Monday, July 20, 2009

Bare Escentuals .... The high cost of looking good

So, I went to Nordstroms on Friday to pick up my Bare Escentuals make up I had ordered. The cost was about 160.00 and by Sunday my new make-up had cost me a total of 350.00! Here is the "stupid me" part..
I get the make up home and pile it on the bathroom cabinet (although cabinet implies something big, this one is not) Kelsey tells me after she made them all come tumbling down that maybe I need something bigger for my make up?? Yep, she was right so I decided a over the toilet thing would be great and I go to Menards to find one. They have a metal one that was OK so I bought it. Then Sissy calls to tell me that Target has a huge selection and I head there. Find a great one and take it home to begin putting together! (no I don't put ANYTHING together, I leave it all for Sissy who has the patience for it) Sissy not available as she was meeting with Scott I begin the horrible process. Long story short.. It sucked then Sissy showed up and finished it only to find I didn't like it in the bathroom! Take it all apart and head back to Target. Get the other nice one and baskets for all my make up and get home to put together. Drama Queen and I open the package and the instructions refer to all pieces as A,B,C, etc. NOTHING is labeled with any letters! Finally we get it together (lots of frustration on my part and that is putting it mildly) The bathroom is set but the baskets don't fit. Off to Ikea and back to Target! Finally get home and everything done. Then GREAT, the wall where one cabinet was taken off was painted around it and now I need some pictures to make it look nice. Either that or repaint the bathroom?? (was going to a couple weeks ago I was to lazy) So, off to Kohls to find pictures. At this point it is 8 pm and Nonny is here for our evening together. Yes, I dragged her butt to Kohls with me. We found 2 great pictures and I know the poor girl did not want to go back to my house as she knew I would want to put them up right away and we were supposed to be at Applebees! She did it anyway and the bathroom is now done!! So the make up that only cost 160.00, in the end cost me about 350.00! I spent 2 hours returning all the items that did not work. (thanks to the Drama queen for running into all the stores for me. lol) Oh well, the bathroom looks pretty good and I learned a few lessons .....
1) I still don't have patience 2) don't buy anything unless Sissy is available right away to put it together 3) I have enough make-up

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kelly Rippa arms

Do I really need "Kelly Rippa" arms?? I am beginning to wonder?? When I first met my sweet trainer Scott, I told him I wanted "Kelly Rippa" arms. Her arms are fabulous and I figured why not shoot for the moon?? I am now having second thoughts! Who really needs them other than her?? After last nights workout I do think I may be dying? Or at the very least my arms !(not sure what these particular muscles are called so I will just refer to the whole darn arm) I was sooooo pathetic at last nights workout, I could not even do 2 or maybe 3 of the stupid exercises I was to do. Of course Scott being so sweet that he didn't even let my stupidity show on his face and gave me kudos for the half ass way I did them and then encouraged me with a "dont worry another couple weeks and you will be doing them" so sweet of him! What was my reply??? I told him to "shut up"! And I was not nice with my tone. I believe I even called him "stupid" at one point. Also referring to him with my usual your "masochistic" The poor guy, not sure how much of my abuse he will be able to take? Today though I am suffering for it all, OK well not really suffering and the arms don't hurt to bad now that I am writing this. That being said I cant remember my complaint now?? But, do I really need "Kelly Rippa" arms??? If I want to be a "hot Grandma" at 44, I really do!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The uncoordinated and her trainer

I am really starting to feel a bit sorry for my sweet trainer Scott. How he can keep a straight face while watching me attempt to do lunges is beyond me?? The uncoordinated SHOULD NOT be doing lunges. I never really thought I was that bad and always assumed it was my age until I started training with Scott. Today's workout confirmed that it has nothing at all to do with age and that I am sooooooo flippin out of shape that I should be in a hospital??? Seriously, how does one become so out of shape with out realizing it?? We certainly don't start out that way and in our younger years we are basically in shape?? At what point in ones life does our bodies become second to our daily living, so that eventually we are so far out of shape we really don't even realize it till we are past the "being able to do it on our own" point?? Who knows the whys or how's? All I know is that today I found, I am uncoordinated and badly in need of his help!! Talk about job security???!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Where did the weekend go??

My usual 4 day off weekend started with me trying to be a good grandma and taking the 2 eldest for a sleepover on Thursday. Boy was that fun, actually no it was not! I have found I am the worlds worst grandma? Doesn't every grandma love to have their grandchildren for a sleep over?? Not me! My night consisted of me saying the following.... Jack don't hit Nikolas, Nikolas stop the car and let Jack in, no Jack I don't have jello, yes Nikolas you can have a freezy, Nikolas don't hit Jack, Jack give that back to Nikolas and so on and so on and so on! Really it never stopped, by the time the 3 of us hit my very tiny queen size bed I was exhausted! Nikolas of course snuggled next to me while jack took up 3/4 ths of the bed claiming his "animals" needed bed room too! As we were going to sleep Nikolas snuggled even closer and whispered in my ear " Grandma, how about next Saturday just me and you have a sleep over?" Sounds good to me Nikolas as I apparently can only handle 1 at a time.
My Friday consisted of taking a nap after the boys left (totaly exhausted) then it was time for (only) Sissy to come and get ready for the boat trip. The boat trip consisted of me, Sissy, Bri, Danny, Kelsey and Kelseys mom Sue. Not sure I would like to have someone out of our group with but said yes anyway. Boy did she fit right in! My family does not do well with outsiders and with Sue you would have never known that she had been one. Anyway, the trip started with Sissy getting full of mud up to her knees! Poor thing, but, she handled herself with such grace. She truly does amaze me with all her abilities as I was sure Brian and I would have been cursing and yelling and basically just stormed off and went home! Not Sissy though, she eventually got herself on the boat and off we went. It was a beautiful day and a nice ride to Harriet Island for the taste of Minnesota. Good music lots of very weird people to watch. I think the best part of the trip was being docked and having the wonderful snack tray and champagne. The fireworks display from the boat was simply beautiful although I had wished it were longer? Having dinner on the paddle boat was pretty fun too. I am continually amazed at how nice the boating community is. The ride home in the dark sucked on the boat but awesome time all around! Brian looked good as Captain of his "overtime" boat. To bad he did not have a hat with his boat name on it??
Saturday was spent relaxing with Sissy and company coming to let off fireworks in the evening. Having them over (as done 4/5 times aweek) was the usual relaxing on the deck with music and a drink fun.
Sunday was spent relaxing and now its Monday!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me and my masochistic trainer

OK so, Masochistic may be a bit strong? I suppose I don't really think he enjoys my misery?? Then again, he might?? We started the session with the measuring of my whole body! YUCK! To see it on paper was well?? Just plain hideous! Oh well, in the end those measurements wont mean a darn thing. Then on to more fun... Tonight's workout was a bit tough at the starting gate but got better in the middle then back to his masochistic self in the end. Like I really should be holding my fat *** up in a pose from the ground? It truly is the longest 30 seconds of my life, I am really heavy! He had me do one workout thingy that he called the "skull crusher" just the name scared the crap out of me. I could see why he calls it that as I was sure that my uncoordinated self was surely going to drop the bar bell across my skull and give him a demonstration as to why it is called that? Anyway, I made it through it all, I think it helps because Scott has a really dry sense of humor and other than his slight masochistic ways he is fun to train with and I am really glad I found him although I am looking forward to just the treadmill tomorrow. (never thought I would be looking forward to the treadmill......