Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In need of a vacation

Wow, what a weekend it has been! Woke to water flooding my kitchen at 1am! Nice get up and have to turn off the main water valve just to get it to stop. Thought for sure it was a frozen pipe that burst! Here we go again.... You know not having running water for someone that goes to the bathroom every hour does not bode well.. Sissy and Dad came to the rescue at 9 and found that it was actually a dishwasher issue. Now I have water again and will wash dishes by hand till the part comes! The next day I called my mechanic to tell him I have been adding coolant regularly for the last six weeks and he tells me no big deal and he will look at it when I get back from vacation. Then calls me as I am out running around and has me check the oil to make sure its not "milky", sure enough it is and he tells me to go home and not drive it as I need a new motor! Nice! (but he did offer to buy it from me for 3 or 4 hundred if I decided to get a new one) At this point I am afraid to go to sleep as not sure what will happen next?? I still am dealing with a teenage daughter who wouldnt know the truth if it slapped her in the face! UGH, I need a vacation! Good thing I am leaving in less than 24 hours with my eldest daughter, my sweet son in law and my Nonny! Forget it all for 5 days and pretend all is right with the world! Thank you Jesus for all u do for me! I dont know how people make it through all this life crap without you?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Raising a teenage girl

I cant believe how fast time is going? What is up with that? The holidays are over and I am still dealing with a teenager.. Ugh.. (that explains where I have been)My other kids (29,22) tell me she is being a typical teenager however that is something that to me is still unacceptable. I never went through anything like this, the others never put me through this. I used to believe I had this motherhood thing down pat! Meg though has proven this in fact, to be false! I cant believe how badly I obviously have failed? Was there a single moment where I can say, "this is it" I have failed as a Mother? How could I do it so great with two kids and failed so miserably on the 3rd and final one? I am truly at a loss on this! My heart aches for what is happening and for the child I am losing the battle with. Battle seems harsh but at times that is what it feels like. Where will the money come, for a good shrink? Certainly not from "healthpartners"! Again, ugh!! I tried bringing her to our Pastor (super sweet guy) and she just "snowed" her way through it. Now she is at the point where she says " u have your beliefs and I have mine" ugh! How do u answer that? This is a family that God has proven Himself over and over and yet her rebellion is against us all? How do I help her before its to late, when the insurance that is paid to protect her make it impossible for me to try and do so? What route is left then?? Prayers, prayers and more prayers! So far that is all I have for answers.....