Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow, snow and more snow

Yuck, more snow?? REALLY? I am a bit tired of this white stuff and although it is very pretty (as long as you can enjoy it from your house window) it is definitely time for it to go! Someone reminded me today that March is typically the second snowiest month of the year. REEEEALLLY? Like I wanted to know that? It really makes no difference to me that it is and besides we are not in March yet!
Bad Mommy number ....... Oh who knows what number I am on , I think its 10005? Anyway, yes with 5 inches on the driveway and the snow blower clogging, I sent the drama queen out to shovel it all. I just looked outside and she was doing her famous look of exhausted and poor me for all the neighbors to see. (I did shovel part of the deck) Is that not what we have children for? To do stuff like that? Heck we brought them through to their teenage years and now is their time to reciprocate? If Pooky was home he would be doing it. I bet he is glad that he is away at school? The drama queen then came in and said she just could not take anymore shoveling and I said fine, I will finish it later. I just got back from "finishing" the driveway and she had shoveled on both sides piling it all in the middle of the driveway, we are talking about 2 feet or more high and all in the middle! Nice job, drama queen!
Pause for dramatic effect ....................................................
I have to work tomorrow! Yes, on a Friday! I am such a giver! lololololol

Voice of God

How do you know when the voice talking to you is the voice of God, as some people say or its your own voice and at this point your talking to yourself? Good question or bad question? I was trying to figure that out this morning after remembering the "voice" in my head told me to eat a slice of Sissys very delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting and then after the wonderful dinner she made I had to have another slice! Now I know that voice could not have been God, as we are to treat our bodies as temples and not overindulge on those type of things. Then there is the voice that tells me to smack the drama queen when she starts to mouth off and in 15 years I have listened to that voice 2 times (maybe 3) and in all fairness it is out of thousands. So that cant be God either. So when is it God? I don't know and that is my question? Any answers? Do people REALLY hear Gods voice? Or is it what they think God would say? If it is Gods voice, can we then determine it is only saying the "good things" and we are doing the bad thoughts? If that is the case, then that don't seem to fair? Or should the question be... With me hearing voices , should I actually be committed?? Hummmm, I wonder? It could be a nice break from tax returns and toilets!! Something to think about???

Monday, February 23, 2009

Doctor results are in

Took the drama queen to the Doctor today to get all the results of all the tests to see if they could figure out why she had the Seizure. The CAT scan and the MRI were both normal however the EEG showed up abnormal. My heart sank and I wished I had not cheated and looked at the papers while Emily was busy taking Drama's blood pressure. (there is a reason they don't give you results without the Doctor) So after sitting there for what seemed like an eternity my wonderful Doctor comes in and and shares what I already knew. There are 2 parts of her brain that look to be what they call "seizure prone", great! I mean REALLY?? Like the girl does not have enough to deal with? How much can this girl really take? Has she not already dealt with enough in her young 15 years and now there is this. I feel so sad for her. I realize seizures are something people can just live with but, was it not John Travolta's son who went into the bathroom and had a seizure and died? That of course was the first thing in my head. My next thought was I had somehow done this to her? Were the choices I made when I was young, somehow to blame for her current situation? I don't know? I cant help but wonder though. Now it is really just a wait and see with her. If she has another in the next few months she will likely then go on medication. She can no longer take the baths she loves so much and was told she must get a full nights sleep and not skip meals, poor thing. She is not a child that does well with change. We leave it in the hands of God, may he continue to watch over her!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday and the phone

Its Friday, I am off work! (except of course for a quick tax return in the morning) So, what is there to do after the client leaves?? Talk on the phone to Sissy. We talk everyday all day but today we hit a record. This morning we ended up talking for over 2 hours and 19 minutes! Yes, a new record! What do we have to say to each other being how we talk on average of 15 hundred hours a month anyway?? Who knows? We talk about everything and anything. Today was filled with getting her in top financial shape (which she is and I am sooo flippin proud of her) and finishing a photo book for the Drama queen, of pictures taken from Florida. Really what don't we talk about? Some people think we talk to much and that maybe we should find others to talk to like that? But really I must admit she drives me nuts sometimes and there are actually a few things we don't agree on (although right now not sure what they are) but I love the girl! She is funny, sweet, she loves to talk and she is a great Mother to my beautiful boys! What more could a Mom want in a daughter? A best friend?? She has that covered too! Yeah we talk a lot but that just shows how much we love and respect each other! Keep the best friends from grade school or collage, I will take my Sissy. Don't get me wrong I have some amazing and wonderful friends who I love dearly but there is something about the Mother of my boys that gives me my "best friend" and I wont change that for anyone or anything! Where does glory go?? Straight to God for giving me such a wonderful, nutcase of a daughter! She must be crazy to talk to me so much?!
FYI: Its after 2 and we have talked or texed each other many since the morning....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines day with the loves of my life

How does a 40 something single woman spend Valentines day?? With her beloved Grand boys, that's how! Although, I really did not want to do it and only agreed because it was the "grandma" thing to do, I had a wonderful time. Yes, I am to young to be with out a date for valentines but that is my situation being divorced and believing that I have no right to date anyone! So, that brings me to a night with the Grand boys, whom I adore. I used to think I could only love " the boy" my first grandchild but I have come to find that they are all awesome and so different that I really do love them all greatly, just in different ways. (haha pooky) I went over to watch them so Sissy and the SIL could go to dinner. Jackers determined we were having a party as he did not get one like The Boy did at school. Here are the pictures and praise God for bath time and then finally bed! I went home exhausted but happy at the time spent with the boys!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Shack

On Vacation, I was reading the book "The Shack", I finished it on the plane on the way home (as I did not have time on vacation) and what an outstanding book! I don't get the mixed reviews it has gotten? Some people really dislike it and there are others who loved it? I am one who LOVED it! I loved the whole premise of it.I can see how some people would be uncomfortable with it as the book does bring God as a Black Woman and some may find that really wrong. I found that to be the really exciting part as the author was showing us that our preconceived notions of God are just that "preconceived". We imagine God to be some form of "white man" and I loved the fact that by bringing Him the way he did, it showed me that what ever we think God to be, He is not and yet He is all things. I loved how Jesus was portrayed. (just as I see Him) The part how people die, even in a horrific way, showed us that Jesus is right there with us. There is not anything about the book that I disliked and although I can see how some may find the book of no significance, it is in fact fiction and I, myself found it to be a very good read! So, if you are looking for a good book? Try "The Shack" it is truly a wonderful "fiction" book and I cant wait to read it again! To quote my very intelligent daughter: The Shack does a good job of lamonizing things in the Bible so that we can comprehend them! Well said, Sissy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Big week for drama queen & my blonde moment

I am so happy its Friday, even though I have to work, it has been a crazy week and I am glad it is almost over! Drama Queen and I went to the neurologist on Wednesday, expecting to have the EEG done so that all tests can be put together and see if they could find an indication on why she had a seizure at Sea World! WRONG! We went and he did all the goofy physical tests that my own awesome Doctor had done and then informed me that she had had 2 seizures at Sea World and we need to schedule another appointment for next week for the EEG. REALLY? I mean REEEEALLLLY? It made me wonder if they do this on purpose so they can get double billing? Who knows so as of right now we are still no closer to knowing! Then Thursday the drama queen informs me that she has broken up with her "boyfriend" in Colorado. ( yes I let her call him her "boyfriend" as I thought it would be a great way to keep her away from the boys at her high school, as she was only texting the boy in Colorado) I thought that was pretty smart of me?! Well, that only worked till this very cute 11th grader noticed her this week! Bummer for me! I must admit he is really cute and that scares the crap out of me. I told her that she needs to be very careful that she is not a "freshman conquest" for this cute boy. Use your imagination for what I mean by that? When I explained what it was to her she was really grossed out, so hopefully that will make her think? Some how I don't really think so. Prayers are needed for the Drama Queen all around.
My Blondie moment of the week.......
We all know I LOVE Mercyme? Dumb question, I know. Anyway, so they post on their website that they have a new special fan package out and of course I immediately ordered it (only 24.99) I would get a new album with 4 new songs, a t-shirt and a signed lithograph (whatever that means) of their song "I can only imagine" and just a whole crap load of stuff. So I order it before I left for Florida and have been waiting sadly by my mail box since for it to arrive! Then this week they announced it on their blog and after reading the blog I realized that it was not even to ship till April! Boy did I feel stupid and although I was not the only fan to do it (there was one other fan that admitted to doing the same thing and at least I did not accost my mail person) Blondie (sissy) moment totally! I look forward to spring and my flowers beginning to come back and I will also have the "10 cometh" by Mercyme! Is it April yet??

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sea World and a Seizure, day 3 and 4

The spectacular Dolphin show ended and I get up to leave and go for the Drama queens arm to guide her out of the stands and she feels like stone. I look at her hands and they are making this horrible like fist and she begins to have a seizure. Scary thing people! That is/was no doubt the scariest thing I have ever experienced in my life! (and I have experienced many things) To witness my child of 15 go through something like that was something I could never had imagined! The blue of her lips, nose and neck still haunt me. The emergency responders at Sea World were awesome and my own Doctor was a great comfort to me. I don't think I ever saw a rude or grumpy person from Sea World to the hospital. But when you go through something like that all you want is to go home, where you feel safe. Thanks to Sun Country Airlines we could not go home till our scheduled time on Monday. Actually, who could afford what they wanted to charge? Really?? Take advantage of a situation like this to get more money out of people? Shame on them! Anyway, we went back to Judes place after the hospital and the Drama queen rested! She then woke to a beautiful day and wanted to go to the beach.Much to Judy's dismay, she agreed and off we went to Vero beach!This is a picture of the

Drama queen feeding the Seagulls grilled cheese while Judy and I were finishing eating on the deck. Its amazing what a wonderful last day in Florida we were given after the day before? Walking on the beach looking for shells, watching Drama queen play in the water. (in her jeans as she could not go swimming) Its funny I always call her the "drama queen" and yet when she had the opportunity to really be one, she was not! The CAT scan came out good and she just had an MRI on Friday and will see the neurologist on Wednesday so I think we will know what caused this all at the end of next week!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 3 of vacation in Florida

Wake to a nice sunny although a bit cool (but still better than Minnesota) day. So it is off to Sea World!! Yippee, Drama queen and I were very excited to see the shows and because we had speedy, I mean Judes with us we were sure to see all of them and with good seats! We saw a great Pirates show with seals that was very funny and entertaining. Then we were off to see Shamu, again good seats thanks to speedy. (Although, Drama queen and I lagged behind much to her dismay) haha Anyway Shamu was wonderful from what I saw as I was trying to take some good picture and who can really see well with a digital camera? So after Shamu we (I mean me and drama queen) thought it was a good idea to go eat lunch in an overpriced restaurant where sharks swam around in front of you. Kind of like Jaws 3 when they are all having dinner and he breaks through the glass and comes in and eats everyone? I kept waiting for Jaws but he never came! Anyway, Judy and Virg were good sports about eating at the over priced place. Then drama queen fed the sharks outside the place some shrimp and it was off to the Dolphin show and where the trouble begins... The Dolphin show was awesome, Sea World really can put on a great show. It was even better than Shamu or maybe I just think that because I spent all of Shamu's show trying to take pictures and I gave up at the Dolphin show? gtg client here!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 1&2 of vacation in Florida

So, now I am back from my mini vacation in Florida, things are very crazy and I am not sure what to blog about first? I guess day one started off with a nice plane ride to Florida where Sun Country Airlines lost my carry on luggage! Yes they managed to lose my carry on luggage and proceeded to blame Disney! Seriously, they actually blamed Disney for it saying they took it by mistake. Excuse me but is not the airline responsible for the luggage they handle? Anyway, got the luggage finally and proceeded to shop! Downtown Disney is so neat! Drama queen and I love to look at everything, much to Judes dismay! lol We then went to Coach and I found a great purse at a good price. Then we went out to dinner to celebrate Judes (oh, I dont know 80th?) birthday! Ok, maybe not 80 but its funny to write, so I will! End of day one!
Day two was rainy some and we went to Universal Studios! The Simpson ride was the coolest thing I had ever been on, or ever seen! Spent the day having fun at Universal then back home to sleep! End of day two! Day three gets very serious and I will have to blog later as a tax client is coming now! (need to make up some of the money I spent??? LOL