Friday, March 26, 2010

Cancer and my Sister

This year is just not been fun so far and now I find out my Sister Kelly has stage 3 breast cancer. YUCK!! I feel so bad for her and her family. We have never been really close, as she has always been pretty mean to me. However, does any of that really matter anymore when something like this comes up? I dont know the answer and it seems like I don't have the answers to much anymore. Things have been spinning out of control this year and although I guess I am due for some upset it is all getting to me. Then I think of Kelly and I think my issues are so very small. She has also had a tough life. Things that were done to her made her who she is and I feel very bad. She has two daughters and a grandson that really need her. Although, I have not spoken to her in years I did send her an email and lots of continuously praying. I dont know what God wants my role to be in all of this , if anything? I do know that I will leave the door open and will be there if needed. We have such an awesome God and no matter what the outcome He will be praised!!