Sunday, August 2, 2009

Snap Fitness and 16 total inches gone

After 4 weeks with my wonderful and at times masochistic trainer Scott I was measured yesterday and found that in total I have lost 16 inches!!! Go, me!! (actually I guess I am going??lol) 5 just from the hips! Only one from the waist (and that area needs the most gone) though. But who cares really as there has been much progress made! I know we are not supposed to be "prideful" but I cant help it I really am proud of myself! Actually, I know that if I did not have Scott I would not be where I am now. Where am I exactly? Well, from 4 weeks ago I am feeling so much better, more energy and Judes told me that I "looked really healthy" which is a very big compliment as she is not one to dole out compliments unless she really means it! So again.... Go me! I want to now thank all the "little people" that helped me to get on the road to being a "hot Grandma" for my 44th birthday... Number one: is Snap fitness! For if it was not for them I would not have found Scott my awesome trainer! Number two: Sweet Scott Herman! His encouragement and guidance makes me want to succeed! Number three: Me! Go me for really doing it! And last but certainly not least is number four....... Jesus, for through Him all things are possible!