Monday, November 16, 2009

No place for mice to hide

That is right they no longer have a haven for creating large families in my garage! After spending a week with dead mice popping up all over the place in my garage. There is no place for them to hide! I will no longer look like a complete idiot as I run scared screaming for the Drama queens boyfriend to please go pick it up and tie the plastic bag shut tightly? Yes, Richard I must believe that if not tied tightly the mouse may somehow come back to life and get me! Anyway, Sissy and Brian came on Saturday and we cleaned the whole thing!! (it was all I wanted for Christmas as God has already given me all I need and want) We not only cleaned but sissy also put all the crap that I always thought were permanent fixtures in the garage on the free sight and all were gone by Sunday night! Goodbye to that ugly wood burning stove, the old metal desk and that metal cart that was the catch all for junk!! So, 6 construction bags filled with garbage and a load to savers and my garage is awesome!! I cant wait for spring when I can seal the floor and paint the walls! Thank you to Sissy and Brian for my wonderful gift and thank you to the drama queen for watching the boys so it could all be done!! BTW: the drama queen is thrilled as she now does not need to think of anything to get me, nor spend her money.. Not sure how I should take that??


Jennifer said...

Until you paint it? Let's clarify that your wonderful eldest daughter will be painting! ;)
The garage looks great and I am glad we could do it for you!