Friday, June 29, 2012


Wow, its been awhile!! My last child has graduated from high school! Its amazing to me that all three of my children are now adults.. It is so weird to think I am old enough, to say that! Of course its meg and she is already married too. That is even scarier. Life has been moving along at such a fast past that I just want to yell stop and get off this crazy train. So with meg graduated I find myself wondering if I should start dating? I had decided after my divorce (12 years ago) messing up my children with me dating after getting the divorce was not a good idea and my focus had to be them for the past 12 years. Well, its over and now what? I was posting something for my Nonny (sister) on Craigslist and while waiting for the picture to upload I was giggling and looking at the ads. (there are some really sick people out there) Anyway, there was this one ad that caught my attention, widowed male, blah blah blah. But very sweet. So I actually responded! (I kept it a secret from all) lol We talked on the phone, text and email and then decided to meet for lunch. Standing outside the restaurant, I see him walking up and he goes to hug me (kind of OK?) then grabs my hand so that when we walk in we are actually holding hands. (very weird) lunch was nice and when we go to leave he grabs my hand again and walks me to my car, he goes to what I thought was going to be a hug and instead grabs my face and kisses me on the lips! EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW, REALLY??? GROSS!!! (no I did not reciprocate) I was so grossed out that I was speechless! Is this what dating is all about, now? UGH So turned off I told him (by email) that I was going to be really busy for the next few weeks and that was it. Is this what dating is now? I think I will stick with just me and God!! I really don't know how people do it? At 46, have I missed my shot because I blew it the first time?