Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer 2010

I cant believe summer is over? I swear it was a blink of an eye and gone. What did I do all summer as I was not blogging?? Well, it started nice and just got hotter here in Minnesota. Hot really is not a word to describe humidity. Humidity is sticky icky muggy gross and we had plenty of it. Enough complaining about the weather. My Jazzy moved out on her own and is now living in St.Cloud, she is due to have a baby in January. I have spent lots of time with her since she moved and it has been a wonderful time. My sweet Niece Angie tried repeatedly to friend me on FB and I kept ignoring her. I am really glad she was persistent because now I have her in my life and her 4 beautiful daughters. We really are a lot alike so much so that its scary and I feel really bad for her. Talk about our upbringings, molding us! It is so wonderful building a beautiful relationship with her. I am truly blessed to have my nieces in my life. My dil Kelsey actually had the summer off from school so she only had to work. What a blessing that was to be able to see her more often and so relaxed. The little brat got herself into shape and boy does she look good. My Pooky bear was home for the summer. First day back he piled all his electronics (flat screen, computer screen, laptop, etc) onto the dining room table and when I balked at him he stated "its just for 90 days" like I was insane.. I love that boy! After I busted her, Meg went with her Dad for 3 weeks and that was a real treat for all of us. She came back with more appreciation for the life we have built. She still has her bf Richard but he moved to St. Cloud so buh bye! Spent many of summer nights in the back yard with Jen, Brian and the boys. Oodles of fun, oh how the 3 of us enjoy each others company on the deck, listening to music with our respective drinks. Add to that my Nonny and it makes for some fun times. We ended up getting a metal frame pool 2 weeks before fall. (I know brian suggested it earlier in the season) We got a couple weeks out of it. Dealing with some medical crap this summer and that has not been fun. On new meds and am trusting it will all work out.. Ended the summer at the State fair with a Mercyme concert, Jeremy Camp was there too and it was wonderful enjoying it with Nonny, Sissy, Meg and Dayja. I really enjoyed walking around the fair, the weather was cold enough that there really was not a lot of people, so it made for an even better time. Thats it! That was my summer in a nut shell! I cant believe I condensed it into this short little blog, but I did! Thank you Jesus for your continued support of me and my family! Without you I am nothing and with you I have it all!