Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toilet paper roll

Why is it that our children cant/wont replace the toilet paper when it is empty? They just leave it there, not even bothering to at least grab some more out of the closet to at least throw towards the toilet for whoever may be next?? I mean really? Is it that hard to do? Why do they just assume "mom" will take care of it? Further more if your job is to take out the recycling from the kitchen to the garage and empty it into the garbage can and that is your ONLY job around the house, why cant she seem to do it? Or mow the lawn? His only job! Which brings me to the question:
Have I spoiled my children into believing that they will always just get it handed to them whether or not they do anything to earn it? I mean they are pretty decent kids/young adults but, have I ruined them for the future spouse they marry or the society I dump them in? What happened between the 1st child (who is married with 3 kids and her only fault in life is she does not keep the cleanest house) and these last 2. Was it because #1 grew up poor without it all being handed to her and #2 and #3 have not?
Is being poor better teaching to our children?Actually, #1 was very lazy growing up too! So, to sum up my whine, I have 4 years left till they are all gone and I will fill my own toilet paper roll when needed!

Monday, September 29, 2008

God is sooo good

So, I just got done writing about having to take care of my Pooky Bear financially and although I could make it work, it was less for retirement. Then of course God stepped in as He always does and a client called and stated she would now have to go on bed rest and would need me weekly (which pays for Pookys expenses) I am talking not 45 minutes after getting it all set with Pooky! To this day I am truly amazed at the attention God gives to our lives! He takes care of every detail and every need! What an awesome God we have!! The thing is today's events are nothing new to me or my children, He has been giving us this special attention for years and it is constant! Actually, not sure if special attention is the right way to put it but I dont know how else to say it? I really don't see how He has the time to do what He does for us with all that is going on with the rest of the world but, are we not so blessed to have a God that is so great?! I really don't see how anyone could doubt the power of God and that Jesus is the way to Him!
Foot note: No Pooky it does not mean you get to spend more!!!
May God take care of Abby and make her bed rest fun!!

My Son aka "My Pooky Bear"

So today I had an adult conversation with my Pooky bear. Usually because we are both so much a like any serious conversations can turn very heated. Not the case today. For any that don't know he is a poor (and by poor I mean penniless) college student and he went back to school (in the car I am now paying for) very late last night without mowing the lawn as I had asked him to. Never mind it was after 10:30 and I could not go back to sleep because all I could think of is him getting into some horrible accident and I would be called any minute by the police. Anyway, off track again.. My point is that there was a misunderstanding with school aid that neither of us saw coming and at first I was very upset at him. So I must say that I am sorry to my Pooky bear for at first blaming him. I see now that neither saw it coming and I will take care of my Pooky for the rest of this semester because I adore him and I can afford it right now. (although, I was hoping to put away the money from the new clients) Oh well, he assures me he (mostly his future wife I am sure) will take care of me in my old age or pay me back, which ever comes first? (I am sure it will be old age?? Morale of the story: I adore my Pooky Bear even when he irritates me, I suppose he will say the same as he is his Mothers son!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vikings are so sad!!

The Vikings have done it again!! They suck!! OK, so they were playing a team that is 3 and 0, but come on?? Is there any other player on our team besides A.P.?? If I was not already sick to day I would be after watching that game! Actually I think they managed to make me worse! We will never get the Vikes a new stadium if they don't start playing like winners! They have now managed to ruin my already crappy day!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mercyme's God with us

OK, so I am at work today listening to my Ipod.(really what else is there to pass the time while cleaning someones toilet?) Anyway, "God with us" by.. say it with me... Mercyme )I know big shocker!! It came on and I just kept hitting the back button. The first house took me 1.45 hours so I must have listened to it 20 times? Now I have listened to this song since I first heard it at the fair (in concert) in 2007 . It is so powerful. Some days I could listen to it for hours and never seem to get tired of it. The chorus is so beautiful that at times I find myself raising my hands to God while singing. So... my question is.... How twisted am I? Or am I just such a Mercyme fan that I am a junkie? Or is it just really good music? You be the judge. Its on my playlist listen to it and let me know??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sick and twisted people

Why do people think it is ok to involve you in something you want nor are a part of? Thats what happened today when I came home from a hard day at work and got my mail. (yes, children it was a hard day as I had to do some very yucky things that I was for once underpaid for) Anyway, off track again.. So I got my mail and there was a letter from a man/sicko whom I had only met maybe 4 times in my life. He was threatening me and the person that he was really mad at, that I am close to. So besides the threats and the horrible language that was in this letter he then had to involve me! Me?? Why me?? People really, keep your sick people away from me!! Then I thought I should pray for him... It took everything that I am to do it and believe me it took a couple hours later before I could force my self to do it. OK so I paused while writing this and did it. Didn't really make me feel better (as doing so has done in the past) but maybe forcing oneself to pray for someone you don't want to has nothing to do with us? Or maybe it does? Cause boy this strange person really needs prayers but by the sound of his letters he might be beyond them? Whatever the case he was weird and I feel really sick for the person he was really mad at, as all her family got the same type of letter today. Bearing all her private things. Another point: why do woman pick losers to begin with?? I am glad I am single and today reinforces it! But most of all I am glad I have surrounded myself with good, loving and Christ filled people!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Question to ponder?

If Christ cant return until all four corners of the earth have been preached to and the world is round., how long do we wait?? I'm really wanting His return now... Anyone got an answer??

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wild weekend

Wow, the weekend went by so darn fast. It was crazy and wild. When you spend it with 5 teenagers (not sure if one of them is still one, though)how can it not be? I am glad it is Sunday night though. Does that mean I am old or just in another phase of life? Or do both questions ask the same? Whatever the case its over and the new week begins with one more day off. After bringing my niece Kelsey home today I realized how easy it is to break into someones house and you can do it through a front window with a ladder in broad daylight for the whole neighborhood to see and no one cares! Thats what we did as my Sister was not home like she should have been!! I must now rethink how safe my own house is when I am away? Actually on Friday night someone left the front door unlocked and Fuzzy was able to sneak in without the dogs even moving off the floor where they had been planted all evening! Some great watch/guard dogs! (I have now determined Pookys dog is completely useless) Fuzzy was able to come in and scare everything out of me! Boy, do the kids find that funny. Anyway, off track again..... Yes, now I remember the question I had... How safe are our homes really? Oh who cares the Vikings won and all is right with the world!!

Look what my niece did!!

Look what my dear Niece Kelsey did for me... She pimped out my blog!! Pretty cool huh? Had lots of fun with her and the other 4 kids at the ren. festival yesterday and then she did this for me!!! Now must get off to church or Judy will disown me!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

the test

Ok, so this morning I tried the idiot test from that mindless recommended and well lets just say I did worse than kelsey...... At least she figured out how to do it! Then I started thinking who cares?? Its friday and I am not working for the next four days! (except for a bid this morning) my day will be spent having lunch with my dear sister on a patio somewhere then pick up a couple of my favorite teenagers and go home to wait for my sweet baby girl to get here then we wait for the real excitement of Eric to get here, so that we can all get up early to go to the Ren. Festival. This is the same group that I took to higher ground last month to share Christ and Mercyme with. What more could anyone ask for in life? Well, maybe to see Mercyme at the festival? Anyway I am getting off track! My point? Who cares if I cant do the idiot test? I have a great business, an awesome family and great group of kids to share Christ with, plus I have 4 days off!! Who's really the idiot?? Not me! I just have way more fun things to do rather then sit here trying to do some silly test!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hanging up on someone, ok or not?

Is it ok to hang up on someone that you love? I dont think so.... But some people think its ok to do so. Does that show respect or love to the one you do it to? Again, I dont think so. When you love someone you dont hang up on them!! Period!! Love and respect goes both ways and when its early morning and someone calls you (that you love) you say anything, but dont be mean to the one that adores you by hanging up on them!! Thats it and thats all I have to say!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The takeover of Mercyme

I cant believe my daughter?? She just yesterday got hi-speed, (talk about slow) and so like any good mommy I told her about cover tune grab bag by Mercyme and what does she do?? Well, I will tell you... She blogged about them and then even had the nerve to post the links to their CTGB's on her blog, knowing full well that I am still waiting for my son who is away at college and very busy to put their music and videos on my blog. How mean is that?? I have been a S.L.O.B. since it began and she has been one for all of 2 minutes, again I ask how mean?? How many of their concerts has she been to in the last year?? ONE!!! (that I paid for) How many have I been to?? FIVE!!! (even flying to Florida to see them) I ask... Who is their greatest fan?? ME!!! Got that sissy?? ME!!! Dont mess with my MERCYME or there will be dire consequences!!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


The Minnesota Vikings suck!!! I am sure glad my kids were not home while I was watching the game! I cant believe I had begun to believe that this just may be their year but, how can that be when there is only one player on the team?? Of course I am speaking of "all day"! He seems to be the only one on the team! Now, I LOVE our team owner.... (yet again another but) BUT, why could we have not developed our quarterback situation? We are now into week 3 and here we go again! I detest the disapointment that the Vikes give me year after year! I detest that it is only week three and I am already ranting about them! Why do they get our hopes up with big off season purchases only to be given nothing for the money that Ziggi spent? So, what will I do??? Whine about it then start over for the next game as any self respecting Vikings fan will do.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that when you think you are ahead of the game, something comes up to remind you that you are NEVER ahead? Take car trouble for instance.. Why is it soooo darn expensive and WHY does it only happen when you think you are ahead? Is it God's way of reminding you that you didnt pray this morning, right when you woke up and ask for a hedge of protection on yourself, family and all your worldly belongings? Or is it just life and you need to deal with it? Ok, I guess asking for protection on your belongings is taking prayer in the wrong direction. But He is in every detail of our lives so why not on our belongings too? Actually, now that I am writing this it all seems silly. Then again I remember going to another state one year for a family trip(wont mention the state as I despise it, think green/gold, though) and my cars chain or belt or something was just about done. (of course didnt know that till we got to the destination) Found out it would cost 800.00, cried and then put the protection on the car and drove home 300 miles and that thing didnt break till we were in our driveway! Coincidence? I think NOT! So, I guess I just answered my own question. We should pray for God to take care of every little detail in our lives! Does not mean nothing will ever happen? No, just that there will be less for us to deal with and more for Him! (I suspect, that is the way He likes it)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Children today

What is going on with children today? I have run into contact with one that I adore. He is sweet and lovable and I took him and 4 others to Higher ground music festival. (mercyme headlined with Casting crowns) Ok, so I went for me but what I got in return was a connection with a young boy who so desperatly wants a "normal family" You should have seen him at the Mercyme concert.. When he raised his hands to God during the music it was the most awesome thing!Their music brings people to Christ and it did so with him. I have grown to really love this boy, but, what comes next? He lives 30 minutes from me and I just want to pull him close and not let go! How does one share Christ and all that He has to offer this young man when his home life basically sucks?? Why do people think its ok for a young boy of 13 to be thrust into a home life with a live in boyfriend? How is that going to teach this young man really what life is about? I guess I need to just spend time with him (and my sister too, who lives next to him) and show him that there is life beyond his own door. That this is not what life is supposed to be for him and certainly not what Christ had in mind for him! For him to remember the time we had at higher ground and continue to build from that!! Yes, I am divorced (because I did not wait for the one that God had planned for me) But my kids are pretty darn good. Because I believe that I had a shot and I blew it by not waiting for God and now I am single going on 12 years and its ok!! I am happy and content with my life the way it is. I will continue to raise my kids the right way and wait for Christ's return. Heck my kids are doing pretty darn good! My daughter is married to a wonderful man and has 3 children and their marriage is Christ driven. Then I have a wonderful son who I adore and he is engaged to a beautiful young woman who I also adore! (they are both in college) That just leaves my meg home and I am trying to do all that I can to make sure she ends up the way her brother and sister are. That is all we can do as a parent. Trust God.. With dear sweet B.B. and he will take care of the rest. But must pray for all the children living in this mixed up world!!

Im a S.L.O.B.

I forgot to mention that I am a S.L.O.B!
Which means I belong to the "Spectacular League of Bloggers" which is funny by itself because I have belonged to it since it was named a few months ago and I just now started actually blogging. (thanks to my son)Its really what brought me here! Yes, I am in fact a "Mercyme" S.L.O.B!! I love their music! It is so powerful that whatever kind of day you are having it makes you feel good! So, anyone looking at this attempt at blogging should go to their blog and check out the "cover tune crab bag" they are the funniest thing you will ever see.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Do your kids really ever listen to you?? I think not!! You can talk till your blue in the face and yet they still say.... What? You never said that!! And yet we still attempt to communicate with them. What rice? I think there may be hope in my Nikolas?? My sweet baby grandson!! I wonder...........