Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do we actually ever really know someone?

Do we ever really know someone or do we just think we do? Is the only guarantee in life is that by the bible we can truly only know Christ completely? Are we destined for heartbreak by the people in our lives? Family, friends alike? Do they know what a disappointment they are when they do the things they do or is it done without the realization that they are doing it? If it is all they same no matter how long you know someone, then what is the point of meeting new people? At least with my children I know their faults and they know mine so there is not really a whole lot of room for disappointment although it does still rear its ugly head once in awhile. So it brings me back to my original question... Why bother letting someone in if they will just eventually give you heartache and disappointment? Do we create it ourselves because we put someone up to high on the pedestal? So what is the answer than? Don't trust anyone outside of my core 9? Hmmmmmmm.........

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank you

Do people show appreciation by a simple "Thank you" anymore? I dont think so. I guess though if people dont really appreciate something someone does or says then I guess they have no need to say it. So do people just expect things and no thank you is needed? I mean really saying thank you is so simple. Me personally I send out thank you cards when something means a lot to me. But even thank you cards are no longer really sent by most. But to not even say thank you? Thats just weird to me. I am not really speaking of any one particular scenario, its just something that I have been thinking of. What has happened to common courtesy or a simple thank you? Of course I would not want anyone to say it if they did not mean it, but why wouldn't a person. Has our world become something where appreciation is no longer showed or said? If that is the case how sad is that? Whats next for all of us? That thought scares me!!
And now I would like to thank Sissy for being such an awesome daughter and giving me Brian and my boys! I would like to thank my Pooky bear for being a sweet boy and also for giving me Kelsey. I would like to thank Kelsey for joining our crazy group and for being such an amazing part of our family. I would like to thank Meg for being a sweet (although a bit trying) girl! I would like to thank Dad for his amazing chow mien that he makes and always shares with me.
Thank you Jesus for all of my blessings! Now I must go write a thank you not to a really great hotel I stayed at....