Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy weekend

Have you ever laid around in bed for a whole day?? I did on Friday and boy was it weird. Thanksgiving was wonderful. The meal was spectacular again this year. Sissy does an amazing job, although, she was getting a bit testy when the big guy (her husband) questioned her about her turkey. It was actually very funny. How dare anyone question Sissy about her turkey? lolol After the meal I went and worked for the last time (they are moving to CA)found that she had given me a very nice bonus with a sweet note thanking me for years of service. Then back to Sissy's house. I was happily driving back thinking the ex husband would be gone by then and work was done so I could sit and have fun with Dawny and Sissy and all their families. Wrong creepo(no I do not call him that when my children are around) was still there! Not only was he there but he had went outside for something and so as I was walking into the house with him behind me and the creepograbs my butt! Talk about gross!! I'm like seriously, don't you have a girlfriend? He says yes,but he still misses me! Gross!! This is the man that told his 15 year old daughter when she went to spend a couple of weeks with him that "there would be no religious crap" while she was with him. Enough said! Anyway, he finally left and we spent the next four hours playing games and having fun! A very nice Thanksgiving! Then came Friday.. We usually shop on black Friday but I chose not to this year and I ended up staying in bed other than getting up to make pancakes for the kids and then dinner! It was so weird as I have never done something like that b/4. (other than after my shoulder surgery or the birth of my kids) laying in bed and doing nothing is not something I can usually do as I am a "always doing something" kind of person. But I did it and it was fun and weird at the same time. Saturday we got the leaves taken care of in the front yard. (good thing as it snowed last night and the ground is covered in white) I then took Drama queen to dinner and stopped and got a movie and now its Sunday and the weekend is over! On to Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twas the night b/4 Thanksgiving..

And all through the house... Oh wait that's Christmas.
Well, its still the night b/4 Thanksgiving and I am at my computer contemplating what tomorrow will bring? For one I gave Sissy the rights to the meal about 4 years ago so all I have to do is make mashed potatoes. (done) Then I thought I would make some "Jesus eggs" and that's done too. Because no one but me likes sweet potatoes I have also made them already. I am all set to drive over in the morning and be waited on. lol (like that's gonna happen) Sissy is busy making everything tonight and I don't feel sorry for her as I gave her the drama queen last night to help her with everything. What a good Mom I am!
Then I find out today that my ex will be there! Wow, what a great time that will be. But I will be nice because all of our children will be there. Praise God dawny will be there to keep me sane and I will then smile as though all is right with the world because in my, world it is!!! Praise God for all He has given our family and I am very grateful that I am His, knowing/reminding myself that will make it so much easier. Besides he will only be there for dinner and then its on to music and games with my loved ones! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Over my funk...

Boy, that didn't last long?? But yes, I am over myself!! Whining and all is gone! Could it be the glass of wine?? lolol No seriously, its gone. I had the day off and I got motivated enough do at least dust and vacuum my house. Boy was it a mess!! Sissy and Nonny might tell you that my house is NEVER messy and that it is always clean. I know better! I still need to scrub the bathtub (something they never see) but I am saving that for a special day! Never did get the leaves done today though as it was supposed to rain/snow and I already surmised that I would not be able to do it so even though there is some blue sky, why start it now?? The day is good and I am off and only have to work Tuesday and Wednesday then off for another four!! Back to the wine.....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hold fast....

Hold fast to what?? As you can tell by my title my day has not gone as I had planned! It sure seems like that is happening a lot these days. Not sure why? Is it the frustration of all these cancellations? Is it the shoulder injury that I now have to go get physical therapy for? Is it that my kids don't seem to appreciate me? (although, Sissy does and is always there to make me look like the queen of everything) Is it that I cant seem to get all these leaves raked and my neighbors lawns all look beautiful? Is it that I have to much time on my hands, to think? Is it that I am going to being 40 something soon and I don't want to get older? Maybe its because the sun refuses to shine?
I don't know, maybe it is a combination of all these things or maybe none of these things and I am just in a funk? I have not felt like this in a very long time and I don't like it now! I try to remember to just "hold fast" as help is truly on the way. But when will that be? I pray all these things will just miraculously go away for the holidays!! Oh well another day off tomorrow maybe I can get those leaves done?? I know.. Stop whining, as I have it so good and no one wants to read about sob stories!! lol At least the Vikings won to brighten my day!!
Here's a thought maybe Jude's will let me come to Florida sooner?? That would surely fix my mood!!!!!
FYI: Not 20 minutes after I wrote this Jude's called and put me back on track. (which only makes me want to go to Florida sooner) My whining is done and I should really delete this post but I think I will leave it to remind me?
BTW:Its really good to have a Mom!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shattered glass and finally a day off...

Yep, yesterday I was at work and cleaning the shower of a new client and of course the glass door slipped off track and when I tried to put it back on track the darn thing shattered in a million pieces! Nice way to start a day when I still had 2 more houses to do! Glass was everywhere and I of course had bare feet. Boy, it was fun going downstairs looking like a complete idiot to tell this new client I had just shattered her shower! Happy Thursday!! She was pretty nice to me about it though and informed me that her husband had done the same thing the year b/4! HELLO???? Had she told me that when she hired me I would have been extra careful with it! Oh well, I got the shop vac and started cleaning it all up! It took me a good hour to do so and I was then very behind on my schedule. ( I really cant wait to get the bill for that error) In all the years of cleaning I think the biggest thing I have broken was a plate. I then went from there to my next house (next door) I really tried to regroup and until I began cleaning Sharon's did I begin to get out of the mood the shattered glass had put me in. I think it was because I was in familiar territory (3 years doing Sharon's) and I got over myself, finished Sharon's and on to Polly's. Why is it that when you are now behind you see all kinds of those darn little spider webs in EVERY corner there is?? More behind! I am sooooo glad Thursday is over and it is Friday!! Aaaaaah, Friday that wonderful day that I have off! So, good to see it again as it has been so long since I could wake up and send Drama queen to school and then jump back into bed. (drama queen had cleaned the house after school, w/o being asked yesterday so I had nothing to do) (think she was trying to get off being grounded early?? Didn't work but I got the house cleaned. lol) I really need this day as Saturday my Sissy is MAKING me go get portraits taken with all of our family! While it is a nice concept for the Children, I detest pictures!! I am sure being 30 pounds overweight is why I cant stand them. Whatever the reason I am not looking forward to it! But at least I have Friday off.........

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crappy day!

Wow, what a sucky day!! Another cancellation by a client that is done twice a month. (big dollars gone) Really people can I get a notice?? I started to think that I was upset at the loss of money and then realized that it is my big fat ego that is taking a beating. Thinking it was somehow me and not the economy? In realizing that I also found that only "my Sissy" really understands me and the way I think. Maybe because she is my oldest? I don't know but I am glad that at least someone understands my goofiness and why I think the way I do. Then on to the Drama queen.... Because I am such a nice Mom and its cold out I picked her up from school today (school 2 blocks from home) and she proceeds to tell me that she "borrowed" her Ipod to her friend Megan. (this is of course the Ipod I bought her to replace the one stolen in September) I start yelling at her (I could not help it) telling her that we are going right to her friends work to get it back. Then she tells me that it really was another friend and she cant really remember her name. Long story short we got the Ipod back and she is now grounded for 3 days and no Ipod till apple invents something new! OK, maybe the last part is a bit exaggeration but you get the point? What would posses her to borrow it out to someone she could not even remember the name of?? Really is she 18 yet?? Her drama just goes on and on! Stop the world I want to get off??? Is Christ here yet?? Calgon take me away!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Judes left and Mercyme in Iowa, all in one

On Saturday November 15th Judy left again for Florida,
(dramatic pause.....................................................AGAIN.)
A little back story: The first year she went it was only for a month or two and she really didn't want to do that and now 3 years later she leaves earlier and earlier and cant wait to go. Heck next year she may leave in September and come back in July? Oh wait, she says she will never stay that long cause she cant stand the humidity! Poor baby! Anyway, my point is that I will miss her greatly! She is as close to a Mom that I can get as my own really sucked and God sent Judy! Anyway, she is gone and so I must thank her for leaving the same day as my Mercyme concert in Iowa! Maybe she planned it that way so I would not freak on her so bad?? Oh well, Judes is gone and no more shopping at Kohls or the numerous lunch dates till she returns in "June". (OK so I will fly down at the end of January, but that don't make the story dramatic and pitiful)

Now for the same day Mercyme concert!! All I can say is...... WOW!!!
I have seen more of their concerts than I have fingers for but this one by far was the best they have EVER done!! I told the kids and myself that after I stalked them (pookys word) in Iowa I was gonna stop following them around and then they did the best show ever!! How can I stop now?? Their concerts are like a natural high and given my past I am all for that!! lolololol

The extra bonus was that I went with my sister and we had a good time! (except for the fact that there is only flat lands in Iowa and every gas station there puts a 100.00 hold on your credit card!! (how sad was that after the 3rd try of pumping gas?)
Also, this weekend I learned that I really just need to take things in stride. But I cant seem to do that. If I make a plan I expect that plan to come through! I think that comes from my childhood and NOTHING ever turning out the way I was told it would? Disappointment after disappointment, always being told things would be one way and they were always the other and that never meant good! I think of my client/friend Polly who has this attitude of ... oh well no big deal, blah blah blah and she was born with that attitude so there is really no hope for me!! Anyway to point out again: Judes is gone, Mercyme is awesome, I had a nice car ride with my sister and going with the flow is a personality trait you are born with and there is no hope for me!!! lololol

Friday, November 14, 2008

God really is funny..

Yes, He is!! So, I whined yesterday about my client canceling on me and what happens today??? Well, my attorney calls to ask if I would be able to do a house for one of his clients and they would pay me my usual rate but that it would take about 20 hours to do!! First of all, ummmmm YES!! Although, he goes on to say that it is a house that the police have just finished with because it was a crime scene!! Yuck! My thought is I will go in there and there will be like a body taped out and a lot of other yucky stuff?? But oh well I asked God to take care of the cancellation problem and He did in a BIG way! (but always sure to show me that He has a sense of humor) So, no matter what the house has in it or what must be done, I asked for and received a "new client" . No matter how gross, disgusting or disturbing it may be! (I will just take Pooky along to hide behind)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The economy and another cancellation

When will this madness end?? I got another cancellation of service from a client tonight. (Could she not have called after dinner so I could have at least finished it?) I realize that the economy sucks right now but really, does the economy really need to get me involved? I am perfectly happy in my little world right now. (actually, not right now as I just had a cancellation) Actually, it is not the cancellation that irks me because I know people are falling on hard times. Its the fact that she was to be done next Tuesday and she calls me at dinner on Thursday to cancel! Doesn't everyone live on a budget?? I mean, REALLY ? Let me explain how a budget works:You enter in your bills for the month then you enter in your income and BAM, there is your budget! Calling your cleaning service 4 days b/4 cleaning, to cancel is not cool! Do they not know that I am taking a road trip to Iowa (of all places) to see Mercyme? With the trip this weekend there was no room for error on the part of my budget!!!!! Apparently my (ex) client, did not get the memo? Actually, I had just left all my clients (in the past month including her) my cancellation policy and no where in it did it say that a 4 day notice was OK. I was nice to her though as I know times are tough. She said she would call if she could afford me again? Sissy, would you like to reveal what my answer will be and why??

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who says God doesnt have a sense of humor?

Not me!! I just got a call from my dear friend Darla and she told me that she is in fact not only turning 40 next month but that just yesterday she found out that she is over 3 months pregnant!! Funny stuff people!! She had no idea! I always thought there was no way one could not know they were pregnant. I mean really?? How do you not know?? In the case of Darla it is clear as to why she did not know. Background: She has always wanted to be a Mom but had many miscarriages and sadness when trying to reach her goal. Then 4 years ago she was finally blessed with a beautiful little girl that is probably the cutest little girl I have ever seen! So after much disappointment and sadness she was given what she wanted most. End of story?? Nope! God being the humorous One that He is has now given her another gift! Sure she had signs that to anyone else that had not gone through what she had would have thought of being pregnant first thing. Not Darla, she dismissed it all as this or that until she could no longer dismiss it. She says she will now be one of those 70 year old parents at her child's graduation, I informed her she would only be 57 or so so that's not to bad!! Funny stuff! Anyone reading this please stop and say a prayer for Darla? She is gonna need them!! Funny stuff people, just when you think you know what is going on He reminds us that He truly is in charge of it all and that He has a great sense of humor!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Pooky

My Pookys birthday is coming and he will be 20! That in its self is shocking to me. How can my sweet little boy no longer be a teenager? Where does the time go? I can remember the day God gave (on loan) him to me. He came out with this massive amount of dark hair and was the sweetest little boy I had ever seen. Now he is turning 20 and where did the time go? The poor boy is so much like me that its scary. We think almost identical on all important issues in life and he still has those big brown eyes and beautiful dark hair so he even looks like me. Although the rest of him looks like his father. But oooh is he a cutie. He is now into his second year at college to become a police officer and hopes to one day be a detective. He had a great influence in his life with our friend Richard and Danny wants to be just like him, in the law enforcement field. I will always be grateful to God for sending Richard into his life. There have been a few bumps in the road to his adulthood but over all he is becoming such a nice young man. He is engaged to a sweet girl and his life appears to be set on a good path. Its funny how God truly gives him the things most people take for granted IE:father figure, grandparent's, that would normally help him to make decisions or give guidance in his path through life. God has given him a Mommy, a Sissy, a Fiance and a Judy and Virg to help him/us through whatever comes up! So, I say a grateful THANK YOU to God for sending my dear son all that he needs to help him be the man he is and the great man he will become! Happy Birthday my Pooky bear, Mommy loves you so very much! Thank you for being who you are.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sprint vs Comcast cable

Well, there is NO comparison. Sprint is second to none (except maybe qwest) I have been with Sprint for I think 7 years for my cell service and although there have been some rough spots they take care of their customers!! Now that everything can be communicated through email and you don't have to wait on hold for anyone, it is awesome! You have a problem and Sprint will take care of it! Even if you are an existing customer. (not that that was always the case, it is now) Email and great management has made Sprint the best company for cell phone service!
Then there is Comcast....If you have a problem you pick up the phone to call them and then spend (with no exaggeration) 5/7 minutes on the line trying to get to any human there is. After you finally get to them most are rude and I have been "hung up/disconnected" on a couple of times. Only to then call back and start all over. I have now learned that if you want to get anyone quickly at Comcast you have to choose the option to disconnect your service then the people are nice! But why should I have to threaten to go to dish in order for someone to care?? Maybe Comcast should take a page from Sprint on how to deal with their customers? Note to Comcast: Call Sprint or even Qwest and find out how to really show your customers that you appreciate them?? By my last post on Comcast there seems to be many that agree! Think anyone from Comcast will ever care? Thanks Comcast for helping to remind me how great the other companies that I deal with are!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Drama queen and the bad Mommy

So the drama queen was off yesterday and I had to work. (poor mommy) Anyway, so she calls me to ask if she can watch "when a stranger calls" one of those scary movies she for some reason loves. So I told her sure and hung up. Then I got to thinking that it would be really funny to prank call her?? Because I was scrubbing toilets I decided to enlist the help of dear Sissy in my plot to scare the drama queen. I call Sissy and ask her to block her number and begin prank calling DQ... So, Sissy being Sissy muffled her voice with her shirt and proceeded to crank call her just like the movie she was watching. Wow, she scared her bad!! lol
Funny stuff people and I am sure it does not make either Sissy or I contender for anything of the year! So, after she calls her a few times she then calls the house phone where DQ is hysterical telling her Sissy all about the phone calls and Jen muffles her voice in her shirt and asks DQ.. "Did they sound like this?" Poor DQ !! Funny stuff people and I am a bad bad Mommy for instigating it all!! lolololol
Its SNOWING and I get to stay in my house all cozy and warm. No driving out somewhere to clean someones toilet. Nope, just me and the drama queen (no school too) and a movie Marathon. (no scary ones I am sure)
lolol ~ Bad Mommy!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Redeem yourselves

OK people you can redeem yourselves of not making me the "S.L.O.B. of the month" for October by making me it for November! How can you do that? You ask? Well, I will tell you.... Go to Mercyme TV anytime in the next 3 days and checking out their live shows on their blog! That's right click on their blog from my blog and you can potentially redeem yourselves and while you are there click on MercymeTV and you will not only help me out but you can catch their concert live!! What more can one ask for? Really people you have 3 nights to choose from. The concerts start at 7 central. So PLEEEEASE help make me S.L.O.B. of the month??
Help make one of my dreams come true?? (the person in Iowa stole my other dream of Mercyme "meet and greet" tickets, do you want to also steal this dream???)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What do you think of my tattoo? Its on my ankle and I am pretty pleased with myself for getting it! I went out tonight and got it with my dear Sissy! Wow, was that fun! Going with sissy anywhere is fun but this was beyond that. Her humor is something only her Mommy can understand. (lucky for her someone does) We ended up getting matching tattoos. (actually she just copied me as I went first) I feel kind of bad for her as she truly is "her mothers daughter" it was fun and now we are branded for Christ! She reminds me on the way home that we were going to fast for 24 hours as an offering to Christ. She could have reminded me earlier in the day as I only had lunch and not dinner yet? (I was going to eat when I got home) So I guess I don't need to exercise tonight then? Double bonus! Sweeet!!

2008 Election

Its finally over!!! I am so glad the election is over!! No more commercials, no more junk mail and no more phone calls!! No matter who u voted for we must now pray for our new President, Barack Obama. But its not completely over yet as there is a recount in the Minnesota Senate race between Coleman and the comedian! Pray for the right out come there?? (Coleman) lololol

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008 part 2

Did everyone vote? I did and it was a very hard decision. Most people think there is no decision to make its either their party affiliate or not! Period! End of story for them. Me? I don't think this year was so cut and dried. If I had a choice I would have opted for a third choice. But, there was not one and I made my choice in the booth. Yes, it took me that long.( although dawny likes to think that I already knew who I was voting for.) Anyway, the election is over for the President and Obama has come out on top. Congrats to him. Now no matter who you voted for we must pray for Obama. He is our President and all respect and prayers we have are due to him. I am still waiting for the Minnesota Senate race to end. PLEASE oh PLEASE don't let a comedian win that race?

BTW: Thank you all so much, could you not have gone to the Mercyme blog from my blog? Is that really to much to ask?? Once again I am NOT S.L.O.B. of the month! Really people I must be talking to myself? Maybe that's it? No one reads this blog? Thank you all non readers for not caring about another human being's deep desire! (to be slob of the month, duh)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mercyme ~ I lost

Yes, I in fact lost on my bid for Mercyme "meet and greet" tickets!! Poor me!! I am sick about it! Don't those people know that I am their # 1 fan? That I did this last year and wanted to go again this year but the bidding got up to $300.00 for a set of two and that was even to much for me!! How pathetic will I be driving 5 hours to Iowa (of all places) and sitting in the 1st row of the balcony? I guess Pooky is wrong and I am not a Mercyme "stalker" as he keeps saying while making fun of me. I cant be a stalker if I cant pay $300.00 to meet them again? Soooo, shame on you who out bid me and took away my fall fun! I will see you in the front row in 2 weeks and shake my head at you. (if I can from sooo far away) Poor me.....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

When I die....

When I die I want a "Life celebration & going home event". Do my children understand that? Cremate me and send me home. (actually by the time you cremate me I will already be home) lol
So, those are my wishes! Please do it?! I want a party to celebrate and NO wake as I think they are the dumbest things to have. To go and view someones body is morbid, burn me up and be done! I will be with the King in heaven and you poor souls will still, be here!

Comcast Cable

I really detest Comcast cable!! Ever since they took over for Timewarner cable (that I loved and had no issues with) the customer service completely changed, the people are mean and rude and could care less that you have had cable TV for 28 years! They now dollar you to death with their rates that are going up faster than my pay does. How does a cable company get a monopoly in my city or any city for that matter? Why cant we have choice so that it regulates the price and forces Comcast to be nice to customers? They sure are lucky that I don't want to sign a contract with a satellite company or I would be gone today! Then again put me on hold again for 27 minutes for a problem you created and a 2 year contract don't sound so bad AND I love at the end of every conversation you have with them they ask"what phone service or Internet company do you have"? Like I would EVER switch my Internet or phone to Comcast!! Funny, dumb company! Improve your customer service, lower your rates and don't be rude to existing customers, otherwise you don't stand a chance at ever getting anything other that cable from me and even that is in question!