Sunday, October 25, 2009

Snap Fitness ~ training without a trainer

My trainer quit 2 weeks ago. I feel that I must write down my feelings and thoughts so I can just get past it all, as I am so hurt. The man that was so encouraging, seemed to love his job and was very good at it now states " there are a few clients that I actually enjoy training. I wish I would have just kept like 4 clients, and got a real job think things would be a lot different. Anyway I have always had a hard time charging people money for training. Over the past year I built up a decent client base, and last week it just got to be to much. What I am saying is I feel bad that people need a trainer I know sometimes they are needed, but charging people for something I would never buy got to me"
so all that he said to me and all he did was a big fat lie? I guess if I stopped charging people for my service because I wouldn't hire someone to do it, then I would be out of business?? I should be grateful that I don't think like him? His plan is now "is to keep doing bootcamp classes and spinning classes (both something I would pay for)" he states. Like anyone in their right mind would go to his boot camps after his deserting so many people? Nice guy! I feel used and I think snap fitness should have checked his references thoroughly before hiring him. Although I have lost many inches I certainly would not have wasted over 500.00 paying a trainer that did not want to train people. I really believe that I wasted my money only for the fact that he was hired to help me get to a certain point and he quit half way into it. So I feel cheated by him. I am trying to go it on my own and had I known he was going to fail at his end I would have paid more attention instead of just doing what I was told. The saddest part of all of this is that I trust no one. I have misgivings about everyone when I meet them but he really fooled me and I feel like I used to feel when I used to let my bio family members get the best of me. Yes, I do believe the trainer has some serious issues going on and for that I feel bad but what he did to me was truly sad and I am so angry at myself for falling into a trap that makes me feel this way. Something I swore to myself I would never allow to happen again in my life. It all may sound a bit melodramatic but if you had been raised in the family that I was raised in everyone would understand where I am coming from. Its been a very long time since someone has fooled me and I can guarantee that it will be a very long time before someone will fool me again.I have begun working out on my own and I will have success for my 44 birthday so I can be a hot grandma. Just not sure if I will continue with snap or do it at home? I really do wish I had someone to work out at snap with me, I think (actually I know) I need someone to be held accountable to. Working out is still boring but is something I want to stick with as I do feel very good when done!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Minnesota Vikings

Anyone that really knows me, knows that I love my Minnesota Vikings and have for over 30 years. Ever since my brother got me hooked in middle school, he taught me everything about it and to this day I have a great passion for them. Not all football mind you only the Vikings! So for 30 + years I have screamed and cried at the tv during each game and laughed and threw my hands up in disgust at the off field antics of some of the players. But still remained faithful to the team. The last actual cry was the last game of the 1999 season and I wont even go into it but lets just say I was so disappointed that I had to leave the room so as not to embarrass myself with the big tears running down my face at yet another disappointment by my beloved team. FAST FORWARD to 2009, the year that stupid state of Wisconsin gave up the best quarterback to have ever played! Side note: because the ex hails from Wisc. although I always detested them now I also find them dumb!! Anyway, we get this awesome new owner in Zigi (dont get me started on the guys name)He is awesome! He loves Minnesota and the Vikings and has NEVER once threatened to "move" the team. He dishes out money where needed (jared allen)! He has allowed us to build an awesome team. That really seems to respect each other and themselves therefor no more drama off the field!!! And now here we are at 6 and 0, we have Brett "the silver fox" Favre to lead what looks to be a team that we in Minnesota have never seen before. One of talent, charm, drive and the passion for football a team needs to go all the way. Thank you my Minnesota Vikings, it was worth the wait for what I am seeing now!!! Now if I could just get "Dad" to get as excited for football as I am??????

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize.. Where is mine??

That is the question I have. Where is my "Nobel Peace Prize"? Let me be clear right off and say that this post has nothing to do with politics! All I want to know is where is mine? I, like the President want world peace, no nuclear weapons and to end hunger. They gave it to him for ""for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples" hello??? He had no where to go but up when it came to foreign policy. If they are now giving out awards for what a person wants to do then please oh please let me nominate myself? Since when is that the criteria for an award? How many people have come and gone and not been able to do what they had intended? I think that the good people of Norway have finally gone off the deep end! (yes, I am Norwegian with full rights to say that) To give an award to someone who has not made a world of difference yet is beyond me and really what were they thinking?? Stunts like that give us Norwegians a bad name. I will sit and wait for my award to be announced.....