Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Working out for weight loss with Scott

Well, my first actual work out with my new trainer started today. Wow, was that fun! By fun I mean boy am I out of shape and boy am I going to be sore tomorrow! It started easy enough as Scott is such a great trainer but then I began to suspect that he picks the training to best make me look like an idiot? OK, I am sure he does not but it sure looked like that. I tried to keep count of my reps but I kept getting side tracked. Am I glad he actually does keep track. I began to realize that when I tried to keep track that I was way ahead of his numbers and it finally dawned on me that I was counting going up and down so of course I was way ahead of the counts! (he really does not have to make me look like an idiot as I am perfectly capable of doing it all on my own) By the time the hour was up I did not have a single hair on my head not wet! (overweight people do not look good with wet hair) Why they put mirrors everywhere in the gym is beyond me. I mean really, who in there right mind would want to watch themselves work out?? NOT ME! Oh well, its all for a good cause and I will suffer to get to my goal! (praise God he forgot his tape measure today as the mirror's showed me plenty of disgust! Onward and upward....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me and my trainer

Yesterday I met with my new trainer. (go, me) I was so flippin nervous all day and as it was getting closer to the first meeting I was already starting to sweat and I had not even done one exercise yet! I was sure I was going to embarrass myself most of the meeting as I would not be able to do the stuff he wanted me to. With a heavy, but, determined heart I went to my appointment. It started with talking about what I wanted to see happen. HELLO??? look at me? I think it is easy to see I need to lose some serious weight! So, after calculating today's weight (horrified to admit it to him or anyone, I shared it with my BFFN yesterday) with my goal weight he determined that I could in fact be at my goal weight and in great shape for my 44th birthday. Exactly 6 months from now. That was exciting although I had hoped for the fall. (unrealistic I know) So, we begin with the testing and all that crap. It was not so bad then after running on the treadmill we head to the next thing and he leans on the elliptical machine, horrified, I started panicking thinking of the last time I tried the machine. I choked out in a hoarse whisper a "not that machine" when he laughed and said he was only turning on the TV for someone! PRAISE GOD and thank Him for always watching my back! The rest of the "tests" went by with great effort (that's putting it mildly) and I completed it all. I really like Scott, I do believe he is my new best friend?! I am now booked twice a week with him for the next 2 months. He swears soon I will be able to do 30 push ups with ease......HA!! We will see............

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lost remote ........

So, my Pooky bear came home from his 2nd year at college. (don't even get me started on that) He brings home his beautiful 22 inch samsung flat screen and the matching DVD player and proceeds to volunteer to put it in my room so I can use it during the summer instead of it sitting in his room. (what a sweet boy, although I suspect that he is doing it so that in the fall I wont want to take his off my wall and therefor buy him a even bigger one for his dorm room??) Anyway, so he sets it all up and what a wonderful thing to have in my room. I have really been enjoying it and I got 50.00 for my old TV. What could be better?? Well, the remote for the DVD player? He could have sworn that it was in his car... blah, blah blah!
So, for the last 8 weeks that he has been home I have made lots of remarks regarding the fact that he lost the remote and that he would be taking the defected samsung with him back to school in the fall. Every chance I got I would make a funny comment or an irritating one depending on why I needed the remote. We searched everywhere for the darn thing. I was very frustrated with him and let him know it. How could he lose the remote for such an expensive piece of electronics??? Really, his age shows when it comes to things like this!
Then I decide to rearrange my bedroom and as I am moving my bed what should show up?? Yep, you guessed it, the darn remote! Here it was in my room the whole time! lolololol Darn funny I must say! I am laughing hysterically as I call him to tell him I had found his remote under my bed! (even now it is still funny) Hey at least I was big enough to admit it was under my bed? Actually, it would not even be funny had I found it anywhere else! My poor Pooky he now just shakes his head at me and yes the comments are now coming from him and they are pretty funny too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day off, really??

Unequivocally no!! True, I was home all day however, it started early and just ended now. I started by re-caulking the bathtub this morning and that turned into scrubbing the whole darn thing. Then I went at the rest of the house. I know most people think my house is really scary clean but it is not and it showed in the fact that it took me all day to clean it all. I then broke to make dinner and then tried to clean the office but decided I should leave some fun for the rest of my time off. So instead I went and mowed the lawn. Pooky came out after I had started and for a brief second I actually thought he had come out to offer his assistance?? HA double ha! No such luck. He was just coming to tell me he was leaving. Anyway writing this and then going to the gym! Not a day off!! Tomorrow does not sound much better as a client called for emergency help and another called for a bid. Oh well at least I get to go out to breakfast with Judes and Dianne and then spend the evening at Jens, happy Friday to me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last weekend

Last Saturday was spent at the KTIS family fest with an awesome line up of music! I went for MERCYME but got sooo much more. Lincoln Brewster was fabulous as was Johnny Diaz and Tenth Ave North. There was some really awesome music being played. Was very disappointed that MERCYME came all the way from Texas and could only play for an hour as Blaine has some stupid ordinance that does not allow music after 10?? Dumb people! Really, why would they bring them here for an hour? Need better planning for next year! Oh yeah, I some how got a girl dropped on my head! Seriously? A mosh pit at a Christian concert?? Kelsey tells me that is common but I don't think with this particular style of Christian music it is?? But what do I know as I am old?! Anyway the grand boys were wonderful the whole day and I got to spend the whole day with my sweet niece. Something I always enjoy! I can never seem to get enough time with her! Anyway, good time had by all, it was really great to have my favorite people and my favorite music all in one day! Although on the way home I may have caused a small stroke for Virg with my driving? I blame Judes for putting him in the front!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Mommy??

I think I was a good Mommy last weekend?? I got through the "Dad's getting remarried" thing and managed to be very nice to his Fiance. I actually felt really bad for her and not just because she is marrying my cast-off. She looked very uncomfortable the poor thing. After Judes reminded me that God takes care of the little birds in the forest so why wouldn't he take care of me in my time of need? I was all set. I got through it but poor drama queen was devastated! She still believed that we would somehow get back together even though it has been 10 years since the divorce. It really breaks my heart to see her in such pain and although it is what really is best it doesn't make it any easier. So, I played the good Mommy and welcomed them into my home and fed them lunch. He then left me with the mess of his daughters broken heart. Do you think the the "good Dad" (term used loosely)could have called her at all this week to see how she was doing?? Even when I called him to tell him she was having a hard time and to please call her he chose not to as he said I baby her to much! Baby her?? Pleease? I would like nothing more than for her to get past this whole mess, that, WE created in her life! Anyway, I handled it the way I thought God would have wanted me to and that's it. What more can a Mom do?? Oh yeah, when it was all over and they left I stated that she was nice to the rest of my children and my dear Brian said she was nice enough but "not as nice as you, Mother in law"! (his affectionate term for me) I love that boy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Divorced parents....

We all know I have been divorced for 10 years. Now, Dan is getting remarried in the fall. Sweeeeet, maybe he will finally stop groping at me? Anyway, so being the good Mommy that I am, I call to congratulate him and let him know how happy I am for him.. (go me, no more groping) He is shocked as he had informed our eldest that she should not tell Mom as I will "freak out". REEEAAALLLLY??? That was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I found it funny as I figured anyone crazy enough to marry him must be a nut job? (like me) I am really very happy for him and though I thought it may effect me some it has not as again I figure he just may stop grabbing at me.(s though we are still married)Anyway, so I tell him that I think it would be best if we tell the Drama queen together so that we may show a united front with this very delicate news. Again he is shocked? Hello??? Christ is the center of my life so why would it effect me?? So, he says he will be in town on Saturday and we can do it then. Then he says "by the way" "Lisa will be with me" Wonderful! How did I possibly get myself into that position when all I was trying to do was be a good Mom?? He says it will be awkward with her there but that she is going to be him for a graduation he needs to go to. Wonderful, bring her with I tell him. The more the merrier! (I really hope she has enough decency to go to another room as we tell the kids) He also wanted to know if I wanted to do it at Sissy house as that may be more comfortable for me?? Pleeeease! No, definitely my turf. I just hope she does not think that he left this beautiful home as the house was a pit when he left and I have put much time and even more money into making it the beauty it is and he in no way deserves the credit! OK all set for Saturday! Yippee! So I was thinking how to make it better and I thought that I would have Sissy, Bri and the boys come after Dan and Lisa get here just so the boys can run in and yell Grandma all excited as they do every time! Judes nixed that I idea, telling me it was wrong! Good to have a Mom to put you back in place when needed! I will just rely on my faith to get me through Saturday and really what more does one need other than the beautiful peace that our faith in God gives us.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Micro fiber and a terrible nights sleep

What an awful nights sleep I had! I was so looking forward to going to bed last night as someone picked me up a brand new , what were supposed to be 1000 thread count sheet set. I am addicted to super high thread counts of cotton. (Here comes the part where I trust the one that picked me up the sheets will not take offense as she did not know and I love her dearly, but I go for humor and this is a very funny story to tell) Back to the story. So I get home with the sheets and open them up. They are a beautiful green that matches my duvet cover perfectly. I am a bit puzzled by the package as all it says is 1000 Egyptian on the front. Not 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton as I expected. (second clue) I take them out to wash them and I cant find any tag that indicates what kind of fabric it is. I wash and dry them and as I take them out of the dryer I read on the back of the "made in china" tag that they are 100% micro fiber! Are you kidding me???? Reeeeaalllllly??? Micro fiber?? So, dumb me puts them on her bed anyway as I had just spent 30.00 on them. (first clue) I jump in and they are very soft but my feet are not and all I hear is that horrible crunching sound as my feet slide around.( sandal feet are already here) YUCK! I quickly get up and put some goats milk lotion on them and a pair of socks hoping to soften my feet quickly. Its 80 degrees out and I am in socks. I jump in bed at 10 to watch the news and my feet are better and only a little crunching sound. I figure just get through the night and I can change the sheets back to my 600 real cotton thread count in the morning? I look at the clock and its 11 and by now I am realizing I cant just go to sleep so I go get my 600 count top sheet and wrap my feet in it hoping to just get through the night? Wrong, I then woke up at 2 and now even my hands are conflicting with the sheets! At this point I turned to God but then I realized the request was very petty and He had more important things to do! I wrapped my body like a Mummy in my good sheet and fell back to sleep, only to reawaken every hour after that with the same problem. WHY oh WHY did I not just change the whole sheet set at 11?? Can we say..... Dumb??? My big question is... Why would any company sell sheets that are made of "micro fiber"? Only baby Cooper can really use these sheets as his skin is so soft! Needless to say when I got up at 6 this morning the sheets were the first thing to go! Aaahhhh, cotton.......