling it all in the middle of the driveway, we are talking about 2 feet or more high and all in the middle! Nice job, drama queen!
Pause for dramatic effect ....................................................
I have to work tomorrow! Yes, on a Friday! I am such a giver! lololololol

Voice of God

How do you know when the voice talking to you is the voice of God, as some people say or its your own voice and at this point your talking to yourself? Good question or bad question? I was trying to figure that out this morning after remembering the "voice" in my head told me to eat a slice of Sissys very delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting and then after the wonderful dinner she made I had to have another slice! Now I know that voice could not have been God, as we are to treat our bodies as temples and not overindulge on those type of things. Then there is the voice that tells me to smack the drama queen when she starts to mouth off and in 15 years I have listened to that voice 2 times (maybe 3) and in all fairness it is out of thousands. So that cant be God either. So when is it God? I don't know and that is my question? Any answers? Do people REALLY hear Gods voice? Or is it what they think God would say? If it is Gods voice, can we then determine it is only saying the "good things" and we are doing the bad thoughts? If that is the case, then that don't seem to fair? Or should the question be... With me hearing voices , should I actually be committed?? Hummmm, I wonder? It could be a nice break from tax returns and toilets!! Something to think about???