Monday, November 23, 2009

New trainer, New Moon and my Minnesota Vikings

Yep I got me a new trainer. (praise be to Kels for telling me about him) He is young and surely knows what he is doing! I do like him a lot as he has the perpetual smirk on his face that my sweet Pooky bear gets when he is being funny. I worked out with him Friday and Saturday and could barely move on Sunday. Although very funny to see, I was truly sore. When I asked him on Saturday what does it say about him that he loves to torture people for a living? He asked what does it say about me that I pay for it?? I liked him immediately! I have never had a work out where my heart rate stayed up the whole time and I was taught the whys and hows of stretching. (something Kels had shared but I chose not to listen to b/4) I walked on the treadmill after (as Brad did not want me to do it b/4 the session as I had previously because then I would not be as inclined to do our workout) as I was walking (actually dragging my feet) I noticed my shoe was untied and decided I could last the last 5 minutes and tie it when I was done. I get off the treadmill and immediately collapse on the floor! Horrified I look up and see Brad with that smirk on his face telling me safety first as he looks at me tying my shoe. Praise God that it looked as though I tripped over my shoelace and not the real reason which was that my legs had given out and I was not prepared!! Dang funny even now that I am typing it! Anyway, I really like the new trainer. Just wish I could get the money I wasted on the first one back because after what I was taught in just the first two sessions, I know the first was overpaid!
Now on to Twilight :New Moon.... All I can say is... Ahhhhhhhh, Edward! Yes I know I am a complete loser on this subject but I just cant help it! The books are just so flippin good and new moon was wonderful! Anyone that is rooting for Jacob over Edward has not read the books and is dumb! (see I told u "loser") Heck Sissy has not read one book and yet she understands that Bella and Edward are the whole story! I am now counting down to June 30th when the 3rd movie is released... (again, "loser") What a great week! New trainer, New Moon and life just could not get any better. Pooky came home for the weekend and I always enjoy visiting with him. The Vikings won again on Sunday and it was truly an awesome game and although I missed watching it with Brian (as I could not get off the couch) it was nice to watch it with Pooky again! I really see Miami in the Vikings future! End the weekend with an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure (dexter) and what more could one want? Absolutely nothing!


Jennifer said...

Talk about a perfect weekend! We need to set up to see New Moon again!
It was rather - if not completely - hilarious watching you move this weekend! Thats all I need to say.
Go Vikes!!!!!!!! what a fabulous game! Thats the team you always knew they could be !!

Joe said...


Found this blog just by dumb luck.
I went through 4 trainers before I found a good one (for me)

Everytime I left a trainer I said man what a waste of money, but got a new one anyway hoping this time it would be better. The I realized that the other 3 weren't bad just not for me.

Anyway good luck. I have lost over 100lbs with all 4 trainers. Funny the first one I lost the most.

Happy Holidays

Tammy said...

Hi Joe~ Thanks for the encouragement. I do love going to my training sessions! I am really glad that I found this new one as he seems to be the perfect fit for me. You are so right about sticking to it!! Congrats on your loss, what an amazing story you must have to tell? I would love to hear more about your struggles and accomplishments? So blessed that you found my blog!

Joe said...

Hey Tammy,

I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that this trainer is a good fit for you. The last one may be great or not I don't know, but either way he/she probably wasn't a good fit for you at the time.
I have seen so many trainers come and go in the past 2 years at my gym. So I asked the manager why? she said it was because it is so easy to get a certificate, and a job, but so hard to make money and become good. She said most of them just want clients without any problems that they can push, and some truly care about making people live better lives. The ones that really care always seemed to be the ones that left. I would see them at the gym every day all day putting their lives into there clients then one day they are gone. It is so crazy.

Over the past 2 years I have learned so much from each trainer even the first one that I didn't like or think he knew what he was doing, but I realized without him I would have never gotten another trainer. He taught me what to look for in a trainer and taught me to question what I was doing (in a good way). I have had plenty of set backs and reasons to quit, and I found the trainers helped get me in but it was up to me to get myself in on the days I wasn't meeting with the trainer.

You seem to have a great family, and I can see your grandkids being a good reason for you to want to workout and be healthy. So when times get hard when the weather gets cold just think of how great it feels to play with your grandkids, and how you would feel if you couldn't play with them cause you were always out of breath.

I am so proud of you for getting a new trainer, and keep fitness in your life. It would have been so easy for you to quit, and no one would blame you if you had, but you didn't, you are strong and you will reach your goals