Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Birthday in Heaven

Do you think they celebrate birthdays in Heaven? I guess I really don't think so? Not sure why but I think there must be more important things to do then celebrate when you came to earth? Anyway, today is my little brother Brian's birthday and because he went to be with Jesus so long ago I cant call him to wish him a happy birthday. It would have been his 42nd today and I woke up way too early because I think my sub-conscience still thinks I am able to call him and be the first to wish him a happy birthday. That was "our thing", he would call me very early on Christmas eve to be the first to wish me a happy birthday and I in turn would call him a week later on New Years eve to wish him the same. You never know when its going to be your last and unfortunately on his last birthday on earth I overslept (never do) and didn't call him until 10 am at which point he proceeded to give me a lecture on where I went wrong! Wow, its funny the things we miss when someone you love is in Heaven? If I could just have it back? So Brian is in heaven today and I am here. Very strange still, after 12 years but I guess if anyone deserved to be in heaven, it would have been him. He went through a childhood that no child deserves! (yes, it was way worse than mine) Although, I still cant help but to ask why that although he deserved to be in peace with our Lord and Savior why he had to leave the family he had always longed for and had finally found? Why 2 little boys that he was so proud of could be left with out the father they adored? Why a woman is left to raise these boys by herself? Their lives would be so different if he had lived! Why after 12 years the only good thing that has happened in any of our lives as a direct result of his death, is my relationship with Christ? I still don't see how that was a good trade off? I mean I guess it was for me in that sense but how was it good for Brian or his family as they continue to struggle with the fact that he is no longer here, no matter how it looks on the outside? And now I must go as the tears are streaming and I cant find a tissue!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brian!! I love and miss you, my sweet little brother!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

I detest the commercialization that Christmas has become and I am glad its over. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful Christmas, spent with my family. We spent the whole day in our PJ's and eat really "UN-Christmas" like food. (btw: the gourmet pizza's were awesome!!!) It was great fun having the boys here and I didn't even care that my home looked like a war zone all day! (REALLY Nonny, ask Sissy!!) It was a good time had by all and I am glad its now over! I was really getting sick of the "happy holiday's" crap instead of "Merry Christmas" hellooooooo?? Did the people forget that Christ was born and that is the reason for the celebration?? Duh, even the 5 year old boy could tell me that as he did on Christmas! Oh well, its over and now I say..... Bring on FLORIDA!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Turning 40 something

I am in fact turning 40 something tomorrow! Yuck! When I say 40 something I really am not sure of the exact age as I always have to ask my Sissy how old I actually am as I don't have the time or the desire to calculate it myself. (please no one remind me) So anyway, the birthday celebration begins tomorrow, yippee! I think Sissy is more excited every year for my birthday than I am. Actually, I know she is. Now I am going to go off track.. Big surprise I know...
But speaking of Sissy....A very dear friend of hers told her that maybe it was time to cut the umbilical cord from her Mommy (meaning me). Really?? Is that what a Mother and Daughter should do when the daughter has a family of her own? I think not!! How sad would that be? OK, so we talk about 10 times a day. (no kidding) We have the same cell carrier and our sprint to sprint minutes are in the 1000's. We get together for dinner at least 1/2 times a week in the winter and about 4/5 in the summer. We cook, we laugh(she makes me laugh ALL the time) and we whine together on any given day. She refers to me as her "BF" on her blog and anytime we need justifying one need or another for each other, we are there! Whats wrong with that? We have our own lives and our own friends but the bond we share is very solid. Does she tick me off or I her? Yep , you betcha! So what, we get over it and we have rules and boundaries we don't cross .(she follows them better than I do) She loves the Lord and she loves me so who cares if we are "bf's" we are adults free to choose who we want to be close to and we choose each other! So, there! I believe I answered my own question!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and the Countdown to Florida

This morning I awoke to a windchill of 30 below, the wind howling and snow EVERYWHERE and by EVERYWHERE I mean EVERYWHERE! I don't believe I will see my street again until spring. So that got me thinking about my trip to Florida on January 29th. I went there for the first time 2 years ago to see Judes as she left me for sunshine and the only way to see her was to fly there! So I did and decided at the time to take the drama queen with. Then this past year I went by myself, telling the drama queen she could go with me every 2 years. Well, her time is here and how bad of a mother am I that I would love to be going by myself? (I wont be as her ticket is purchased and I gave her my word she would go this time) Really I blame Judes for these feelings I am having as she is the one that showed me such a great time during both of my trips to see her in 08. Now with these frigid temps and pure white streets outside I am officially beginning my countdown to Florida, 38 days from now!! Let the games begin!!! Look out Judes here we come, again!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bone to pick with "Mom"

OK so we all know my "Mom" aka Judes is in Florida this time of year as her old bones can no longer handle the Minnesota winters she grew up in. We all also know that I go and spend 5 days with her on my own special and only Vacation I ever take. (with this year bringing Drama queen again) We shop, eat, laugh, go to all the attractions and sleep at her house on the golf course, lounge at the Olympic size pool and just generally have a great time! I know great deal if one is blessed enough to get it. (I am) So, what does she do?? Well, even knowing I am going to be there in less then 7 weeks to turn her life upside down in a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Today I opened my mail and found a beautiful birthday card for me and in it a significant amount of cash!! HELLO??? I am coming to mooch off her very soon and she still seems to find the need to send me birthday money!! Seriously, the card would have been wonderful by itself as I know it was sent with a great deal of love. (and it said so on the bottom) Anyway: Although MUCH appreciated very silly of her! Whats one to do?? Save it till Florida and buy her lunch?? (next to laundry its her favorite thing to do, no kidding) Thank you Judes for making me smile at your silliness and your very generous gift! I love you and will see you soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blessing's and Oreo's

Don't you just love the attention you get from the Lord?? I sure do! I was whining to Him about needing a new client or two and what does He send me? Yep, you guessed it 2 (count them 1 & 2) new clients! What does one do to get this special attention from the Lord? Who knows? I guess it is just the fact that I am a Christian does it but that just seems to easy, doesn't it? Anyway, 2 new clients and Christmas is not even here yet! What happened the rest of the day? Well, I cleaned three houses (with the help of Pooky) and the clients I went to were so generous with Christmas gifts it makes me think that I may be doing something right in my business? Oh, who am I kidding, I am a neat freak (which bodes well considering I have a cleaning service) and that neatness spills out into my service. Its funny as there are some things while cleaning that I want to skip and then I start thinking that even in cleaning toilets I am doing it for the Lord and that thought instantly guilt's me into doing a great job and that alone is evident by these Christmas bonuses I have been getting! Go, GOD!
The Grandboys came for dinner tonight and that was a lot of fun showing "the boy" how to properly eat an Oreo cookie. He was so cute when trying to mimic grandma.
FYI: the proper way to eat an Oreo is to take the tops of 2 cookies, give the tops to "the big boy" (my SIL) and put the other 2 with the fillings together to create a better Oreo and then dip it in milk for ten seconds and eat! Can you believe "the big boy" just eats the tops with out milk?? Gross!
Sissy was not happy with me when I let the boys each open 1 little tiny gift I had for the boys. They were thrilled, she, not so much.
Memo to sissy: Party pooper!
Question: has anyone gone to MercyMe from my blog?? MAKE ME S.L.O.B. of the Month? Please? Sissy did her part (big time) how about the rest of you? Just click on them from my blog and done. How much easier could it be? Sissy is bribing people to do it for me on her blog and if that is what it takes I will offer lunch to anyone who does it from here! Me and lunch? Nice deal!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A day in life....

These days just get goofier and goofier! It starts off with "Mr. Yuhas" (the weather man) informing me that we have gone up 20 degrees since yesterday morning and we are now at a "balmy" 5 degrees. Anyone in Minnesota (not Judes as she has no idea what a Minnesota winter is anymore) knows that anything above 0 degrees is in fact "balmy" but really we don't need to be reminded of how silly that sounds in the morning! He then informs me that Thursday we will be in a heat wave of 20 degrees. (again above 0, so yippee)
Happy Wednesday! I decide that before I can really begin my day, I must take the car to get washed(very, very dirty, so dirty that I will pay to have it cleaned) . Being very lazy I spend 26.00 to have someone do everything. I pay and leave and get a mile down the road to find slush being splashed all over my car! There goes 26.00! Actually, they have a no dirt for 48 hours guarantee. Boy am I going to utilize that little clause tomorrow!
Then it was off to do a bid for the son of my dear client that had died. Got the job (THANK YOU, JESUS) and went to the next client's. Spent a whole hour there (20 minutes talking) lol Then it was off to my mechanic to pay for Pookys car, buy the "dil" and myself some windshield wipers. (I think new ones every year are mandatory in this frozen tundra we live in) I thanked Greg the owner of the shop and told him I was happy to have single handily increased is December business with all the work I have paid for in the last week! He laughed thinking I was kidding. (NOT) Then off to the mall to meet Sissy and the boys so she could get some shopping done. OOOOOH, those boys are soooo flippin cute I cant stand it! Then came home and about 5:30 pm the drama queen informs me that she told one of her classes that she would make "puppy chow" for their party tomorrow??? Hello?? Seriously?? Why do kids wait to tell you the night before?? And I don't mean just the drama queen, all of those little former ankle biters do it!! Yes, of course I ran to Target and got the stuff so "she" could make it! That done, I sealed around the air conditioner with that lovely 3m plastic and now my day is done!! How was yours??

Monday, December 15, 2008

What is going on??

Seriously, do I need all these headaches?? My mechanic called to say he had good news.... The good news being he could fix the car! Haha, very funny!
$ 385.00 later I had my car. My insurance company (state farm) did reimburse me the $111.00 for the tow!! Thank you, State farm!!
Get home, eat dinner and while still pouting about my car dipping into my Florida fund, I change and start washing clothes! Five minutes into the rinse cycle I went looking for my phone to call Sissy and cant find it. Yep, you guessed it, it was in the washer! It is now sitting in a bag of rice (drying out) with me praying for one of those miracles God always seems to send my way. (with that statement it seems selfish to ask for the phone to dry) Anyway, wha wha wha so while I am whining... Let me say thanks 2 all of you for helping to make me S.L.O.B. of the month for November! Oh wait... That's right, you didn't!! Is it really to much to ask? All you have to do is come to my blog, (you obviously do that anyway) then just click to the MercyMe blog on the left! Is that really so difficult to do?? Look at the month I have been having?? Do I not deserve to be named SLOB of the month for December? Wont me being named it make me forget all the crap from this past 6 weeks? Never mind, you obviously think not!! I am going now to see if my rice, I mean phone is dried yet??

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a night

Yes, what a night!! First of all the day started with a trend show at Nordstroms. Good time, who knew that most guys in fashion are gay?? Not me!! Then it was off to take a short nap because I was out late celebrating Christmas with my sister. (nice time had by all with a wonderful concert by my nephew and even "the boy" chimed in to sing "Jesus loves me" and "I'm a nut" they were both so sweet. But never the less I was up late and had to get up at 6am to get ready for Nordstroms. So I took my nap and went to work. (playing hostess for a client until the we hours of the morning) It turned out I was actually done at 10:30 as they already had a D.D. I went out to my car and found that the key would not turn and with 3 mechanics there I was told I needed to get it to my mechanic for repairs and I would not be driving it home! Great, why is it that they don't break down till they are paid for?? (that happened with my last car too and as it was getting closer to my Saturn being paid off I actually contemplated refinancing it so that it couldn't happen to me again. (I guess I should have went with my gut)
Anyway, my Pooky bear came and get me and calls to tell me very excitedly that he is being pulled over for a head light out and he will be there shortly. Funny that he was excited because it was his first time, being pulled over. I am glad that he was at least entertained while coming to get me! Not 30 seconds after the 1st cop left another pulled him over. No ticket either time but great joy for danny. (no kidding) Anyone that knows Pooky can picture him gleefully being pulled over will have a smile on their face when reading that part! Oh well, all is well and I am home. (even if it is w/o my car) Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Baking for Christmas

Last night I decided to bake cookies for Christmas. I attempted my favorite ones (peanut butter kiss') and well, not so much! Wow, I learned once and for all that I am NOT a baker! Talk about flat cookies? They were so flat I believe if you looked closely you could see my counter top and although they tasted great they looked like something my sweet grandson could have made. Actually, I think the boy could have done better knowing my Sissy is his Mother! What a joke they are! Even my new apron a dear client brought me from Hawaii did nothing to make them better. So, I have determined me looking good did nothing to improve my baking skills! So much for bringing them to my Mechanic this morning when I went to get my oil changed. Maybe my bombed cookies had nothing to do with me and it was God wanting me to give my Mechanic money instead?? Good thought, I think I will go with that? So, really I took a hit for the team!! Way to go, me! As my Sissy would say..... Such a giver!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What does it mean to be a Mom or a Dad?

I started thinking about that today after "dad" left and "mom" called. I don't really know as I never really had either. I mean sure the "biological" ones are listed on my birth certificate but that is as far as it goes. Just listed, because I am sure that they are not what God had in mind when He gave me to them. So, what is a father or a mother? I don't know!! I will tell you what I believe God had in mind when He created a family and it certainly was not what I got! One should have a Mother to nourish and feed you so that you grow up in the REAL presence of Christ, one you can trust and respect. Who loves you as the gift a child should be. One that when you become an adult you can listen to and respect the advice that is given. Will always tell the truth to you. (even if you don't want to hear it) Somehow knowing that they will never take advantage of you and will always give you honesty and love.
So if that is my idea of a Mom, what is my idea of a Dad?
I imagine a Dad is one who is always there, he can fix anything, (cant every Dad?) loves the Lord and has a great respect for those he cares for and is really cute! (what daughter doesn't want to think their dad is the best looking dad out there?)
Simple qualifications, right? Apparently not as I didn't get either as a child!
Although, it was sad growing up and getting married without the love and advise of parents as everyone should because, that is the way God intended it to be. He did send me two such people that fit the idea I had of parents while growing up and although they were not sent to me until my late 30's, I am so darn grateful that He did give me the Mom and Dad that I longed for as a child! By sending them so late in my life I suppose it helps to teach me patience (something I desperately need) and shows me that our time and God's time are two very different things! So, if you are waiting on something from God? Take a breath as it could be awhile but when it does come, it comes BIG!!
I hope that I have given my children at least what I feel a Mom should be? Who knows I guess that I tried to do the opposite of the "bio" one and hope they never feel the need to blog about me!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend story

Its Sunday and the weekend has blown past. It started on Friday(my day off) nice and quite, sending the drama queen off to school, (don't you just love the kids that are in school) Friday night was spent with Nonny and the Boys having dinner at my house then me and Nonny ditched the kids and went shopping! That was so much fun to do when it is just adults. When you get to buy what you want and there are no kids there to beg you for stuff or to whine about it. Then of course being the Nonny that she is on the way home at 11pm she realizes that she cant find her check card! (where have I heard that b/4? Oh yeah last year when she did the same thing) Not the best way to end a nice evening but, she is used to it by now as she always seems to do it! lol None the less it was a nice evening! Saturday I got up to go with Sissy and Kels to look at the family portraits we had taken and other than my double chin they were all beautiful. Its amazing how fast time goes. It was hard not to think how old the kids have gotten and how much our family has grown. (doesn't help with Sissy spitting them out year after year) How does time get so far away and the kids grow up so fast that you blink and they are adults? Jen looked so pretty and so adult like that its hard to imagine that she is so old and married with 3 kids! There is one picture of my SIL Bri with his boys that just makes you stop to thank and praise God for sending such a wonderful man for Sissy. He is such a sweet boy! Seeing my Pooky bear in a picture with his fiance was weird. Even my little boy is all grown up. They look so lovingly at each other and again it makes you praise God! Even my drama queen looked all grown up. Until Saturday I had not seen a picture of her that made me think that. My point? I have a beautiful family that I am so grateful for! Anyway, off track again: Saturday night was spent with my Sissy making meals for our freezers. Its amazing all the meals we made together and how cheap the meals were when doing it like that! I mean really?? Where can you get lasagna for a family of 4 for $5.50 a pan and homemade? I will tell you... My house!! It was fun and when we are done today we will have about 30 or more meals each in our freezer's, for really cheap and with the economy the way it, that's a great bargain.
Now its Sunday morning and I just watched (for the 3/4 time) MercyMe Christmas sessions on GMC. (thanks to Tivo) What a way to start the day! I could watch and listen to them 24/7 and never get bored!
It has been a very busy, productive and fun weekend.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pigs on the freeway.....

I bet you thought it was something horrible about cops??? Nope!! Its Thursday (my Friday) and I have nothing to write about this morning other than the story I mentioned above. Yep, pigs on the freeway. This morning I got up at 5 and turned on the news in time to see all these pigs running around highway 494. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time, the Minnesota highway patrol trying to round them up. I was gonna say funnier than a chicken with... well u know the rest and as I was about to write it I started thinking that statement really isn't so funny?! Why do we even say that?? What is so funny about a chicken with its head cut off? Anyway, the semi driver is fine and no one was hurt, not even one little piggy. So now they can catch another semi (if the state patrol can catch them all) and head off to the market to be slaughtered and such~ Run Piggies Run!!
Bacon anyone?? mmmmm bacon....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A bill collector comes calling

I get home today and there is this not so nice message from my ex father in law telling me there is a civil suit going to be filed in my name for a past due bill. Well, anyone that knows me knows that I pay all my bills, in full monthly so as not to ever have a problem. (I have lived that way since my divorce. well actually about 2 years after the divorce because for the 1st 2 years I had no money and I put them all in a box. Which my nephew found to be a good way to pay bills) So, I call the company that left their number and find out that it was in fact a credit card that was in my ex's name and now miraculously 10 years later it shows up in my name. In all fairness I thought I had taken care of it many times over the years. Every time anyone called I would explain it and send them my proof of documents and then I would follow up call and they would tell me it was taken care of. Bunch of big fat liars!!!! I was finally told today that it would be marked "refusal to pay" and sent to the next agency each time I sent anything in the past. So, I talk to a supervisor and he informs me all the ex has to do is tell the truth that it was his card and he filed bankruptcy on it. Well, NOT! He said why should I? I told him because it was the truth and well giving him that kind of power is just to much for his brain! So, I give up with the weasel and the lady handling it calls back and at this point I am so upset I am crying as I cant believe I married someone so far from who and where I am in life. Nancy seems to take pity on me, if I would just calm down! (me calm down?? lol) She told me that if I say a prayer for my ex she would take care of it for me. (I did inform her I usually do daily as he really needs them) She also pointed out that
" the fire we walk through makes us stronger"
If that is the case then I should be one tough chick by now??!!
Moral of the story??? There are still some nice people in this world and then there are the not so nice... I prefer to surround myself with the nice ones!