Friday, November 27, 2009

The things children say...

I had a wonderful Wednesday night with my sweet boy Nikolas having a sleepover with Grandma. Oh what complete joy that boy brings to my life! (they are all wonderful however with him being six its more fun) So the evening starts out with him very seriously telling me that "Mommy and Daddy touched him in the dark and he was scared" knowing them I burst out laughing as I knew there had to be more to the story. Just think about what he said a minute..... Funny stuff! When I was done giggling I asked him why they did that and he told me that they turned off the lights to play and they jumped out and grabbed him and he did not like it cause he got scared. (I am sure that was Jen and Bri's whole point) When I called Jen and accused her of "touching my grandson" (still laughing) she asked if I had set him straight on how to tell the story correctly? Nope, sure didn't. That is not a story to take to school the way he tells it! After a good laugh and a promise to Nikolas that I would talk to Mommy and Daddy about scaring him in the dark our night continued. He really is a joy to be with, except for the fact that he like to go to Grandmas room at 6 to watch a movie all the while insisting.. "come on grandma lets go" It does not help that uncle Danny starts encouraging it a 4:30 as he thinks it is so funny! As we were laying in my bed we started talking about our upcoming trip to Florida and he leans in to whisper in my ear (does not matter that no one else is in the room he still feels the need to whisper it because it is a secret between me and him) He says.. Grandma, I have an idea.. How about me and you stay at Judys house in Florida and Mommy daddy, jack and cooper can stay at the hotel?? Isn't that a great idea, he asks?? lololololol Way to funny that boy is! I hug him and tell him I could keep him with me forever and he tells me he cant stay at my house because I don't have a Daddy and he needs his Daddy! Even a boy of 6 knows the importance of a Daddy! At 5:30 am he wakes up to go to the bathroom and would like to watch transformers again. I ask him to just let grandma sleep a bit longer than he can. At 6:30 he whispers in my ear.. "Grandma lets snuggle" well I am definitely awake now! Snuggle with my favorite 6 year old? I would give up all the sleep I have. Grandchildren are truly the greatest gift one could have! It so beats being a Mom. (sorry kids)

Monday, November 23, 2009

New trainer, New Moon and my Minnesota Vikings

Yep I got me a new trainer. (praise be to Kels for telling me about him) He is young and surely knows what he is doing! I do like him a lot as he has the perpetual smirk on his face that my sweet Pooky bear gets when he is being funny. I worked out with him Friday and Saturday and could barely move on Sunday. Although very funny to see, I was truly sore. When I asked him on Saturday what does it say about him that he loves to torture people for a living? He asked what does it say about me that I pay for it?? I liked him immediately! I have never had a work out where my heart rate stayed up the whole time and I was taught the whys and hows of stretching. (something Kels had shared but I chose not to listen to b/4) I walked on the treadmill after (as Brad did not want me to do it b/4 the session as I had previously because then I would not be as inclined to do our workout) as I was walking (actually dragging my feet) I noticed my shoe was untied and decided I could last the last 5 minutes and tie it when I was done. I get off the treadmill and immediately collapse on the floor! Horrified I look up and see Brad with that smirk on his face telling me safety first as he looks at me tying my shoe. Praise God that it looked as though I tripped over my shoelace and not the real reason which was that my legs had given out and I was not prepared!! Dang funny even now that I am typing it! Anyway, I really like the new trainer. Just wish I could get the money I wasted on the first one back because after what I was taught in just the first two sessions, I know the first was overpaid!
Now on to Twilight :New Moon.... All I can say is... Ahhhhhhhh, Edward! Yes I know I am a complete loser on this subject but I just cant help it! The books are just so flippin good and new moon was wonderful! Anyone that is rooting for Jacob over Edward has not read the books and is dumb! (see I told u "loser") Heck Sissy has not read one book and yet she understands that Bella and Edward are the whole story! I am now counting down to June 30th when the 3rd movie is released... (again, "loser") What a great week! New trainer, New Moon and life just could not get any better. Pooky came home for the weekend and I always enjoy visiting with him. The Vikings won again on Sunday and it was truly an awesome game and although I missed watching it with Brian (as I could not get off the couch) it was nice to watch it with Pooky again! I really see Miami in the Vikings future! End the weekend with an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure (dexter) and what more could one want? Absolutely nothing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

No place for mice to hide

That is right they no longer have a haven for creating large families in my garage! After spending a week with dead mice popping up all over the place in my garage. There is no place for them to hide! I will no longer look like a complete idiot as I run scared screaming for the Drama queens boyfriend to please go pick it up and tie the plastic bag shut tightly? Yes, Richard I must believe that if not tied tightly the mouse may somehow come back to life and get me! Anyway, Sissy and Brian came on Saturday and we cleaned the whole thing!! (it was all I wanted for Christmas as God has already given me all I need and want) We not only cleaned but sissy also put all the crap that I always thought were permanent fixtures in the garage on the free sight and all were gone by Sunday night! Goodbye to that ugly wood burning stove, the old metal desk and that metal cart that was the catch all for junk!! So, 6 construction bags filled with garbage and a load to savers and my garage is awesome!! I cant wait for spring when I can seal the floor and paint the walls! Thank you to Sissy and Brian for my wonderful gift and thank you to the drama queen for watching the boys so it could all be done!! BTW: the drama queen is thrilled as she now does not need to think of anything to get me, nor spend her money.. Not sure how I should take that??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turning 21

No, not me! (like anyone actually thought that) My Pooky bear turned 21 today. It is so hard for me to imagine that my little boy is old enough to do anything, let alone be engaged and away at college? But to turn 21? How could he do that to me?? Where did life go and how do I get those years back? Such a sweet little boy he always was. I remember when he came home from kindergarten that first day and said that some big boys would not let him on the bus. When his Dad and I asked him what he did? Those big brown eyes looked up at us and declared "I just ran through their legs" Such satisfaction on that little face! Where did that little boy go? How could time have gone by so fast? I believe that our spirits choose who we belong to in heaven and I am so glad he chose me. (although what was he thinking??) I absolutely adore the boy. Even when he ticks me off all he has to do is smile or say something meaningless to me and I melt. I think he must know that on some level as he is really good at wrapping me around his finger. I love his humor, his weirdness, his quirkiness, his big brown eyes, talking sports with him, how he trusts and loves his Mommy. I truly am blessed to have him as my son. God really gave me a gift I did not deserve! Happy Birthday my Pooky bear!

Friday, November 6, 2009

24 hours with Nikolas

Spent a glorious 24 hours with my sweet boy Nikolas. What an absolute treasure he is! I picked him up right after school last Friday for a night with Grandma. We started out shopping at Target (like the poor kid doesn't do that on a daily bases already with his Mom) But going with grandma is so different as he clearly thought as I am sure he does not make the requests to Sissy the way he does with me. By the time we were done I had a minimum of 30$ in just items Nikolas had requested. Walking through the aisles was a hoot as his continued grabbing of products stating "grandma these are my favorites, can we get them?" Really what is a Grandma to do but to ask if they were really his favorites and let him throw them in the cart. I tried hard to steer him to the chocolate wafer oreo thingys but he insisted the vanilla were his favorite. (like he had ever tried them b/4??) It was a bit sad to think that if my 5 year old Grandson knew me at all he would have chosen the chocolate ones! Oh well, on to Sams to pick up pizza as pooky was coming home for the weekend. There he stated he was really, really thirsty and needed a pop even though he had just drank all my bottled water in the car. Fine give the kid the one size for everyone 40 oz that they sell, I did draw the line at filling it with mountain dew! (good grandma) On to home where we unpacked everything and then all the kids came home. At this point it is about 5:30 and I am sitting on the couch talking to Kels and Nikolas says he will be right back. He comes back in 5 minutes with his pajamas on and proceeds to tell me that we need to watch a movie in my room now. Really?? Its not even 6 yet?? Come on Nikolas lets play some more?? Nope so off to my room where we snuggle for 4 of the best hours of my life! At one point he decides that he needs to sleep on my side of the bed and I am thinking oh great now what do I do?? So I tell my precious boy that if he does not move and let me sleep on my side that I wont be able to get to the bathroom and I might pee on him! Yep, I sure did!!! (bad grandma) Hey it worked!! Anyway back to my side and more of the best snuggling I have ever had! He truly is a sweet boy and he loves his grandma! Night came and went and we went to meet the rest of his family at Perkins for breakfast. Nikolas of course sits by Grandma and whispers half way through that when we are finished eating we (him and I only) need to go back to my house! I so badly wanted to say yes but to do so without offending anyone I told him he could not as he had lots of fun things to do with Mommy and Daddy that day. Poor kid did not seem impressed with that thought and that alone made me feel like the best Grandma in the world!