Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time is flying, why not me?

Does everyone think time is flying to fast these days? It sure seems that way? Christmas '09 is almost here and will be gone I am sure by the time I get done writing this? Not a whole lot going on lately. Had my sweet boy over for a sleepover with Grandma again. What joy that boy brings me. There truly are no words in the English language that can accurately describe the pure bliss he brings into my my life! I had forgotten to post what he said to me during our sleepover 2 weeks ago, so here goes. We went to McDonald's and got him a happy meal( nothing for me, go me) The toy that came with it had directions and looked a bit complicated to put together so Nikolas says to me"Grandma I will read you the directions and you put it together" What a sweet 6 year old! So I get all the pieces out and say OK go. He opens the directions and says... "OK grandma, direction number 1... Put.... it....... TOGETHER!" Got it grandma? K, do it! Thanks Nikolas, what a good job reading... Again, he just makes me melt! My business is doing wonderfully, God truly blesses me greatly. My clients have once again been very generous this season. However, time is still flying by so why not me?? Actually, I will be in 38 more days when I leave for Florida to see Judes again! This time though all the grand-kids are coming with along with Sissy and Bri. The plane ride should be fun as the boys have never been on one b/4. They are all staying at a hotel which bodes very well that I am staying at Judy's with Megan. I like quite time when I awake at 5 and they dont know what quite time is! Either way it should be an awesome time and based on how fast time is flying right now the 38 days will be gone very soon!


Jennifer said...

Just think - 37 days!!!! Oh how I can hardly wait!!!!!