Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do we actually ever really know someone?

Do we ever really know someone or do we just think we do? Is the only guarantee in life is that by the bible we can truly only know Christ completely? Are we destined for heartbreak by the people in our lives? Family, friends alike? Do they know what a disappointment they are when they do the things they do or is it done without the realization that they are doing it? If it is all they same no matter how long you know someone, then what is the point of meeting new people? At least with my children I know their faults and they know mine so there is not really a whole lot of room for disappointment although it does still rear its ugly head once in awhile. So it brings me back to my original question... Why bother letting someone in if they will just eventually give you heartache and disappointment? Do we create it ourselves because we put someone up to high on the pedestal? So what is the answer than? Don't trust anyone outside of my core 9? Hmmmmmmm.........


KJ said...

i will try to answer your questions in the order they appear.

1. just think we know someone
2. I don't think you can know Christ completely by just the Bible because the Bible can be open to interpretation (so that might not even be a "guarantee"
3. Yes-but we are also destined for love and pleasant surprises
4. Yes
5. Sometimes. Do you know when you do things that upset people that you are doing it? Not necessarily.
6. SOMETIMES new people come into your life for a reason.
7. Because maybe the new experiences with them are worth the heartache and disappointment
8. Sometimes, sometimes we expect people to be superhuman and perfect, but no one is.
9. You should have other people besides the "core 9". There should be someone to trust with something...not necessarily everything. But you should have someone else to turn to when your family may be frustrating you. You can't rely on them for everything all the time.

That is my perspective...may be not the right one...but who's to say what is right and what is wrong? Just making you think... :)

Tammy said...

Nice, Kels!!! Although I knew the answers to most of my questions it was really good to be reminded of the whys in them!! Good job!! The only question I have left unanswered is... If u were born into mistrust and u go through yr life getting hurt by the ones u try totrust then why continue to let people in? At my old age I think I am sick of looking for people I can trust, I should already have those people in my life by now? (one would think) Anyway, u made some great thinking points!! U really are a smart young one and I am glad u r 1 of my core 9!!