Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom # 7

Another Tuesday trivia with Mom. This one was the most entertaining yet!! The question?? Name 4 items on my night stand?? Kelsey came in first and had 2 of 4 right, then jen who had 2 out of 4, they were texting other answers so fast that I could not keep up! After a lot of guessing Kelsey finally got the last item. (a back scratcher) I really thought this one would have been a matter of who could text the fastest. (again kelsey does though not sure how as she is in class at college?) But they could not get the last item. Funny stuff as the texts were coming in so fast that I had to stop work and respond so much. In all fairness Pooky would have won with his first 4 guesses had he been quicker! Anyway, welcome back to the game Pooky! That's 2 wins in a row for Kelsey! Go, Kelsey!! Good job by all as the point of this game is to entertain your Mommy and you all do it very well!! Such fun in my old age!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

God is good

God is sooooooo good!! Just days after I left my blog on my thoughts of the economy, I was at the dinner table with Sissy and my boys and the phone rings. Its a client I had just done this afternoon and I didn't answer it because I figured if she was calling on the day I cleaned it must be a complaint and I was not in the mood to hear it! So after dinner I go to check voicemail and the first message was from a previous client wanting/needing to desperately put back on the schedule. The next message was from the other client telling me that they are closing on their new house and that things would be crazy till they move in June and they wanted to go off the schedule until then! REAAAALLLLY??? So, I lose and gain a client in a matter of seconds and they were both charged the same so I lose nothing! Seriously?? How does God have time for little old me? The special attention He bestows upon me is mind boggling? How does He have time for anyone else when He is ALWAYS looking after me? No matter how many times He swoops in and saves me, it still shocks me to my core! How anyone can live without Him in their lives is beyond me? Truly mind blowing!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom #6

Another Tuesday trivia with Mom..... Drum roll please...................
The question? Name my Mom and Dad.. I was appalled at Kelsey and Jens first answers. Then they got control of themselves and Sissy came with the first right answer. Judy and Bill! Kudos to Kelsey as she guessed half right, with Judy and Virg. But it is in fact Judes and Bill! No, I don't have my bio people in my life and the good Lord was kind enough to send me Judes and Bill. Of course I also got Pat and Virg out of the deal. So yea me!! I have determined that Pooky (although still the all time winner) is no longer gonna get to play with us as he does not guess unless he is sure of the answer and what fun is there in that?? So, from now on it is just us girls! Go, us!! Good job Sissy and good solid effort by Kelsey!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Whats up with the economy? I know they tell us it is so bad, blah, blah blah..
Why don't they focus on the fact that 92 % of the population is working? Take my business for instance? I have a residential cleaning service, first thing to go in this economic downfall they keep talking about, Right? Have I suffered? No, not really. Why? I am not sure? I have only actually lost a few do to the present situation. But each one I have lost I have replaced with a more lucrative one. Should the cleaning service be the first to go? I would think so but apparently the majority of my clients have it all going on. PRAISE GOD!! Is the difference the fact that all my clients are Christians and therefor have a better handle on their finances because they are directed by God and they must then be listening to Him? Again, I don't know. I still only work 3 days a week and this week I changed my schedule so that I will have the next 5 days off beginning Thursday! Again, PRAISE GOD! Having said all that did I now just jinx myself and my business will fall apart?? Maybe?? Then again, I do have God on my side, so I don't believe in the "luck" or "jinx" theory. How about you?? Have you made decisions in the past that make it easier for you to get through the country's current economic mess?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom #5

Today's question??? Name 2 of my clients? They all had the same advantage on this one so it was really just a matter of who can text the fastest. Jen would easily know two as we talk to and from my clients daily and she always asks "who I am doing today". Then there is Pooky who should know really well as he works with me so much. Then there is Kelsey who did my bookkeeping for last year and typed the names in repeatedly and Meg has been dragged to all of the places the most over the years! So who won????? KELSEY!!! Way to go Kels!!! She named off two and while I was trying to get off a "who won" text she starts texting another 2 names!! Funny little girl so impatient and in class too!! lol To be fair Sissy's texts came in immediately after Kelseys first text but still to late! Sissy says she was at MOA with a zillion other kids plus hers and it was hard to text. Then again if Kelsey had lost she would have blamed it on being in class and well Pooky he says he was tired!! (poor sport) Anyway, good job Kels!! You have a ten waiting for you!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Music of Heaven??

I believe yesterday I heard for the first time, what I think must be the music of Heaven and it was played at my very own Church! We have a wonderful music director (not sure if that is his title or not) anyway, Mike put on what was clearly a glimpse of what can only be described as the music of Heaven. He conducted what appeared and sounded like an orchestra (though I have never seen anything like it in the 9 years I have gone there) and I recognized all the people playing. He also had the choir in the background and it was truly amazing!!! When he started the first song "and can it be though should gain" Sissy and I turned to each other with our mouths open in true amazement! Now I thought I had heard everything there was to hear in music throughout my life, music is something I truly enjoy and now have settled with the great fulfillment that MERCYME gives me. But when Mike started conducting the orchestra it truly made my eyes mist. They sang and played 3 more songs, just as beautiful as the first. What a glorious way to start my favorite holiday!!
We then went to my house for a bbq and were playing outside when my dear sweet Nikolas (only 5) decides that he wanted to fly a kite. He got uncle Danny to help him, Pooky told him there was not enough wind out so he asked me to get the big thing from uncle dannys room. Not knowing what he wanted I told him to just go get it..... What did he come back with???? The FAN from his uncles room!!! We are not talking a small fan either as it was bigger than my sweet little boy! He drags it out onto the deck and states that we can use this for wind!! Is he not the smartest little 5 year old on the planet??????? What a sweet and intelligent boy he is!!! So darn cute!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuesday trivia with Mom #4

A little late but still did it on Tuesday and all I can say is... POOR SISSY!!
The question: What is Moms favorite TV show currently on?? I stated "currently on" meaning, new showings. The drama queen guessed desperate housewives. (good guess) but wrong..( but at least she finally understood the game) Pooky said "General Hospital", if soaps had been included then that would have been it. DIL guessed "Regis and kelly" thinking I meant on "right now" funny girl she then texts that that was not a fair question as she was in class and did not know what was on right then. Again, funny stuff! (I reeeeealllly love this game) Then of course after getting clarification that no soaps were included guessed "The Office" ..... Ding, ding, ding!! You win again Pooky and your money just keeps piling up. I think Nonny was right when she said it was like a part time job for him! lol The funniest thing about this weeks question was the fact that Dawny (my sister) was at home with Sissy and told her it was "The Office" but Sissy doubted it until it was to late and her brother swooped in again with the win!! Way to funny for words!!!! Poor Sissy, she spells all curse words when she feels they are needed to be used and I heard there was a lot of spelling going on at the house! Next weeks question will be a matter of who can text the fastest! Cant wait to see?? So far : Pooky is ahead at 3 wins.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nordstroms and bored all in a weekend

I am sooooooo bored!! The drama Queen left to be with her Dad for a week and I am all alone! Sure I have clients and crap to deal with and I had a funeral on Friday. But it seems so weird to have the house to myself? I keep counting down the days till all the kids are gone and now I am wondering if I really want that?? Of course the Drama Queen will come home and remind me why I cant wait for her to be an adult but until then I am wondering? I read all the twilight books this past week and that was pretty good reading. The first and forth books were great but the second and third were a bit dull. Over all good books though. Then yesterday Dianne and I went to MOA and I purchased this awesome purse at Nordstroms. Its a "Micheal Kors" and everyone (sissy and kels showed up) found it amusing that I did not know who that was. Heck, I just really love the purse and it was half off. (what a steal) So, I bought the purse and went over to the bare essentials counter where my make-up lady was to pick up my order. As we are getting to it "John" the store Manager came up to us and introduced himself. I found that very odd then he ask if we wanted anything to drink and we said no but he proceeded to go get us each a strawberry smoothie. It was all very surreal. I think I finally remembered that my mouth was hanging open by the time he got back with them and we thanked him. Very bizarre people. Is there any other store that would do that?? I have never come across one. Anyway, we had fun and now I am bored waiting to go out to an early dinner. I mean really how many times can one clean their house??