Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye cold weather

The time has come to say goodbye to the 5 below of what I call home and hello to Judes in Florida! Yep, I leave tomorrow morning with not one bit of guilt! Not even for dumping my poor dog at Sissy's! Nope, not for taking the drama queen out of school or for leaving these tax returns undone! Nope nuttin! I am off to Florida for five whole days!
Now I must type and print instructions for my Pooky on what to do when he leaves on Sunday to go back to school! Yes, I have to list out and tell him not to forget to lock the doors, (he forgot the sliding one last year) tell him to turn down the heat and to make sure the house looks as good as it did when he got home! I am sure I will also have to remind him to eat! (really, I do) Poor boy, did I make him helpless or does he just pretend so he does not have to think? I wonder??
Also, you guys must go to Mercyme's blog and watch their newest video for their song "finally home", it is beautiful!
So, now I am off to see Judes, Universal studios, Seaworld, Vero beach and oh yeah Virg!! haha j/k Judes and Virg go together! Goodbye 5 below!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sun Country take me away~

Seriously, have you ever had a night where NOTHING went right?? That was/is my evening! The evening was planned that Sissy would come over so we could go over some things together. Then a tax client was coming at 5 and I would do a quick return and we would have dinner and such! It started with the clients coming an hour early without bothering to call to let me know! Again, seriously?? Who shows up anywhere an hour early?? Then I was trying to fix an efile for someone else that kept getting rejected and spent between computer and phone at least an 1 1/2 hours, that of course is on top of the 4 + hours I have already spent trying to fix the issue! Still not fixed and at this moment I am on the phone again with them! I never got Sissy's issues taken care of and she never got dinner either from me and she is one of the few people that deserves my full attention! UPDATE: after many hours and alot of headache I have been given a full refund from that lame tax program!! Anyway back to the day. Poor Sissy and the boys left and I went to clean the kitchen and of course the dishwasher would not work because it is 5 below out side and the darn thing is on a outside wall! Even the dishwasher detests the cold! Great I get to do them by hand! Done then it is off to the shower where I get in and find I have used all the hot water doing dishes and not only is it 5 below outside but I get to take a cold shower! Yippee!! Really?? Reeealy? Sun Country take me away? Oh yeah I now find out the 80 degree weather in Florida will be gone for my arrival! REALLY?? REEEEEAAALLLLY? Well, at least I get to be with Judes, then again she could ditch me at the airport!? Bright spot of my day?? I had my brows, beard and mustache waxed off! Go, me!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another cancellation... When will the madness end?

Yes, another cancellation and its from a client I actually have grown very fond of! Bummer for me!! Boo hoo! When will the madness end? Oh well, I rearranged my schedule and I no longer will have to work Mondays! Cool, back to Mondays and Fridays off! Not sure if I should be happy or sad? I guess sad for the loss of income but happy I now only work 3 days a week again! Oh, what will I do with myself? Maybe I need to pick up a cause? Maybe I should just pray about it and see what God sends me?!
Drama queen is sick! Poor thing she has been off of school for 2 days and she really needs to get back as we are leaving in a week for .................. FLORIDA!! OK, back to me now.... I cant wait to leave. I miss Judes! I know I talk to her on the phone but its not the same! Something is missing and I need to go to Florida to get it back! 7 days and counting...

Monday, January 19, 2009


No, I am not talking pancakes! I am talking about the "International house of prayer". I really had no idea that something like it even existed until yesterday. I was at church listening to an awesome sermon from my Pastor, his son was in town with his fiance from Kansas City. Matt sang for us while playing the piano and my what a beautiful voice he has. I remember thinking he revels Bart from "Mercyme" and that is saying a lot coming from me. Anyway, he invited all that wanted to to come back last evening to hear him talk about what has been going on in his life at the IHOP. All I can say is WOW!!! Can you imagine a place right here in the United States that devotes 24 hours a day for praying and they have been doing it non stop since 1999? I was so amazed by the whole thing. Matt and his fiance Alexia both live and work there. Matt leads a worship ministry for 24 or so hours per week and spends another 24 in the prayer room either praying or meditating. Alexia is in her second semester of a 4 year degree. Their work week consists of approximately 50 hours of work a week. They don't even get paid (as with all missions they are sponsored by individuals and or churches, a little here and there to add up to not much, haha) and yet their hearts are filled with joy and hope. These kids touched me greatly and I cant wait to see how their lives grow and where God will lead them. I am still awestruck by the fact that there is 24 hour prayer for Christ's return? I cant even fathom it? I get chills just thinking about it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heat wave in Minnesota and I am bored!

Yes, a heat wave has come to Minnesota it went from 40 below windchill yesterday to a balmy 15 today! Break out the swim suits! It was so cold yesterday that our very own Bloomington public school system called for no school. Of course it was not because of the cold really as they left a message blaming the State for making them use bio diesel in their buses! I found that really funny as they actually named the State as the reason for no school! Funny stuff people! There went my Friday off to myself and with Monday being a holiday there goes my Monday to myself too! Poor me?! It is now Saturday afternoon and I am bored!!! I mean really bored! Nothing to do as the house is cleaned and my taxes have been filed! I could clean this office but, that would mean going through paperwork and that just don't sound like much fun!
"The boy" (my sweet 5 year old grandson) called me (without the parents knowing) to tell me Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let him watch the "favorite" movie I had loaned him last night! How smart is he to dial Grandma when the big bad parents say no?? I will tell you... Very smart! I think he takes after me! What a sweet little boy! All he wants to do in life is watch a little movie and they have to deny him of that? What is wrong with parents these days? Poor thing, but Grandma to the rescue as I had him put Mommy on the phone. She did not find it as amusing as I did. Go figure! Anyway, he got his movie and all is right with his world again! Grandchildren are truly the greatest thing! I am so glad I am young enough to really enjoy them! 12 days to Florida... Look out Judes!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Braces and the bad Mommy

Here's another bad Mommy moment.... So the drama queen has had braces for the past 2 1/2 years. (she wore the dentist out and the removal was scheduled) She woke up this morning very excited but also looking very scared and when I asked her why she was so scared looking she said cause she was really worried that her teeth would have big holes in them when they took the braces off. (even typing, I am still laughing at it) (again... bad mommy) Where did she get such an idea?? Yep, from me, the bad mommy! I couldn't think of any other way to get her to brush and floss! In all fairness this was after 2 years of her crappy brushing that I resorted to that story! It took a lot to get her those braces as I was still paying for Pookys too, so she was going to take care of them! Anyway: this morning I still didn't ease her mind and I dropped her off at school where DIL was going to pick her up and bring her to Dr. Veil. The drama queen calls me again as she is waiting for DIL and this time she is truly frightened telling me that she is praying she brushed her teeth enough. Poor thing, I took pity on her and started laughing, telling her that I made it up so she would brush properly. Nothing but silence, I don't think she believed me. (I am that good) So, she goes and calls me all excited that her braces were now off and there were no holes!! Funny, she still believed my lie!!
Question: How bad of a Mom am I?? Is it wrong to lie even in this case when your child's well being is at stake? I don't know the answer that's why I am asking the question... Oh well, I never have to deal with braces again, Dr. Veil can finally get that pool and the Drama queen looks beautiful!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday and I am cute again!

Friday and I am cute once again! OK, so its really Friday but not so sure on the "cute" thing? I mean really how cute is a Mother and Grandmother of three, that is forty something and cleans toilets for a living? Not so cute Monday thru Thursday but today is Friday and its my day off and I no longer look the hideous sight that the hair coloring had made me! I realized through the whole fiasco that really I am not to bad looking in my "normal" face but would look hideously awful were I to gain any additional weight. Especially in my face! Other than losing 25 pounds I will take me the way I am as I have seen another way and I don't want it!
As for work I had another cancellation this week! Yuck!
In all fairness the man did not need to be cleaned at all as he is a neat freak and I was going to ask him if he was sure about wasting his money? But he beat me to it and called and cancelled! Another gone and when will this madness end? Oh well, I have my health, happiness, a job, a great family, awesome friends but most importantly I have Jesus looking out for me!! Oh yeah, I leave for Florida in less than 3 weeks! Goodbye, 5 below and snow and hello to 75 degrees and sun!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost over....

The repercussions of coloring my hair are almost over and I am beginning to look like myself again! Praise GOD!! I was really scared for awhile there as I could not possibly see how my face was ever going to get better. I actually look pretty good this morning as there is just a small bit of swelling still. I will never again complain about my "fat face" as I had in the past as it was nothing compared to what I have just gone through! I must thank "Dr. Elle" for bringing me back to "normal" with the steroids and all the other host of things that she gave me. Also to my Pooky bear for giving me the shots of epi that helped me to breathe when I could not. (although he took the "act like your stabbing her" instructions a bit to far) I was very grateful he was home from school still, to do it. Thanks to all of you for all your prayers and your welcome for the humor this situation also brought you. Glad I could do my part in making you smile!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Repercussions of coloring my hair

Who would have thought that there would be repercussions to coloring my hair myself?? All I was trying to do was save a little money for my Florida trip and do it myself! WRONG!!! Although, I had broken out in a rash a few times before doing it, I thought I could manage it and I would save money! Again... WRONG!! I did it on the 30th and by this morning I woke up and thought something was in my eye, when I tried to remove it I realized it was excess skin and shot up out of bed to investigate. WOW, the site utterly took my breath away! Talk about a hideous site to be had!! One side of my face was so badly swelled that I looked like something the guy who made Frankenstein had just created! Not only did I have a rash all over my head and it itched like I had head lice but my face was swelled at least 3/4 times what it should be! Yuck!! I called the Doctor and took some of Pookys allergy medicine and waited.... Nothing happened other than my throat beginning to close up! Nice start to the New Year!! I called the Doctor and then asked Pooky to drive me! I was soooo embarrassed I hid behind my coat which made people stare more! Went into my Doctors office and my usual nurses did not even recognise me until I spoke then they all busted out laughing knowing it was me! So, 2 shots of adrenaline and some steroids later I was on my way back home with 4 different prescriptions for the next 2 weeks. When we got home we found out Pookys computer was ready for the exchange and we headed to Best buy as the poor boy had gone long enough with out it and being the good mom I am I put on Kels very big glasses and went to get his computer. I really must have look hideous, for everyone to see with me in Kels sunglasses. (what we do for our children?? It really is so bad that I have broken my normally "no pictures of me" theme and post it here for you to see!! Morale of the story??? Pay for the salon to color my hair, no matter how cheap I want to be! GTG: I need to scratch and no free hands!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflection's of 2008

2008 is gone and today we begin a New Year! Its kind of sad as I really enjoyed 2008. Don't get me wrong, it had its ups and downs but overall it was a fantastic year! It started with a bang as I flew to Florida to see Judes and all we did for 5 days was shop and eat and see the sights! It was so awesome to get to spend such quality one on one time with her. We had lunch looking out at the Ocean not 40 or so feet in front of us on a deck! We shopped until I think even we, could do no more! Then I came home to full force tax season and got to work, only to fly back to Florida a month later to see Mercyme at the strawberry festival! What more could one ask for than to have Judes and Mercyme all in one?? Another great time in Florida spent this time seeing the greatest band of all time and laying in the sun around Judy's pool! And that is only the beginning of 2008. March brought me a new Grandson. Although, I had hoped for a girl this time there was instead another boy (count them 3 now) and what a sweet little boy little Cooper is! The joy he brings to my heart when upon seeing me and I make my silly "hello baaaabbbbieeeeeeeee's to him, that smile would melt any ones! Spring time brought the beginning of gardening season as I went to work on adding more beautiful flowers to my gardens. It also brought the big wuss back from Florida to help me! Summer time brought the gardens in bloom and bbq's on the deck 3/4 days a week with Sissy and her boys. She comes after the boy's nap and we sit on the deck and wait for the big guy to get here from work. We then all sit on the deck lounging and eating as we watch and play with the boys. The pool is a great source of fun, as is their truck and tree swings were too. Although, it went by way to fast, it was lots of fun watching them and my gardens grow. Summer also brought family out (nonny, dawny. yes that's it for family but what does one really need?) We bbq'd and played Frisbee and kickball together and although I still have a muscle ache from sliding into 2nd base it to was great fun! Seeing summer roll into fall was sad, as I was having so much fun with my family! Really, what could be better than sitting on the deck, drinking a glass of wine while talking to Sissy? (nothing but Mercyme comes close)
Fall brought the Drama queen into her first year of high school. She had finally gotten all she had ever wanted out of school and the kids in it, when she started 9th grade! I praise God for His giving her what she had longed for in school. (friends and mainstream classes, where she fits in). Now if I can just get her to stop the drama?
The fall also brought Pooky into his second year of college. He has decided to go into law enforcement, to follow in the footsteps of his mentor. Although the profession is a bit scary I am so proud of his decision. Pooky also became engaged to his high school sweetheart.
The ending of fall brought me to a nice weekend bonding with my Sister at .... ready for it?????? A MERCYME concert!! Big surprise, I know! I had planned a great weekend traveling to Iowa (that should have been my first clue) for us to see them.We had great music for the trip as we both made up Cd's for it. It's funny how much alike we are, as we both had a lot of the same music. It was great as we listened to classic country hits with a bit of rock thrown in and of course Mercyme! We really acted like a couple of high school girls that weekend! Although the hotel really sucked and it threw a hitch into my well laid plans(something I don't handle well) seeing Mercyme made up for it! It truly was their best concert ever. (I should know, I have been to many of them) Seeing the tears roll down my sisters face when Bart was talking before he went into a powerful rendition of "bring the rain" was something I will never forget! The seats were awesome and the purpose of the trip was clear and I couldn't of asked for anything more! The ending of fall also brought the cancellation of a few clients due to the economic mess of our country. I started to believe I was going to be hit really hard and that my own business may be in jeopardy. But it mellowed and I have come out victorious with new clients and a less hectic schedule. God really is so awesome and I learned that if I just keep reminding myself that He is in control (that spoken from a true control freak) than all is good! Winter started with the death of my dear client Mary and a few new clients. Winter also meant Judes going back to Florida. (the big wuss) Then Christmas came and we celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior!! What an awesome time with my family! New years eve followed a week later and after work I spent the rest of the day and evening at Sissy's playing with the boys. After they went to bed, we played games and munched on food. Another good time had by all! My family, what more could one want??
again, nothing!! (maybe a win for the Vikings on Sunday)
Its funny as I reflect on 2008, the economy of our Country sucks, with no end in sight and yet life was overall really good for me and my family! I cant help but give praise and thanks to the one who gives me and mine it all, our God in Heaven. Thank you for all you have given, taken away and the things that are yet to come. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your kingdom through Jesus Christ. At this point I ask that He continue to watch over us in 2009, keep Himself the center of our lives? Also, as you know I colored my hair last night and because Jazz was not here to rinse it for me, I broke out in an unbelievably horrible rash on my head, face and back of neck. I itch like I have a million head lice running around my head and I look hideous. FYI: I was trying to save money for my Florida trip in 4 weeks!! Could you just take the itch away?? I learned my lesson........