Sunday, December 27, 2009

A week of Birthdays and Edward Cullen

Who needs a man to give her diamonds??? Not me, I have Judy! Yep that's right, Judy sent me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings for my birthday. They truly are gorgeous and I have already worn them 4 times in a week! We had the usual birthday celebration with all my kids and Nonny and the boys. (and her new friend,soon to be old friend) lol I always enjoy Christmas eve because for the last 10 years or so Jen makes sure that it is saved for only me! Good food, great family and fun games made the evening lots of fun. Sissy gave me a life size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen along with a poster of him. The life size of Edward as been a great source of fun in this house for the past 4 days. Starting with my goofy "adult" kids posing with him and then moving on to scaring me. Danny has taken great pleasure in putting "Edward" in random spots all over the house and laughing each time it never fails to scare me! He always seems to be aware of when I try to do it to him. But that is OK as I know a couple of times his heart must have jumped a little? He really scared Megan as he put it in the bathroom to scare me and Megan found it first. So Meg wakes up and asks who put Edward in the bathroom? I told her she was crazy as I never saw it and the poor girl actually paused thinking she may be a bit loony till Danny told her he had put it there but changed his mind for fear I would have a heart attack in the middle of the night. Such a sweet boy!
I changed Christmas so that it was at Jens house this year so we could have more freedom with the boys. It worked out nicely. I got a beautiful lladro from my dear son in law! He really shocked me with buying it! I also got 2 movies I really wanted and a beautiful scarf. The food this year was famous daves and it was fabulous! I love that we never have a "traditional" meal for Christmas! Pooky came back after a bit and we played dice and really ended the holiday and a wonderful note of laughter and smiles! I truly have a beautiful family!!
My clients this year were unbelievably generous with me. It truly shocked me! All in all a great birthday and a beautiful Christmas! Bring on Florida!!


Jennifer said...

Yet another wonderful birthday celebration and Christmas. I don't know if any of us will ever really get used to will continually scare the crap out of us all!

The picture of Danny with Edward is priceless! I would LOVE to see a poster size of that one!!!