Friday, March 26, 2010

Cancer and my Sister

This year is just not been fun so far and now I find out my Sister Kelly has stage 3 breast cancer. YUCK!! I feel so bad for her and her family. We have never been really close, as she has always been pretty mean to me. However, does any of that really matter anymore when something like this comes up? I dont know the answer and it seems like I don't have the answers to much anymore. Things have been spinning out of control this year and although I guess I am due for some upset it is all getting to me. Then I think of Kelly and I think my issues are so very small. She has also had a tough life. Things that were done to her made her who she is and I feel very bad. She has two daughters and a grandson that really need her. Although, I have not spoken to her in years I did send her an email and lots of continuously praying. I dont know what God wants my role to be in all of this , if anything? I do know that I will leave the door open and will be there if needed. We have such an awesome God and no matter what the outcome He will be praised!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Buy ~ if only they sold groceries

I was thinking today that my life would be even better if Best Buy sold groceries! Really why cant they? It would make my life so much easier. One stop shopping and all that! I ordered a fridge from there last week (thank you appliance rebate) and it got me thinking that if only they sold food then I could have it delivered fully stocked! Heck, I am a reward zone premier silver member and I am given many benefits for it. One being free shipping on anything I order so why not give me food too?? Just sell groceries and I will be happy!! I buy so much from there why not food?? It would really make my life even better!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A night with the Boy...

Another wonderful night with my Boy! At six years old my eldest Grandson is truly a joy to be around. The night started out very nice, just hanging around the house with Uncle Danny and Auntie. Then we decided to go get ice cream from the store. As we were pulling into our parking spot the boy says.. "Grandma the sky is very ominous looking tonight" I am like... What did u say?? He then repeats it and I ask dumbfounded if he even knows what that means?? He then proceeds to tell me exactly what it means. He states we cant see any stars or moon in the sky and to him that makes the sky ominous! Thank you, Thank you!! My Grandson the genius! We get into target and he is back to being a 6 year old and really wants a foam sword that Target has so discreetly as you walk in the door. (call Sissy for permission) Of course I said yes and he gets 1 for himself and 1 for each of his brothers! Such a thoughtful boy! He tells me when we get home he is going to teach uncle Danny how to fight with them! We also got those wonderful punching balloons for each of us. Those balloons are so much fun! Danny and the boy proceed to fight each other for a good 1/2 hour and it was wonderful entertainment as Uncle Danny would cheat and pull the boys shirt over his head but very funny to watch. Then the boy declares its bed time and lets go Grandma! Really boy? Its Friday night and I would like to stay up past 9.... We go to get ready for bed and I tell the boy to cover his eyes so Grandma can change into pajamas's as that is a scarey sight I would not want him to see. He covers them and when I am done he tells me he has seen my penis! I start laughing (something the boy does not find amusing when he is not being funny) I tell him he could not have as I dont have one! Saved by Auntie Kelsey getting off work. (she cant resist playing with any of her nephews) and I got to stay up till 10:30! Woohoo!
And now I must go as I was handed a sword at 7:45 and told I had 4 minutes before he would attack so got to go............

Monday, March 8, 2010


Do we have the right to give forgiveness to anyone? Do we have the right to expect forgiveness from anyone? Those are the questions I have been pondering lately. I have never believed that I am worthy enough to do either for myself or others. But after another person came up to me last week and asked for forgiveness from me I am starting to wonder and yet I still find myself thinking I am just not worthy to give it. Then again why does one ask for it when they have no idea why they are asking? (seems a bit dumb to me) How can someone ask in that situation? Is it not all just up to Christ to give it? How can us sinners have any right to doing it for ourselves or others? Do we ask to ease our own mind or is there something behind it? Again I have NO idea!! There is a sermon on Wednesday night on forgiveness and I will be there as I am hoping the sermon will be able to explain why it is so important to say or hear the words. I have really always believed it is up to Christ to forgive us, not for little old Tammy. I always believed you get through it and move on. I wonder if I will feel the same after church on Wednesday????? Another question..... Will I ever know enough to make me worthy of Heaven?
UPDATE: the cd turned out blank due to a mix up at church, I guess I will just have to try and figure it out on my own?? That could take forever....................................