Friday, November 27, 2009

The things children say...

I had a wonderful Wednesday night with my sweet boy Nikolas having a sleepover with Grandma. Oh what complete joy that boy brings to my life! (they are all wonderful however with him being six its more fun) So the evening starts out with him very seriously telling me that "Mommy and Daddy touched him in the dark and he was scared" knowing them I burst out laughing as I knew there had to be more to the story. Just think about what he said a minute..... Funny stuff! When I was done giggling I asked him why they did that and he told me that they turned off the lights to play and they jumped out and grabbed him and he did not like it cause he got scared. (I am sure that was Jen and Bri's whole point) When I called Jen and accused her of "touching my grandson" (still laughing) she asked if I had set him straight on how to tell the story correctly? Nope, sure didn't. That is not a story to take to school the way he tells it! After a good laugh and a promise to Nikolas that I would talk to Mommy and Daddy about scaring him in the dark our night continued. He really is a joy to be with, except for the fact that he like to go to Grandmas room at 6 to watch a movie all the while insisting.. "come on grandma lets go" It does not help that uncle Danny starts encouraging it a 4:30 as he thinks it is so funny! As we were laying in my bed we started talking about our upcoming trip to Florida and he leans in to whisper in my ear (does not matter that no one else is in the room he still feels the need to whisper it because it is a secret between me and him) He says.. Grandma, I have an idea.. How about me and you stay at Judys house in Florida and Mommy daddy, jack and cooper can stay at the hotel?? Isn't that a great idea, he asks?? lololololol Way to funny that boy is! I hug him and tell him I could keep him with me forever and he tells me he cant stay at my house because I don't have a Daddy and he needs his Daddy! Even a boy of 6 knows the importance of a Daddy! At 5:30 am he wakes up to go to the bathroom and would like to watch transformers again. I ask him to just let grandma sleep a bit longer than he can. At 6:30 he whispers in my ear.. "Grandma lets snuggle" well I am definitely awake now! Snuggle with my favorite 6 year old? I would give up all the sleep I have. Grandchildren are truly the greatest gift one could have! It so beats being a Mom. (sorry kids)


Jennifer said...

I take no offense to your saying being a grandma beats being a mom. I mean had you only had me - you may feel differently but heck with those other two...need I say more??

I am glad though that he understands the importance of his dad. IF a 6 year old can figure it out - why can't the adults of the world???

Tammy said...

1st off: You are a naughty, naughty girl!
2nd : His daddy comment was so darn sweet it actually brought tears to my eyes!