Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4 day weekend not long enough

So the holiday weekend has come and gone and it flew by so fast that I am not even sure it was here? Friday started with getting up and running around to do all the errands that there just wasn't time to do during the week. Then it was off to dinner to celebrate my BFFN's (her words) 50th birthday! Let me tell you, dear Dianne does not look 50! How sad was that to look across the table at her and all her beauty? Her Dad treated all of us to a wonderful dinner at Woolly's. Wonderful time had by all. Then came home and Nonny and the boys came over for a night in my beautiful back yard with us and Sissy and family. I cant believe how old my sweet nephews have gotten? They are so big and old it just scares the crap out of me! They look like they should be playing football in the big leagues and buying their Nonny (me) a big house! OK, so I don't want a big house as I like mine. But you get the point! Not sure what happened on Saturday as I am sure the weekend went from Friday to Sunday? Sunday was spent with my Sissy and family on the boys new big boat going down the Mississippi. What a great day that was! Brian looks so cute on the boat as the captain!
Then it was back home for ribs and corn on the BBQ. Another nice day! Monday I was going to stay home for my day of rest but Sissy made me come to her house to help her redo the boys room with the new furniture she bought. That done we had dinner and I was home by 8! Where did the weekend go?? I have NO CLUE! Another busy weekend is fast approaching and I will never get any time to my self! Oh well I know I wont complain when I give up the Saturday of June 13 to see my beloved MERCYME in concert! I will sacrifice at the all day event knowing that the payoff will be them!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Telemarketers and my Pooky bear

My Pooky bear is finished with his second year of college and came home yesterday to begin his summer. His humor is something I always enjoy as he makes me laugh so many times a day that I really couldn't say just how much!Even Judes has threatened to smack him already and he has not been home 24 hours yet! So, we are sitting in the living room as the phone rings and of course the first call we get with him home is that automatic call from those awful telemarketers calling to offer to "lower your credit card interest rates". (Where do they get their information from??) Now in the past Pooky has answered the phone as the "man of the house" and as he is politely answering their questions he will ask them to hold on a sec and begins to start yelling at me like he is an abusive husband! It is so funny and I immediately begin uncontrollable laughter as he yells "woman get in that kitchen and make me something to eat" then he will go on verbally abusing me until the person on the phone hangs up! It is so funny people! (my children do entertain me so well) Last nights was the best yet! So the machine calls with an "offer" and I hold for a live person while handing it to Pooky. Pooky says I hope its a woman? While wondering why, a man (of course) comes on and Pooky begins to ask him ( in his bad attempt at a gay voice) where he lives? Then proceeds to ask him how old is he, what is he wearing, telling him he sounded "nice"! All the while with this soft attempt, at a gay voice. I was rolling with laughter as I couldn't believe even my Pooky would go to such lengths to get a laugh! The man eventually hung up. Goodbye, for now, you telemarketer, Pooky's home! Welcome back, my Pooky! It should be a great summer!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom # 8

Yes, its time for another round of Tuesday trivia with Mom. What was this weeks question?? Well, I forgot about the game until my alarm went off and my poor brain scrambled to find a question for my 3 kids that play. I like to think the toilet bowl cleaner was getting to me and so I just asked "what is Mom's favorite color"? Lame, I know, but I really could not think that fast. Again, must be the bowl cleaner?? Anyway, Pooky bear won with the first correct answer of blue! Sissy was late with her correct answer (she is so entertaining when she loses) and Kelsey demanded to know why there was only browns in my house and no blues to indicate that I even liked the color? (she really is cute) Way to go my Pooky bear!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A day off?

Its Friday and another day off? Not really as Sissy had to get her oil changed and Mom had to pick her and the boys, who I adore (all 3 of them) up so they did not have to wait in the station for an hour. Say it with me people.... NEVER go to Target to get groceries (to kill time) with your 3 (five and under) grandsons no matter what!!! Oh my goodness! Seriously, my vocabulary consisted of the following ... Jack come here, Jack don't do that,Jack get by the cart, Jack and Nikolas don't climb in the bottom of the shelves, even if they do look like tunnels! Jack don't put food you want in Grandmas cart, put it in Mommy's cart. Jack and Nikolas get back in our aisle, don't get run over, watch out for that lady, yes,Cooper you can have some of my pop. Wait Cooper I can only give you so many drinks in a minute, Cooper stop yelling at Grandma to give you another drink. On and on and on! I was completely exhausted in the hour and a half that we were there. Seriously people, when it was all over I just looked at Sissy with shock and horror asking her how on earth she could continue having sex in her marriage? If I did date, today would have put a stop to that immediately! How my Sissy does it day after day is truly mind boggling to me! She does amaze me! I NEVER had the patience that she has and I cant help but wonder who's child is she? The hospital really must have mixed up the child I gave birth to with the one I now call Sissy?