Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday trivia w/Mom # 3

Yes its that time again, Tuesday trivia with Mom: The question?? Who is Mom's favorite all time Viking player?? Kels texts first with Chris Carter. Wrong but very good answer. Good job Kelsey! Jen was next with the answer of Scott Studwell! Go Sissy!! Good job you finally won! Pooky did not even guess as he most likely knew he did not have the answer! Poor sport that he is! (even after winning 2 weeks in a row) I immediately text Jen a "no" for fun and that poor girl had a fit b/4 I tested her back to say j/k. So much fun this game is!! Good job, Sissy! Its about time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday off...

After the wild weekend I was really looking forward to a day off from everything and everyone. What did I do with the whole day??? I read a 500 page book! Boy was it good! It was the book "twilight" and I blame the future daughter in law for my waste of the whole day as she informed me after I watched the movie that the book was even better. My curiosity got the best of me and I proceeded to spend my whole day reading it! I did not answer the phones or the door and I pretended to not be available. I did of course talk to Sissy numerous times and I would have answered if Judes had called from Florida but she didn't and I had the day to do nothing! Go me!! BTW: after reading the first book I then spent the rest of the evening reading the second 500 plus page book! Good reading! Now waiting for Sissy to bring me book 3!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy weekend!

What a crazy weekend! Friday was spent with the loves of my life spending the night! What a joy they are! Who says you cant take kids to target at 8:30 at night?? Not grandma! Who says that Jack cant eat his candy from the night before for breakfast?? Not Grandma! It was all fun though and they were in bed at 11! Saturday was spent at baby Coopers 1st birthday party and boy was my gift a hit! All the other people time was really a drag though as I am content in my own world with my boys, my children and the people I have made my family. Why do we have to socialize with people that suck?? Who knows?? I suppose I will wait till May for Judes to tell me that answer! Saturday night was spent with Sissy, Meg, Kels and Jazzy at chilis (btw: applebees is much cheaper) that was fun! Sunday was get up and go to Church day where I do believe Pastor Tom is the greatest Pastor I have ever heard. I know I am bias however, his sermons really can get to me and that I believe makes for a good Pastor?? After church back here to have lunch that Sissy brought with all my family minus pooky who is at school. Uncle Tom and Kelsey came and brought some stuff over and Sissy put a crayon band aid on uncle Toms skin cancer he had removed. Boy did sissy think she was funny as uncle Tom could not see that she had put such a silly band aid on his face. Then said goodbye to all of them. Jazzy went to work, Kelsey back to school , Jen back to her house and me and Megan went to shoot hoops out back! (I am actually pretty good) reeeeaaallly! Well, maybe not really??

Friday, March 27, 2009

Its Friday!

If Friday is my day off and I spend all day going to Sam's club (for sissy), Kohl's (for me), cable company (new converter box) Doctors office (get my beard, mustache and brows waxed), oil change with my mechanic, then home to reprogram the new sucky remote so that I can turn all things on at once. Then take a call from the wonderful man at qwest so that we can hook up the new modem he overnighted to me. Help Dawny unload her truck. (well kind of helped) and it is now 1:30. Is that actually a day off??? I have to wonder?? I do think I work less on the days that I actually do work? Who knows but I am now exhausted and will wait till 2:30 to go to Sissy's and help her with her house and pick up the "loves of my life" for a sleepover with Grandma! All in one day!! I am exhausted just thinking about the evening but my Jazzy is coming to spend the night tonight so it should be great fun?!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How well do you know your Mom? #2

Tuesday trivia with Mom today and well lets just say poor Sissy....
The question?? What is the year of my car?? Sissy's answer? 2003? Really Sissy?? Reeeally?? Poor Sissy, Pooky then answered immediately with the correct one of 2001! Again, poor Sissy! The poor girl states that if I asked anything important Pooky would never be able to answer correctly. Hmmm? I wonder?? I better not risk asking next week who is my firstborn or she may not even get that one right? Anyway, its a good thing that text messages are not monitored or Sissy would be in trouble! Poor Kels texts to find out if I would be asking about the same time every week? I suppose to be ready? Then there is Meg.. She gave her standard answer of ... huh??? lolol Funny stuff people, I am well entertained! (which is the whole point of this game!)

Memories of a child..

I have decided that some memories should just stay buried!! I mean if a memory is so bad that all you want to do is hop on a plane and go back to Florida and be with Judes, then maybe it should just stay hidden?! Why does one repress a memory in the first place? Hello??? Because it or they are so awful that your mind cant handle! Keep it buried and leave me alone, I say!! But now that they are out what do I do with them? Its not like there is a file cabinet in my brain where I can just shove them all and forget about them, like I do with all the crap papers/receipts you need to keep "just in case" they are needed again? Actually, I wish I could just put them in the shredder like everything else I don't need! Wouldn't that be cool? Put any bad memories or thoughts into the shredder never to be heard from again?? That would be so cool! I wonder if I could conjure up that whole scenario in my head and throw these memories in the shredder once and for all??? The sad thing is a just paused to envision that! Poor me, my little tiny brain couldn't do it!! hahaha

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How well do you know your Mom?

That is the question I was wondering today while I was bored at work today. So, I text those that know me the best to see who actually did when it came to useless trivia. I decided to make it worth something so the little brats would text me back,I offered 10.00 to the first right answer. When planning this in my state of boredom I figured it would take a few answers from Sissy but she would eventually get the 10! Wrong!! lolololol
My question was... Tell me 1 of 2 of my favorite Mercyme song's? Now I realize that they have so many hits that it can be nearly impossible to guess but I figured we could have fun and I would get to keep my 10. Sissy started off her guess with the most obvious one.... Wrong, then she guessed a couple more and then she says "10" duh that is their new album coming out in April. hahaha At least she made me chuckle. (it was worth it for that alone) A few minutes go by and Pooky texts me his one and only answer of "You Reign"! Seriously, the right answer on the first try by the boy that I believe never listens to me?? That is a song most have not heard and I honestly don't remember ever telling him it was my favorite. ( I play all their music all the time) Anyway, my game and he won the first round and his 10.00 is here waiting for him. (its actually a very smelly ten that I got from a tax client) haha Poor Sissy, I thought for sure she would get it eventually and yet her brother out did her. I would have felt more bad for her had it not been so darn funny as she really does know me the best. Then again her brother did have the right answer!! I am going to call this new game Tuesday trivia with Mom. I'm trying to come up with a good question for next Tuesday ??

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Grandma??

I went to watch baby Cooper and Jackers last night so that the kids could take "the boy" to his kindergarten registration. (Don't even get me started on that one) Anyway, I walk in and the 2 older boys right away asked if they could watch "Transformers" Sissy immediately said no because neither had taken a nap or rested at all. I said sorry boys but Mommy said no. The kids and the boy eventually left and I settled in the boys room/toy heaven to play with Jackers and the baby. We played for what seems like days but was more like minutes. We read books until Jackers could not keep his finger out of his nose, no matter how much I scolded him. He seems very fascinated with pulling a booger out of his nose and making it go back and forth between his lips. His fascination with doing this, at first always makes me giggle. Anyway, way off track now...
After the books and playing, I gave them a bath and we went into the living room to watch TV. He asked if we could watch Transformers and being a good Grandma reminded him that "Mommy" said no. We started to look on the TV for something on, as it was past bed time. Jackers was jumping and of course fell, hitting his face on the end table. He was bawling so hard and I felt so bad as I imagined Sissy coming home any minute asking "what did u do to Jackers"? My thoughts immediately went to the Transformers movie he wanted to watch and in panic told him we could watch it. He asked between gulps of sobs about Mommy and I said "Grandma says its OK" So, we are a 1/2 hour into the movie and Sissy texts to let me know that she can see her house. In a great panic I tell Jackers Mommy is coming home and we need to take the movie out and put it back. He jumps up and hands me another movie saying "here grandma put this one in" he of course knew we were doing something wrong and his Grandma just showed him how to scam his parents! BAD GRANDMA!
The kids come in the door and I have to give Jackers kudos as he never said a word about the movie we had watched! I thought for sure he would bust me out as he loves to get reactions from people! Nope, he must have sensed that was not something to do and he kept our secret! So, basically I taught my sweet dear Jackers at 3 how to scam his parents and cover it up. Again, bad grandma!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Being what God wants...

I seem to have a lot of "morale" dilemmas this week but here goes another one anyway.... I found out today that my "mean sister" by mean I mean really, really mean. So mean that I have chosen to totally 86 her out of my life. Anyway, I found out that she lost her home to foreclosure and has to be out by the end of this month. My first reaction?? Was, HA! Serves her right for always being so mean! Then of course, I felt really guilty as I know this is not how God wants me to be. But, how do you get away from all the meanness a person shows you and be what Christ wants you to be. The guilt just started to eat away at me and I wanted to stop and pray for her. When I decided that that was what I "should" do, I then thought that it would be no use as God knows my heart and He knows I do not mean it? So essentially I would be lying and God would know it! I was then in such a guilt state I couldn't stand it. It took me most of the day but after given some words of wisdom, I prayed for God to soften her heart and prayed for God's presence in her life. I still don't really feel that that was enough but, what more could I have prayed for that would not be a lie??? It really is tough trying to be what God wants! It really is easy with the family I have built for myself but it is really hard with the family I have chosen to leave behind!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holy on earth?

Can anyone really be holy on earth?? I was wondering that on my way home today and was stuck trying to find the answer? Can we as mere humans actually be holy or is it just a goal we must strive for without ever actually reaching it? Is there anyone that does not sin (on earth), there by making them holy? Still I come up with no. I try daily not to sin but it seems to be a unattainable task. First of all the eating thing.. Yes I need to lose 25 pounds and if our bodies are to be our temples on loan from God we should then not be overweight? Right? So, I sin repeatedly daily just on that score. Second, the thoughts one has while driving towards the crazy people in the other cars. Again, sinning and those are just the basics! I would not want to keep track of all the sinning I must do on a daily basis without even thinking it may be sin. I believe even our thoughts are sin so again, big sinner. I mean I am basically a decent person but how does one obtain Holy status when we live on earth? Is it even possible? I think not!? Just a question I was pondering on my way home from Sissy's.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did I really need to know?

Its Sunday morning and I as usual got up, made my oatmeal and called my Sissy. (as I do every morning of every day) As soon as she answered I knew something was wrong with her. I asked her and she told me her hip was hurting very bad. I gave her the "oh that's a bummer" line and proceeded to see if her furnace was working yet as her and her very wonderful husband neglected to change the filter once again and they now had no heat. (it was not and they were awaiting the gas company to come and fix their error) We then got back to her hip and I asked her what she did to injure herself? There was this long pause and she stated she thought she new what she did to it, but then more silence. It does not take a rocket scientist to grasp what the silence meant and I not being one realized what she was saying by not saying anything. EEEEWWWWWW, just as I was taking a bite of my oatmeal! I realize that she is married and the mother of 3 and God has enriched her greatly with her family however, there are some things a Mother just does not need a mental picture of. This being one of them! Motherly advise... Try another position Sissy, as that one did not work for you!And the next time you "injure" yourself please do not complain to me as that is a picture I just don't want to conjure up again!
Did I really need to know??? NO!!!! Did I want to know? A thousand times, NO! I guess even with us being "bf's" there are some things better left unsaid!